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Success is never a straight line...

An Introduction To
Veit Mehler

Veit's contribution to eyesight improvement is unique. And it is just as profound and life-changing...

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.” - Buddha

Early Life

Veit’s journey with glasses started at age 2. He was diagnosed with a genetic eye condition that affected the curvature of his axis. His brother had the same problem from the same age, which is why the eye doctor put it down to genetics.

In school Veit suffered greatly with remarks such as “four eyes”, “nerd”, and more. As you know, children are often not kind, so Veit’s self-esteem in his early years took a hit.

At age 8 Veit went to Kenya in Africa, a travel, which left a lasting impression on him and would determine many decisions he would later make. In Kenya, Veit saw real poverty and starvation for the first time in his life.

At his age Veit did not make sense out of the scenes he witnessed, and made a decision that would last for the rest of his life. Veit decided that he would live his life to leave the world a better place than he found it. He wanted to do something about poverty.

Fast forward to age 11, Veit came to an eye test, and a “miracle” had happened; he didn’t need his glasses anymore, his “genetic” eye problem had cured. The reason is simple; it wasn’t an incurable genetic eye condition in the first place.

Genetics are not as set in stone as science once believed. Genetic change with the way we live our lives. It’s the science called “epigenetics”. And that’s exactly why Veit improved his eyesight at that early age and his brother didn’t.

From age 8 onwards Veit had a defined vision for his life, a goal to pursue that he could clearly see and follow, and glasses did not fit into that image of him. So his mind had strong enough leverage to change his epigenetics in that area of eyesight.

Furthermore Veit loved to play tennis, basketball, and to cycle. All actives were very beneficial for the eyes.

Lastly Veit liked savory foods rather than sweet ones, which was more beneficial for the liver and kidneys. So adding all of the areas up, Veit was able to overcome his eye problems much to the amazement of his eye doctor.


Veit’s youth was greatly shaped by one single event. A relocation with his family from Frankfurt to Berlin in Germany.

At the time Veit was one of the best players in his basketball squat, within the sightings of the regional basketball federation. He set his eyes on playing basketball professionally because he saw professional sports as a vehicle to pursue his dream from Kenya; to help the world overcome poverty.

Unfortunately his basketball pursuit diminished when his back had problems and the doctor falsely diagnosed it as incurable. With that the doctor told Veit that he had to stop playing basketball at a high level. Daily practice was not allowed anymore.

17 years later Veit would find out from a chiropractor that his back had indeed healed and that the diagnosis was incorrect, curable, and common for a 14 year old boy. Some simple whole-body exercises could have fixed the problem.

One year after that diagnosis Veit moved to Berlin where he got exposed to the drug scene early on. His entire environment was filled with substance abuse and before long Veit was sucked in.

Because he was told that he could not pursue his plans to change the world through basketball he decided to pursue music as alternative to achieve his goal.

So after high school and playing in bands throughout Berlin, Veit decided to study music production in New Zealand and Australia to escape the drug scene in Berlin and to stop his own substance abuse.

Professional Development

Arriving in New Zealand changing his life was easy because there were so many new things. Nothing was sucking in. No contacts were available, so stopping smoking, alcohol, and substances was easy.

Veit excelled at his music production studies and used his time to learn English. During his time in New Zealand also had his first encounter with detoxifying the body. Yet after about 7 months addictive patterns set in, and he started smoking cigarettes again.

9 months later he had to continue on to Sydney, Australia, not knowing, if his life partner was able to follow him. The moment he settled into the hostel his addiction reared its ugly head, and Veit learned that stopping drugs was not as easy as it appeared.

He continued his studies and kept excelling at it, but when his private life fell apart, his control over his mind deceased. He soon would find himself in a similar place like he left in Berlin. Surrounded by substances, dealers, and negative patterns.

After his studies Veit worked in major recording studios in Sydney and tried multiple times to beat his addiction. Failing every time after 9 months absence.

Realizing that the studio world was fun and exciting in the early 20’s, Veit soon began to see that he would never be able to have a family and see his children grow up, if he continued the studio work. Furthermore he would not be able to do anything about his life mission. In the studio production world nobody has the ability to change the world.

So Veit moved on to study law. His rational was that it would give him time and space to deal with his addiction problems professionally, and to pursue the music industry from a business perspective that would allow to achieve his goal.

But law studies proved more difficult than he anticipated. Not from a subject matter point of view, but from an ethical perspective. The ethics of most fellow students repelled Veit’s core beliefs about life.

At that time Veit’s eyesight got worse again. Because he could not see himself as a lawyer and because of all the regret, guilt, and resentment from his addictive past, Veit got prescribed glasses once again.

Path to Joining EyesightMatters™

Shortly after Veit sought professional help from a psychiatrist and a psychologist to get his behavioral patterns under control, he met co-founder of EyesightMatters™ Evgania.

The time was right after Veit got his new glasses. When he met Evgania she told him 2 things; 1. Glasses make your eyesight worse, and 2. That he’d look better without them.

She went on to explain to him that he could get rid of his glasses and that she was teaching it in seminars. So Veit became Evgania’s first client in English.

At the same time Veit realized that something in his psychotherapy was missing, and that his psychiatrist and psychologist did not have the answer to combat the feeling of depletion. Therapy had worked as an initiator for change, but coming up to the 9-month mark it became apparent that his therapist did not know how to make an ex-addict feel good in life again.

Both had no experience with substance abuse themselves. Both didn’t know how depletion feels.

Luckily Veit met an ex-heroin addict who helped drug users to stop and overcome the depression and depletion as a result of the substance abuse. He taught Veit the importance of herbs to recharge the organ energy that substance abuse, legal and illegal, causes. He helped Veit to recover his health.

With the renewed strength, energy, and positive outlook in life, Veit began to improve his mind-set, recover his confidence, and reconnect to his mission for life.

Contribution to EyesightMatters™

By that time Evgania and Veit had become a couple and got married. As Veit thought of ways to reconnect to his vision of making the world a better place, he began to understand that it all starts at home.

Poverty in the world is the end problem to fix, but that this is only possible, once the people in the areas of the world that can make that change live in a way that it’s possible for them.

Veit saw and understand that the problem of glasses becomes ever increasing in the world, and that Evgania and he had a unique position to initiate change.

Veit was able to produce video products and learned how to create websites, and Evgania knew how to improve eyesight. So as a team they set out to create the first version of their method.

Version 1 was still mainly based upon the original method Evgania studied in Russia with some extension into mind-set and nutrition. But when Evgania fell pregnant with their first child, Veit had to step up and do a lot of customer support.

Through that process Veit learned the mechanics of vision improvement, and started to see patterns of depletion and exhaustion appear in many clients. He began to understand that his journey to recovery taught him skills and tools that could greatly benefit their clients.

With that newly gained understanding Evgania and Veit went out to advice their clients to add some of these elements to their lives. With remarkable results.

So Evgania and Veit went on to create the most comprehensive natural vision improvement program available today. It’s the only holistic eyesight improvement method available today.

From there they further merged their knowledge and experience to create EyesightMatters™. The first and only truly holistic resource to protect, maintain, and improve eyesight today.

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