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Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Floaters Treatment?

Patients with eye floaters make 8 common mistakes in their floater treatment. Do you?

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Floaters Studies

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

Floaters & Myopia

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Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology December 1, 2004: v.2004(5) PMC 1082894

Myopia (especially high myopia) is related to floaters

  • floaters very troublesome, in particular young myopes, pseudophakes (in whom improved post-operative contrast sensitivity increases their perception of floaters in the visual field) and patients whose employment requires fine detailed work.(

Patients with high myopia and floaters are at high risk to get post vitreous detachment:

  • The results of this study suggest that liquefaction of the vitreous begins at a relatively young age in patients with high myopia and progresses with age and axial elongation, thus resulting in a frequent occurrence of PVD.
  • (

Treating floaters is important to prevent more serious eye conditions like vitreous detachment, retina tearing, and cataract

  • Floaters lower contrast sensitivity function, which normalizes after vitrectomy. Visual Function Questionnaire quantified improvement in satisfaction. Not inducing posterior vitreous detachment reduced retinal tear incidence from 30% to 0% (P < 0.007). Postvitrectomy cataract incidence was reduced from 50% to 23.5% (P< 0.02). This approach thus seems effective and safe in alleviating the visual dysfunction induced by floaters.
  • (

Floaters are shadows of red blood cells

Non-Myopes and women often visit more than 1 doctor to consult for floaters

Floaters cause perceived stress, anxiety, and depression

  • severe discomfort group showed higher depression, perceived stress, and state and trait anxiety. Conclusions. Symptomatic vitreous floater patients showed substantial level of psychological distress, and the severity of floater symptoms was significantly associated with psychological distress.
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Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Improve Your Vision Naturally

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