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FTC Disclosure

Following the guidelines of the FTC regarding compensation, endorsements, and testimonials, please find below the full disclosure of Eyesight Matters Inc, operating company of this website,

Any testimonials appearing on this site are not typical and do not represent the average experience. The testimonials stated on this website state that experience of the individual client at the time submitted.

The clients that achieved these results did submit them voluntarily, without solicitation. Some images were altered or added when images were missing, or the quality of the images was too poor, to enhance the visual aesthetics of the website, or to protect the privacy of our clients.

Clients who achieved the results as represented on this website did follow the course outline very closely. As it often happens with personal development or self-help courses, clients do not use or participate in the program and therefore do not get the results they are after.

Website Content:

The content of this website is solely based upon the opinions and research results of Evgania Mehler and Veit Mehler, unless stated otherwise. The articles and videos are based on the opinion of the author who is the original owner of the copyright for that content.

The information provided on this website is not intended to diagnose or treat anything. It is not meant to be medical advice. For medical advice, please seek a duly licensed physician or medical professional.

This website exists so Evgania Mehler and Veit Mehler can share their knowledge and information they gather while researching natural and alternative health. It is meant to share the author's and the community's experiences. Eyesight Matters Inc, Evgania Mehler, and Veit Mehler all encourage you to make your decision about your health based on your own research, and upon consultation with a qualified medical professional.

Whenever there are product recommendations on this website, Eyesight Matters Inc may get financially compensated for the recommendation. The user should therefore assume that Eyesight Matters Inc gets compensated for any recommendation on this website. With that assumption, we will not have to state this for every case.

We do our best to find the products recommended at the best price possible for the user and make sure that the commission that is possibly earned does not increase the cost to the user. On the contrary, Eyesight Matters Inc is doing it's best for reduce the price for the end user.

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