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There are 8 steps to get rid of floaters in the eye naturally.

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What The Heck Are Eye Floaters Anyways?

You know when you open your eyes and you see these weird grey things flying around in your vision?

They look like cells under a microscope… and when you try to look at them, they just bounce off…

You try to follow… but again, boom, they are gone…

That’s called eye floaters!

Your optometrist will tell you there is nothing you can do. It’s cell debris that’s floating around your eyes.

You are doomed, that’s it… nothing you can do!

But that’s not quite true

It’s an issue with your liver. You know how I keep mentioning that your eyes are connected to your liver?

That’s one of the reasons why…

So, if you have floaters right now, your liver is working too hard… too much toxicity, too little support…

  1. you need to detox
  2. your lifestyle has to be detoxifying
  3. your liver energy needs support
  4. you need to drink pure, flat, clean water – a lot!

    => I mean real water. Either spring water. Reverse osmosis filtered water. Or distilled water (no, that’s not poisonous!!).

You want to have it from glass bottles. The plastic stuff is making the issue worse.

And you have to stay away from tap water. Full stop.

Start here:

  • upon rising in the morning, drink a glass of water (before anything else)
  • only eat anything in the morning after urinating
  • drink 1 – 2 glasses per hour throughout the day

Do just that, and you’ll see big improvements already. I leave it at that!

The rest is something we dig into in the Pure Vision Method™. Right now you can get in, but it’s full-price and without Facebook group support…

So I recommend you wait. Make sure you are ready… so next time we open the doors for you, you are ready to jump in and improve your eyesight and health holistically!

Again, show me you are alive!!

Feedback: did you like this? What else do you want to know about? What are you most pressing questions about your eyesight?

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Author: Veit Mehler

Veit Mehler helps people with eye problems to improve their vision naturally. Without glasses, contacts, or eye surgery. He is the co-founder of the Pure Vision Method™. The first and only holistic eyesight improvement program that allows you to get rid of your glasses naturally, fast, and effectively. No matter what condition, or how strong your glasses are right now.


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    Thanks for the advise will try it.

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    • Veit Mehler on August 10, 2016 at 7:23 am

      you are welcome 🙂

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