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You’ll learn time-tested, proven, ancient healing arts to improve your vision, energy levels, confidence and your overall health…

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You’ll use the latest cutting-edge science to improve your blood & oxygen circulation, and reduce neck, back, & shoulder pains…


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We believe that EVERYBODY (including you) can have clear, healthy vision, and great energy for your entire life.

We believe that if you believe in yourself, you can heal yourself.

We believe that you can heal and regain your vision without the need for drugs, surgery, contact lenses, or eyeglasses.

We believe that your eye problems are your warning sign that your holistic health needs urgent attention.

We believe that your vision problems are your OPPORTUNITY to fix your health before it’s too late because your vision problems reveal EXACTLY what’s wrong with your health, and what disease is likely to come next.

But healthy, clear vision without glasses, contacts, or eye drops is your BIRTHRIGHT.  So we provide the tools for you to get your vision, health, and energy back naturally.

What Eye Conditions Can We Help With?

The Pure Vision Method™ is the most comprehensive vision improvement method to help you improve the following eye conditions naturally, fast, and effectively:

How To Improve Eyesight?

Improve eyesight with the most comprehensive vision improvement program. The Pure Vision Method will help to improve any eye condition naturally, fast and effectively.

Correct Astigmatism Naturally:

Astigmatism is a refractive error. The curvature of the patient's lens is irregular. The interesting fact - most optometrists, don't know why this happens. But the literature is clear.

The lens distortion starts with a lack of essential nutrients. The lack of minerals causes a weak lens. Then mental, emotional, and physical factors distort the lens. The eye muscles create irregular tension that then pulls the lens out of alignment.

So our strategy to correct astigmatism naturally is simple.

1. fix the underlying nutritional deficiency.
2. then get rid of the other underlying causes.
3. balance out your vision, body, and eyes.

So start correcting your vision today. Find out which root causes affect you the most. Take our free quiz to get a free treatment plan now:

Correct Astigmatism Naturally

Cure Myopia Naturally:

Nearsightedness is another refractive error. This time, it starts with a cramp in the eye muscles. There are lots of scientific papers highlighting the fact. Yet, the eye industry ignores this. Because prescribing glasses to make the error permanent is a profitable strategy for them.

The real cause is very similar to astigmatism. It's a lack of essential nutrients. Plus, causes in your mind, emotions, and your overall body.

Again, it's essential to find out what YOUR root causes are. So you can get rid of them. That's what our free quiz is designed to do - uncover your reasons in your life situation. Click the link to get started:

Cure Myopia Naturally

Cure Glaucoma Naturally:

Glaucoma is an eye disease. It's a leading cause of blindness in the world. But the problem is that the eye industry focuses on the eye pressure. Because the elevated eye pressure is a symptom of the disease, not the cause.

So it's true that the eye pressure needs to come down. But to keep it down long-term, you have to eliminate the causes in your mind, emotions, and body. Plus, you have to make sure that your optic nerve gets enough nutrients to prevent vision loss.

That's why it's important to uncover your exact root causes. That way you can prevent vision loss and ensure you don't become a liability to your family. Click below to start improving today:

Cure Glaucoma Naturally

Reduce Eye Floaters Naturally:

Did your "eye specialist" tell you that there is nothing you can do about eye floaters? Well, that's not true. Research shows that it's an issue of a vital protein in your body. It's breaking down, so you are left with the debris of damaged molecules. That's what you are seeing.

The problem is, the protein is breaking down in almost every cell of your body. That's a serious problem. Because it means that your cells are falling apart. It's affecting vital functions of your body.

In fact, aging, signs of aging, and floaters have a close relationship.

Again, the root causes are in your mind, your body, your emotions, and the way you nourish your body. The question is, which area is affecting your the most. That's where our free quiz comes in.

The free quiz will allow you to identify precisely what's causing floaters in your life. The free, personal report will then outline how you can get rid of the floaters step by step. So start the quiz now:

Reduce Eye Floaters Naturally


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How The Pure Vision Method Works

The Pure Vision Method is the first and only holistic vision improvement method that helps you to identify and get rid of the true root causes of any eye condition or eye disease. To do that, you have to balance the 3 Pillars of the Triangle of Sight:


The Pure Vision Method will help you to get rid of the root causes of your eye condition systematically, step-by-step. It's designed to help you balance your vision and health, so you never need glasses, contact lenses, or eye drops ever again. Simply by optimizing each pillar of your holistic health and vision.

And that process will help to improve your energy, focus, and self-esteem at the same time.

About Us


Evgania Mehler

Whatever your eye problems, whatever age or gender you are, you’ll find Evgania Mehler to be the perfect guide to help you navigate your journey to improve and get back your vision naturally.

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Co-Founder of the Pure Vision Method™


Veit Mehler

Life is a slippery slope. Sometimes your fall and then you brush off, get up and when you come back, you are stronger than before. That’s why Veit got rid of his glasses twice in his life.

Learn More About Veit Mehler

Co-Founder of the Pure Vision Method™

Our Vision

“We envision a world without the need for glasses, contact lenses, or eye surgery – by 2030.”

Our Mission

Over 65% of the US population pay for some form of vision correction. The next strategic market expansion of the ophthalmic industry is targeting children.

The root causes of eye problems are known, researched, and documented. And it’s not your eyes.

We, as the human kind, have suffered long enough under an industry that is self-serving. That is disregarding the available proof regarding healthy eyesight.

We, as human beings, have lost too much freedom, too many experiences, and too much money on an industry that is not interested in giving you your eyesight back. Because it’s too profitable to sell glasses and contacts.

We have taken enough insult from an industry that risks your eyesight during surgery for a procedure that officially works for less than 50% of people.

So we have a dream for the future of your eyesight and health.

So our mission is to create a world in which glasses, contacts, and eye surgery are unnecessary, by 2030.

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Our Manifesto

We at the Pure Vision Method™ believe that all men and women are born with their right to see the world clearly.

With the right to go through life with confidence, energy, and the ability to connect deeply and intimately to one another.

We believe that all men and women have a nonnegotiable right to be educated and informed about their eyesight with honesty, truthfulness, and free of a conflict of interest.

That every person is entitled to know the true root causes of their eye problems, so they can correct their vision problems and all the health problems that can arise from it.

That all men and women have the indisputable right to knowing how to eliminate the underlying causes for their eye problems to prevent these causes to turn into degenerative, possibly life-threatening, and life-shortening diseases.

We believe that all men and women have the god-given right to living fully in the present and to enjoy close, warm, and meaningful relationships with passion and intimacy.

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"A straightforward and comprehensive approach to improving your vision and health."

"The Pure Vision Method by Evgania Mehler offers a straightforward and comprehensive approach to improving your vision and health. If you want to get your vision back and more out of life, you simply have to check out what this amazing program has to offer and learn to purify your vision."

- Dr Mark Postles , Author of The in8 Model™

"A powerful, effective program that shows you how to improve your vision."

"Evgania & Veit Mehler have developed a powerful, effective program that shows you how to improve your vision, and with it improve your health and each area of your life. It’s a comprehensive program for people who want to get more out of life – more vision, more energy, and more health."

- Laurel Heffron , Naturopath, Herbalist, & Clinical Nurse

"I could see the yellow lines clearly for probably 50 feet."

"I could see the yellow lines clearly for probably 50 feet, which was unbelievable to me since normally I can’t see clearly 1 foot from my face! This afternoon I noticed something similar, I could read a logo on a vehicle from about 100 feet away."

- Holly Drumm , USA

"Now I’m playing on a tennis court without glasses (after just 5 weeks!)."

"I had glasses 5 weeks ago (-3.25 + astigmatism), and now I’m playing on a tennis court without glasses. I just keep going, tennis is good for my eyes!"

- Sika'al Vrenssen ,Advanced EFT Practitioner & Life Coach

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Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Improve Your Vision Naturally

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