Myopia Treatments That Actually Work!

How To Get Rid Of Glasses In 42 Days Or Less, Even If You Tried Eye Exercises Or Had Surgery Before

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Limited Time - Myopia Treatments That Actually Work!

How To Get Rid Of Glasses Without Eye Surgery For Less Than $1 Per Day

(Even If You Tried Eye Exercises Or Had Eye Surgery Before)

You have myopia. But what does it really mean? It means that your glasses and contact lenses created it. Yes, glasses and contacts cause myopia. They don't treat it!

Because at the beginning you had just a cramp in your eye muscles. That cramp caused blurry vision. And then you got glasses.

Over time the lenses made the cramp a permanent refractive error. That's called "Lens Induced Myopia". The whole eye industry knows about it. And it pays them very well.

So they call myopia a refractive error. They say it's due to a elongated eyeball. But that's only half the story. Because what's changing the shape of the eyeball?

What Are The True Root Causes For Myopia?

5 root causes:

  1.  you can't envision yourself in the future.
  2.  stress, anxiety, or low self-esteem.
  3.  your eyes are starving.
  4.  your body is too toxic.
  5.  you don't use your body right.

The moment you fix these root causes, myopia goes away. If you don't, it'll always come back. Even if you get eye surgery, stronger prescriptions, or do eye exercises.

So to really understand myopia, let's start with a quick story about our first client.

Meet Our First Client

When he came to us, he had blurry vision. Every morning he woke up, feeling exhausted. No matter how long he slept.

He had no energy. No drive. He dragged himself out of bed. Feeling empty. Hating the day before it even started.

Grabbing around to find his glasses. Just to check the time.

He was at university. But he hated his studies. And he couldn't stand his job.

People making jokes at him when he was looking for his glasses with glasses on. People holding up three fingers in front of the face. Asking how many fingers there were. Just because he took the glasses off for a clean... how funny, right?

But what was worse was the social anxiety that came from that. Feeling insecure and uncomfortable around people.

Feeling out of energy, fatigue, and exhausted all day long.

Meet Our First Client

Plus he suffered from back pains, tight shoulders, and a stiff neck. And he couldn't focus and concentrate. And everything got worse because life turned into a downward spiral.

And over time, he noticed his health started to degenerate with his eyesight. He was 27, and the signs were bad.

He had 3 nervous breakdowns. He was depressed and in psychotherapy. Plus he was in danger to get diabetes. Because his father was diabetic and he has bad genes.

When myopia starts, your body starts to degenerate. That's the starting point for degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It's a slow process, but it's happening.

Because your eyes are the first warning sign.

The Myopia Facts That Are Hard To Ignore

You can see it in the numbers. It's scary:

In 1970 in Singapore 26% of people enrolling the army had myopia. In 2000 it was at 83%.

⇨ that’s a 319% increase.

In 1970 in the US the myopia rate for students 23 -34 years of age was around 20%. In 1996 that number was above 62%. Again, a 310% increase.

In China under 15-year-olds have myopia at a rate of 73%. In Taiwan, it’s 81%. And even in Europe, it went up by over 300% over the same period of time.

Research study after research study comes to the same conclusion; an increase in the myopia rate of around 300% over the last 40 years. And around the world, it affects over 60% of people.

So what happened?

In the same period of time:

Childhood obesity went up 300%.

Diabetes in Singapore went up 450%. 1 out of 3 Singaporeans under 40 is expected to get diabetes by now. That's scary!

In the Western developed world, the trends are similar.

Plus, anxiety rates doubled. Anti-depressant use went up 400% from 1988 – 2008 alone.

And the list goes on and on and on. There is a reason we are the first generation that is expected to die younger than our parents.

The True Cost Of Glasses, Contacts, & Eye Surgery

So glasses and contacts are not a solution. They just mask the symptoms. Even though they are ridiculously expensive.

Glasses cost on average $430 for the eye test, frames, and lenses every time you need a new pair. Even with the best health insurance you still have to pay $236.50 out-of-pocket. Every year or two?

Contact lenses cost about $370 - $460 per year for lenses, solution, and everything else. Most insurances don't even cover them.

And eye surgery doesn't even last for over 50% of patients. That's what the eye industry admits. So for an average cost of $2,118 per eye in 2014, you'll end up with glasses again.

But the money pales in comparison to what myopia costs you in life:

  1.  the lack of energy
  2.  your lack of focus
  3.  the low self-esteem
  4.  living in fear or uncertainty about your future
  5.  social anxiety
  6.  feeling disengaged and disconnected from life
  7.  the threat to your long-term health

Because none of these solutions address the true root causes of myopia. So there is a real threat to your long-term health if you don’t deal with it now.

How To Cure The Root Causes Of Myopia?

So, let me show you how to treat the true root causes for less than $1 per day.

David's Testimonial

We've created the first and only holistic myopia improvement method available. It's helping people with myopia all around the world for over a decade. But it's lacking an essential part.

The program will help you to remove the root causes for myopia systematic, step-by-step. But your eyes need nutrients right now. Otherwise, it'll get damaged.

Research has shown over and over again that a myopic eye is missing essential nutrients. Especially with all the computer work today.

So we teamed up with EyesightLabs. Their premium supplements Advanced AMD Support and Vx20/20 to help you fill that gap. These are premium quality supplements, made in the USA. Free of nastiness.

They are designed to help nourish and protect your eyes right now.

And for a limited time, you get our comprehensive myopia improvement program as a free gift.

Why Is This Important For You Right Now?

This is for anyone who needs to pray in the morning to find their glasses. This is for you if you ever forgot your glasses anywhere. It's for you wish someone invented a "find your glasses" app. This is definitely for you if you can't or don't want to wear contact lenses.

It's for you if you can't see your tea because your glasses fog up. And it's for you if sweat and drain drive you insane.

And it's urgent for you to tackle the issues. Because research shows that the root causes for myopia are damaging your health right now.

You just saw how other diseases correlate with the myopia development.

In this special offer, you get two supplements your eyes urgently needs. Plus, you'll get the most comprehensive step-by-step myopia improvement program available today. All for less than the price a chocolate bar per day.

All you have to do is take one capsule of each supplement per day. That will deliver the missing nutrients right to your eyes. At the same time, you go through the program and learn how to remove the root causes for myopia.

What Will This Do For You?

With that, you will...

... protect your eyes from computer screens, so you can watch 3D movies like a normal person one day.
... protect your vision, meaning that you can go to swim without risking to loose your glasses.
... reduce your mental fog, so you can focus and go home on time. Enjoy time after work.
... reduce eyestrain and headaches so you are able to focus and concentrate again.
... save the money you waste on eye test, glasses, and contact lenses.
... reduce dry eyes especially when you work at the computer all day.

... but most importantly, never have to adjust to new glasses or contact lenses again. When everything is too close or too far. When even walking stairs becomes horrifying because you can't judge the steps.

Look, you have myopia. You clicked through to this page to get help. You must know that your glasses and contacts are NOT working. So right now you can get rid of your glasses and contacts for the price of a chocolate bar per day.

Just order the supplements below. You'll get lifetime access to our premium myopia improvement program for free.

So this is a no-brainer for anyone with myopia. Do it now,
before you forget and your eyesight gets even worse.

Let Me Introduce To You

Vx 20/20 & Advanced AMD Support - An Unbeatable 
Combo To Improve And Protect Your Vision And Eyes

This is very important:

Research shows that myopic patients are lacking essential nutrients. This powerful combination of two breakthrough formulas is the first and only eye vitamin that helps to nourish your eyes on all five levels of holistic eye health...

The right combination of nutrients has great benefits for your eyes. Each part of your eye requires specific nutrients. EyesightLabs™ Vx 20/20 & Advanced AMD Support cover all the areas:

Level 1: Your Cornea & Lens

Vitamin C support the health of your cornea and lens. Plus, Anthocyanin will protect your eyes from damage

Level 3: Tears & Conjunctiva

Omega-3 Fatty Acids make sure your eyes stay well hydrated, so you stop dry eyes & eyestrain.
AMD Support & VX Bottles

Level 2: Your Retina

Zinc, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, & Omega-3 Fatty Acid support your retina, so you have sharper vision at work.

Level 4: Your Optic Nerve

Vitamin E, C, & Omega-3 keep your optic nerve healthy and help to improve your vision and focus.

Level 5: Macula

Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Copper, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin C combined with Omega-3 protect your macula. This
allows better sight in sunlight and at the computer. Helping you to reduce computer eyestrain.
Try Risk-Free Now!
You will start to feel more relaxed in your eyes. Plus, you will start to see more clearly. Seeing will become effortless. You eyesight will improve in the dark. You will be able to see sharper at the computer, and even when you drive at night.
You will enjoy clear vision and healthy eyes. Because Vx 20/20 and Advanced AMD Support help to nourish your eyes. They help to renew and protect the cells in eyes more efficiently. Reducing dry eyes. Reducing your eyestrain. So you see more clearly, and feel more relaxed and younger at the same time.
Plus, the effective levels of anti-oxidants also support the natural detoxification processes of your eyes. This is vital to protect your eyes from damage.

Both supplements, Vx 20/20 and Advanced AMD Support contain clinically proven nutrients to support your vision and eyes.

They contain a unique blend of powerful and effective nutrients. These include:

  • Anthocyanin,
  • Bilberry,
  • Blueberry,
  • Grapeseed Extract,
  • Lutein,
  • Zeaxanthin,
  • Astaxanthin,
  • Omega-3 fatty acids,
  • vitamins, and
  • trace elements.

All the ingredients are essential to keep your vision sharp and clear. Just two easy-to-swallow capsules contain clinically proven amounts*.

Every daily serve will provide you with enough lutein and zeaxanthin to protect your macula. Meaning to protect your eyes when you work with computer screens.*

You will get enough Omega-3 fatty acids to protect your visual nerve and calm down dry eyes. And to protect your eyes from computer eyestrain.*

Plus, the Bilberry, Anthocyanin, Grapeseed Extract, and Vitamin E will support your eyes against free radical damage. This carefully crafted fusion ensures maximum benefit for your eye health.

What Advanced AMD Support & Vx 20/20
Will Do For You:

Improve your visual acuity
Improve your night vision
Protect your macula, retina, optic nerve, and lens
Protects your eyes from free radicals
Protects from bright sunlight, so you can enjoy better sight in sunlight
Reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration
Provides you with the essential micro-nutrients your eyes need
Stops the deterioration of your eyesight
Reduces light sensitivity
Improves blood circulation to your optic nerve & in your eyes
Prevents tired eyes
Prevents red and irritated eyes
Improves your low vision
Nutrients Lutein And Zeaxanthin

The Nutrients Lutein and Zeaxanthin…

…in Advanced AMD Support protect your central vision. They filter out dangerous UV radiation of the sun. Plus, they filter blue-light radiation of computer screens. Because they act as a blue-light filter. Which helps to protect your central vision and lens.

The so-called “yellow spots” (macula lutea) make up the central part of your visual field. This is the area responsible for sharp vision.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin help to protect your central vision. So you enjoy clear, sharp vision. Plus, you'll have more relaxed eyes. Because clear vision comes more effortlessly now.

Anthocyanin, Vitamin C & E…

…protect your eyes from oxidative stress and cell damage. Sunlight, smoke, or air-pollution damage your eyes. These powerful anti-oxidants help to protect from free-radical damage.

Plus, research shows that Vitamin E with DHA helps to improve the visual field of myopia patients.

But Vitamin E is fatsoluable. It needs quality fat to get into the body. Without it, your body can't use it. That's why Advanced AMD Support has premium quality Omega-3 and DHA. It makes this unique blend so effective and powerful.

Anthocyanin, Vitamin C & E

Also, Omega-3…

…is a potent anti-allergen that helps red and dry eyes. Research shows it improves the visual field. Plus, it’s an important nutrient for the retina.

Lack of Omega-3 can cause dry and irritated eyes. Severe lack can lead to severe myopia. Because Omega-3 fights inflammation.

So it’s an essential nutrient. It allows you to enjoy relaxed eyes. It will also help to reduce irritation from computer eye strain.


… is an important antioxidant. It plays a key role in healthy eyesight. Zinc helps to bring beta-carotene from the liver to the eyes. That process protects the blood-flow to your optic nerve.

Zinc deficiency is linked to poor night vision and cloudy cataracts. So it’s essential to supplement Zinc. Because it is difficult to get from food today.

Bilberry & Copper

Bilberry & Copper…

… improve and control the oxygen levels in the eye tissues. So it helps to improve your eyesight.

Copper acts as an anti-oxidant. It promotes flexible tissue for proper eye structure. Copper binds with Zinc, so the two are best taken together. We balanced Zinc and Copper to be most effective.

Plus, Bilberry will help to improve the blood circulation in your eye muscles. Helping you to see clear and sharp with less effort.

Also, copper stimulates the brain and keeps brain tissue healthy. So you are more alter and can count on 
your memory.
Try Risk-Free Now!
Nutrients Are Vital...
If You Fail To Provide Sufficient Amounts Of The Essential Nutrients Your Eyes Need, 
Your Myopia Will Get Worse Day After Day…

The nutrients in EyesightLabs™ Advanced AMD Support and Vx 20/20 help to replace the old cells in your eyes with younger and stronger cells. That will support your vision to stay healthy and strong.

Plus, it will help to protect your eyes from dangerous free-radical damage.

Fact is, your eyes are starving. They needs essential nutrients urgently. If don't provide them, the damage may be irreversible.

Your vision and eye health will suffer.

Look, you have myopia. You came to this page. You read all this way. So you understand that your eyes are literally starving right now. Because they are not getting sufficient amounts of these essential nutrients.

Your eyes need these nutrients every day. The fact that you have myopia proves it. Your eyes need these essential nutrients to repair cells, and stop vision loss. They are called "essential" for a reason. You must provide them to get your vision back.

If You Do Not Take The Nutrients Your Eyes
Need To Survive…

… free radicals can easily attack your eyes. They can enter and kill your cells in the eyes. The vision loss will blur out your vision - the longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Your eyes will lack essential building blocks to replace old, damaged cells. Plus, the free-radical damage will weaken your ability to focus even more.

The blood flow to your eyes will remain insufficient. So your myopia may get worse because your eyes get too little oxygen.

This “myopia miracle” helps to destroy free-radicals. The ones that are attacking your eyes right now. It improves the blood circulation of your eyes. It helps to improve your eye muscles. Plus, it helps to dissolve the deposits on eye vessels that can cause other serious eye diseases.

Without these essential nutrients you increase your risk to get stronger glasses. Not only from myopia. But from astigmatism and other diseases as well.

Myopia Treatments That Actually Work!

6-Months Supply

Best Value!
$179.95 (save 40% instantly)
6-Months Supply of Advanced AMD Support
6-Months Supply of Vx 20/20
Life-Time Access To The Pure Vision Method for Myopia
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4-Months Supply

Incredible Deal!
$139.95 (save 30% instantly)
4-Months Supply of Advanced AMD Support
4-Months Supply of Vx 20/20
Life-Time Access To The Pure Vision Method for Myopia
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2-Months Supply

Great Deal!
$99.95 (Value $516.90)
2-Months Supply of Advanced AMD Support
2-Months Supply of Vx 20/20
Life-Time Access To The Pure Vision Method for Myopia
Try Risk Free

Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident you will love the supplement and the improvements you get, we provide you with a full money-back guarantee for returned orders. Try Advanced AMD Support & Vx 20/20 for 30 Days. If you don't love it, just let us know. Send the bottle back (empty or full) for a full refund.

No questions asked!

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