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Glaucoma Symptoms

What Are The Symptoms Of Glaucoma? Glaucoma is a wide-spread disease that affects the eye and can cause blindness. It is most common in adults but can also affect babies as young as three months. The resulting damage to the optic nerve can cause vision loss. An increase of eye pressure causes the damage. So…
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Glaucoma Causes

The True Root Causes Of Glaucoma What Is Glaucoma (Eye Disease)? Glaucoma means high eye pressure. Increased pressure in the eye erodes the optic nerve tissue. Glaucoma causes damage the optic nerve. The optic nerve supplies the brain with visual information from the eye. This leads to a loss of vision. But the eye pressure…
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Types of Glaucoma

Types Of Glaucoma – A Comprehensive Guide Even though there are many different types of glaucoma, they really fall into two overarching categories. The important thing to remember is that when glaucoma is due to an eye injury or accident, seek professional help fast. Because if the fluid drainage ducts in the eye shut through and…
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Glaucoma Test

How To Test For Glaucoma Glaucoma tests are crucial. Because eye pressure can damage the optic nerve. High eye pressure over an extended period will break down the delicate fibers. As the fibers break down, vision loss occurs. So it’s important to know when pressure needs to release with eye drops. Sure, glaucoma treatments don’t…
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Glaucoma Diabetes

Why Diabetes Causes Glaucoma Glaucoma and diabetes are joined at the hip. Very few diseases have a closer relationship than these two. But why is that? And why is it that glaucoma and diabetes increased dramatically over the past 30 years? What happened in society to make this happen? The insulin problem of diabetes gives…
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Glaucoma Cataract

The Accurate Distinctions Between Glaucoma & Cataract For centuries people called glaucoma gray star. For centuries the two conditions were thought to be the same. Yet they are very different. And the treatments are very different, too. So why did people think they are the same? Why did people confuse them for such a long…
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Glaucoma Medication

What Medication is Used for Glaucoma? Glaucoma medications depend on the type of glaucoma. Surgery, laser treatment, and eye drops are the common types of glaucoma treatment. But, they may be inappropriate. Because they have side effects, like eye irritation, dry eyes, or vivid vision. Plus, glaucoma surgery is expensive and doesn’t last. Glaucoma medication…
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Glaucoma Surgery

A Comprehensive Guide To Glaucoma Surgery Conventional, medical treatments for glaucoma are all treating the symptom, not the disease. All types of glaucoma surgery, eye drops, and glaucoma medication merely relieve some eye pressure. Yes, over time, the pressure will increase again. So that’s proof that the eye disease didn’t change. To get rid of…
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Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma Treatment Tips That Actually Work Glaucoma is an eye disease. Fluids within the eyeball can’t flow out. Something blocks the drainage channels. That causes the intraocular pressure (IOP) to rise. Over time the pressure damages the optic nerve fibers. When nerve damage starts, the patient is in trouble. The longer it persists, the greater…
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