Want To Know Unique Steps To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally?
There are 8 steps to improve eyesight & get rid of your glasses naturally.

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You’ll learn time-tested, proven, ancient healing arts to improve your vision, energy levels, confidence and your overall health…

Cutting-Edge Science

You’ll use the latest cutting-edge science to improve your blood & oxygen circulation, and reduce neck, back, & shoulder pains…


Plus, you'll leverage unique, research-based techniques to lower your stress, improve your
sleep, & sky-rocket your stamina.

We Believe...

We believe that EVERYBODY (including you) can have clear, healthy vision, and great energy for your entire life.

We believe that if you believe in yourself, you can heal yourself.

We believe that you can get your vision back without drugs or surgery.

We believe that your eye problems are your warning sign that your holistic health needs urgent attention.

We believe that your vision problems are your OPPORTUNITY to fix your health before it’s too late because your vision problems reveal EXACTLY what’s wrong with your health, and what disease is likely to come next.

But healthy, clear vision without glasses, contacts, or eye drops is your BIRTHRIGHT.  So we provide the tools for you to get your vision, health, and energy back naturally.

This Is For The Courageous Ones

The Brave

This is for the brave...

Inspired Ones

... and the inspired ones...

Freedom Lovers

... it's for the freedom lovers...

Independence Seekers

... that want to be independent...

Loving Life

... the ones that love their lives...

Fun Lovers

... and the fun lovers...

Take Charge

... that take charge...

Feel Full of Energy

... and want to feel full of energy...

Healthy & Vibrant

... who want to feel vibrant & full of joy...

Experience Life

... and that want to experience life to the fullest...

What Eye Conditions Can We Help With?

The Pure Vision Method™ is the most comprehensive vision improvement method to help you improve the following eye conditions naturally, fast, and effectively:


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How The Pure Vision Method Works

The Pure Vision Method is the first and only holistic vision improvement method that helps you to identify and get rid of the true root causes of any eye condition or eye disease. To do that, you have to balance the 3 Pillars of the Triangle of Sight:


The Pure Vision Method will help you to get rid of the root causes of your eye condition systematically, step-by-step. It's designed to help you balance your vision and health, so you never need glasses, contact lenses, or eye drops ever again. Simply by optimizing each pillar of your holistic health and vision.

And that process will help to improve your energy, focus, and self-esteem at the same time.

About Us


Evgania Mehler

Whatever your eye problems, whatever age or gender you are, you’ll find Evgania Mehler to be the perfect guide to help you navigate your journey to improve and get back your vision naturally.

Learn More About Evgania Mehler

Co-Founder of the Pure Vision Method™


Veit Mehler

Life is a slippery slope. Sometimes your fall and then you brush off, get up and when you come back, you are stronger than before. That’s why Veit got rid of his glasses twice in his life.

Learn More About Veit Mehler

Co-Founder of the Pure Vision Method™

Our Vision

“We envision a world without the need for glasses, contact lenses, or eye surgery – by 2030.”

Our Mission

Success Stories

"The Pure Vision Method by Evgania Mehler offers a straight forward and comprehensive approach to improving your vision and health. If you want to get your vision back and more out of life, you simply have to check out what this amazing program has to offer and learn to purify your vision."

- Dr Mark Postles , Author of The in8 Model™

"Evgania & Veit Mehler has developed a powerful, effective program that shows you how to improve your vision, and with it improve your health and each area of your life. It’s a comprehensive program for people who want to get more out of life – more vision, more energy, and more health."

- Laurel Heffron , Naturopath, Herbalist, & Clinical Nurse

"I could see the yellow lines clearly for probably 50 feet, which was unbelievable to me since normally I can’t see clearly 1 foot from my face! This afternoon I noticed something similar, I could read a logo on a vehicle from about 100 feet away."

- Holly Drumm , USA

"I had glasses 5 weeks ago (-3.25 + astigmatism), and now I’m playing on a tennis court without glasses. I just keep going, tennis is good for my eyes!"

- Sika'al Vrenssen ,Advanced EFT Practitioner & Life Coach

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Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Improve Your Vision Naturally

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