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Definition-of-Astigmatism-01Simply put, astigmatism is not an eye disease. It's a refractive error that causes the light falling into the to focus in front of or behind the retina.

Meaning there are two focal points for every ray of light instead of one.

In a healthy eye, the light focuses right on the retina to create a single sharp image. With astigmatism, the cornea or the lens are distorted, which causes the light to focus incorrectly. Therefore the patient suffering will see two images layered on top of one another.

The problem is that theses images are offset. That causes the double vision and blurry vision that make up the first signs of astigmatism.

Thus experiencing distorted vision. To get all your questions about the definition of astigmatism answered, just follow the continue reading link below.
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Symptoms-of-Astigmatism-01Usually, astigmatism starts with distorted vision. Meaning that you see two images instead of one. But the images are not perfectly layered on top of each other.

The direction of the distortion is defined by the axis of the corneal or the lenticular distortion.

Other symptoms that come as a result of the distorted vision include headaches, fatigue, blurry vision, double vision, and eye strain.

All of this can then translate into other issues, such as shoulder and neck aches. Back pains, and more.

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astigmatism-types-01There are 2 categories of astigmatism:

  1. corneal astigmatism
  2. lenticular astigmatism

These two categories describe where the astigmatism is happening. Corneal astigmatism refers to a distortion in the cornea.

Lenticular astigmatism describes a lens distortion that causes the distorted vision.

For both categories, there are various types. Ranging from mild to high to severe astigmatism. As well as regular and irregular astigmatism.

Each type of astigmatism will cause a different level of blurry or double vision. And each type of astigmatism will require a different form of treatment or correction.

Not all types of astigmatism lenses or glasses will work for all types of astigmatism. Plus, the type of astigmatism surgery that may work will also be determined by the type of astigmatism.

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astigmatism-test-01Depending on your type of astigmatism, you may be able to do preliminary testing at home. The at-home test will help you to identify whether or not you have astigmatism.

Plus, you will get an early indication at what angle your astigmatism may be.

In an optometrist, the preliminary testing is a simple test for refractive errors. It's similar to the tests done for myopia and farsightedness.

It can often be as simple as a 20/20 vision test with trying various types of lenses in front of the eyes.

Only with corneal astigmatism, the typography of the lens must be analyzed. This is particularly important for corneal surgery. So the eye surgeon knows which part of the cornea needs reshaping.

To do preliminary testing at home, and to find out more about all the testing necessary for astigmatism, click the continue reading link below.
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astigmatism-test-02There are many causes for astigmatism. Yet the eye industy only focuses on two causes. Because that allows the industry to sell glasses, contact lenses, and astigmatism surgery.

According to the ophthalmic industry the causes for astigmatism are:

  1. a distortion in the cornea (corneal astigmatism)
  2. a distortion of the lens (lenticular astigmatism)

The question eye specialists are never asking is; what causes that distortion?

There are root causes on three levels that can cause the distortion. These are:

  1. your mental/emotional life
  2. your chemical life
  3. your physical life.

To find out how these areas of your life are affecting your eyesight and are causing astigmatism, click the continue reading link below.
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astigmatism-glasses-lensesYour types of glasses for astigmatism or the astigmatism lenses you can wear depend on the type of astigmatism.

First up, it depends on if you have corneal astigmatism or lenticular astigmatism.

Also, if you have regular or irregular astigmatism makes a big difference in the type of astigmatism lens you can use to correct your vision.

There are many factors that will determine whether or not you can wear contact lenses. And what type of contact lens you can use.

Then there are types of astigmatism that would highly recommend the use of glasses only. So to find out more about all the types of astigmatism glasses and lenses you can choose from, click the continue reading link below.
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astigmatism-surgeryAgain, the type of astigmatism surgery will depend on the type of astigmastim you have. Not all types of surgery are suitable for all types of astigmtism.

There is a big difference between laser eye surgery for corneal astigmatism. Or a IOL or lens replacement surgery for lenticular astigmatism.

Plus, cataract eye surgery is often combined in a way that it treats astigmatism as well.

So when a patient gets a cataract lens replacement, that can also be used to fix astigmatism at the same time.

The problem with astigmatism surgery is that it doesn't last long. Statistically speaking only 50% of surgeries last for up to five years.

And some of the side-effects include symptoms of astigmatism. So you may be paying a lot of money to remove some symptoms. Only to find yourself worse off, without a possibility to do another surgery.

Plus, you are at least 50% sure that you will need glasses or contacts again.

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cure-correction-astigmatismUnfortunately, astigmatism glasses, contacts, and surgery are just corrections. They don't cure astigmatism.

Meaning, they don't get rid of astigmatism. They can't fix astigmatism!

Because all they do is redirect the light onto the retina to offset the distortion. But they don't cure what is causing the distortion in the first place.

That's why you get stronger and stronger glasses. That's why astigmatism surgery fails in over 50% of patients within 5 years.

Because the root causes are still there. The root causes will just make the condition stronger. So you get stronger prescriptions. Or the same condition again, even though you just paid a few thousand dollars for astigmatism surgery.

So, to find out exactly how you cure astigmatism so it's gone once and for all, click the continue reading link below.

It's time to fix astigmatism, not just correct it...
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