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"The World According To Monsanto" - Documentary

Last Reviewed: May 16, 2019
Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford

Food plays a vital part in your vision. The better and healthier you eat (and I'm not talking about the popularized food-pyramid on the Kellog's box) the better your eyesight. That's especially important if you have eye floaters.

But regardless of how good or bad your vision is, this film will show something much more important than improving your vision. It's about maintaining our planet, freedom of food ownership. Here we are talking about keeping the seeds of our food natural, and accessible to all!

This is a world-wide issue, and it's getting more and more serious each and every day! Watch the film (you can open it up to full screen), and forward it to anyone you know, please! This message MUST get into the hands of as many people as possible, fast!

Leave comments and engage in the discussion below... 🙂

If you are wondering how that relates to your eyesight, it's very simple. With GMO foods farmers need to spray more and more chemicals on the foods, which depletes the soil, and adds toxicity to your body.

That gives a double hit to your vision, via your liver.

1. you don't get enough electrolytes and minerals into your body for healthy liver and organ functions.

2. you liver gets overloaded with toxins, which directly affects your vision.

As you would know by now, with the Pure Vision Method™ we are looking at more than just your eyes when it comes to your vision. We are dealing with your body, your mind, your eyes, but also your vision for life.

GMO foods do not offer a great vision for our planet, and a gratifying and fulfilling vision for life means living in tune with our environment. This type of agriculture is the opposite of living in tune with nature.

So the question remains, what can we all do on a small scale?

After all it looks like we are the victims of an evil, out of control industry. But that's not true. "Circumstances don't make a man (or woman), they reveal him (or her)."

Everyone of us can help. Take the path of Gandhi - don't fight it, just don't engage and don't participate.

Stop buying "convenience" food in the supermarket. Go to your local farmers market!

They have all the food you need right there, it's what's in season and what you should be eating in your area at that particular time of the year, and it's usually produced by people with integrity. Support your local community whenever possible.

The most important part is, grow your awareness, and spread it with everyone you know. This must become a movement that doesn't participate in destruction any longer.

So share this page, like it, and leave us comments below. Share this site with everyone you know, so we can make this planet a better place for all of us, and for our children to enjoy as well.

Let us know what you think how we can all make a difference in comments below... 🙂

Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford

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