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70,000 & Counting - The Effects On Your Eyesight & Health

Last Reviewed: May 1, 2019
Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford


Professionally Reviewed by
Chryseia Brennan

In 1914, the world has changed. The year not only marks the beginning of WWI. It also marks the rise of chemical companies.

Because it is the first war that saw chemical weapons to kill thousands of soldiers at a time. And the companies making them began to flourish. Many of them are still around today. They just don't make weapons anymore.

When the war came to an end in 1918, these companies had to shift gear. Nobody was going to buy their mustard gas any longer. The war was over.

But some genius had a brilliant idea; if these gases killed people by the drones, they probably also kill insects. And industrialized farming had a problem with pests.

So pesticides were born!

Since then more and more chemicals have been invented. Some to make our life convenient, others to spray on the food. But mostly, because making them out of nothing is a very profitable business.

Fast forward to the 21st century...

We have 10,000 chemical ingredients in food alone. Not just what they spray on it. But also what they add to give the illusion of food.

And we have over 70,000 synthetic chemicals floating around in our environment. They are in the food, water, air, they are everywhere.

The main herbicide of industrial agriculture, glucosamine, is classified as cancer-causing by a UN laboratory in France. Sure, the French are pedantic, but it's the UN calling the main stuff they spray on conventional food cancer-causing. Have we gone too far?

For your eyesight, for sure!

Because all of these chemicals need to get out of your body. If not, well, you won't live long... these are small dosages, but they add up by now. And they accumulate in your tissue.

And that's where your liver comes in. It's the organ that has to get rid of all of this stuff. It's your detox organ.

Your eyes are connected to your liver through the energy pathway of the liver. The energy pathway of the liver opens into your eyes. Meaning that when your liver uses more energy that it's supposed to, your eyesight doesn't get enough.

These are the energetics of holistic health. And trust me, if you don't live a detoxifying lifestyle today, your liver is working overtime for sure.

And when your liver can't handle all the toxicity anymore, your kidney has to jump in to keep your body working. Normally, cleansing is not the kidney's job. But way too often it has to come to the rescue by now.

And that's your life energy. That's your drive. The kidneys are your courage. It's your confidence. Your self-esteem. And it's your pride!

You see all the things that are missing in your life today...

But there is hope! That's exactly why we teach holistic eye health in the Pure Vision Method™. There are ways to minimize the impact of this chemical attack on the body. And it can be surprisingly simple.

You have to attend that area of your life. Not just for your eyesight, but for your life.

Because all bad diseases people die from today come done to this. And it's not happening over night. It's a slow process where the body starts to get too toxic over time.

So you have to detox to get everything that's there right now out. Then you have to start living a detoxifying lifestyle. So all the stuff gets moved out on a daily basis.

Again, we cover all of this in depth in the Pure Vision Method™. It takes up two full modules, so it's a big area of your eyesight and health to address.

I know, it's not a very upbeat topic. But it's a very important one. And somebody has to wake you up to the fact that you need to pay attention.

So, let me know if you have any questions in a comment below...

Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford


Professionally Reviewed by
Chryseia Brennan

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