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How Are You Talking To Your Body & Eyes?

Last Reviewed: May 1, 2019
Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford


Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Andrew Simon

This one is quite out there. But it's important, so stay with me. Your optometrist won't talk about this one. That doesn't render it unimportant...

Quite opposite is true...

So, the human body is made up of 70-80% of water. All our cells are full of water.

A substantial body of research is investigating the properties of water at the moment. Because we know surprisingly little about water. And the properties are amazing.

For example, the density of water is less when frozen. That's why ice floats. Almost no other liquid is doing that.

Water can defy gravity when traveling up hills and inside tree trunks. Again, there is no other substance known to do that.

Plus, water has memory. Memory of its environment. And depending on the state of the environment, the crystalline structure of the water changes.

That's why you start hearing about structured water. It's water where the crystalline structure is optimized.

If sounds too out there for you, brace yourself... we are just getting started.

Some research has shown how the molecular structure of water changes depending on the way researchers talked to the water...

Harsh criticism and swearing created crippled water molecules. While gratitude and expressions of love improved the structure and created beautiful molecules.

Also music changed the water. Heavy metal churned out very ugly crystals. Mozart's melodies repaired the water structure...

So, coming back to your body being 70 - 80% water... how do you talk to your body and eyes?

Are you nice? Do you criticize them when things don't go your way? How much love and gratitude are you sending every day?

One thing is for sure; negative emotional states are linked to illnesses like cancer. Bitterness is linked to diabetes. And there are people that cured themselves from terminal illness by laughing their hearts out with comedies.

So, whether this is too woo-woo for you or not. Give it a go!

Try to speak only nicely to yourself and your body. Thank your body and eyes that they allow you to experience your life!

Because without eyes you'd be blind... and life wouldn't be the same. It's time to appreciate and show some gratitude...

I recently got a really bad infection on my left arm. After that was healed, my middle finger on the right hand swelled up like crazy. I had an open wound for weeks with tons of pus in there... it was really ugly...

These are the moments when your arms and hands don't work properly and you are down with temperature and you can't do anything... that's the moments you remember how useful your body is... how you take it for granted!

Yet there is nothing stopping you to appreciate your body than yourself!

Don't just laugh it off - try it out. Start with 7 days and see what happens...

You may just feel amazing... and if not, what did you lose?

7 days of anger directed at yourself? Exactly, start right now!

Specifically, talk really nicely to your eyes and see how they feel more relaxed. Notice how you'll see better... how colors get more vibrant...

Try it out. Then report back, and let me know how you go in a comment below...

Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford


Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Andrew Simon

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