An Every Day EyeCare™ Kit For Glaucoma - A Comprehensive Self-Healing Program To Reduce Eye Pain & Maintain Good Eye Pressure When Doing Computer Work, No Matter How Long You Stare At Screens

  • Comprehensive explanation video give you the ability to relieve eye pain & increase your energy & focus throughout the day fast

  • Detailed workspace set-up guide, so you can arrange your work place to maintain good eye pressure when doing computer work... no matter how long you have to stare at screens

  • Relaxing healing visualization that helps you to reduce stress & reduce eyestrain when you feel stressed out - 100% naturally & effective!

  • Printable eyeCare Wallchart Posters help you easily remind yourself to manage your eye pressure all day long - beautifully designed, always in sight!

Every Day eyeCare™ Kit Overview
Imagine coming home at night with all your work done. Accomplished. Because you stayed “in-the-zone”, focused, and energized, so you completed everything you had for the day.

The Every Day eyeCare™ Kit for Glaucoma is for every Glaucoma Patient that needs to manage eye pressure throughout the day.

Because conventional treatments do more harm than good. They cause problems with side-effect. So, here is a solution for you!

If you want to relieve eye pressure and increase energy throughout the day... if you want to maintain good eye pressure when doing computer work, even if you have to stare at screens all day... and if you need to reduce stress and balance your eye even when you are most stressed out ... then this is the most important Self-Healing Program you'll ever get!


Our lifestyle in the 21st century makes glaucoma management a lot harder. Eye drops and medication can take some pressure off. But to protect your vision and eyes you have to manage your eyesight throughout the day. Without dangerous side-effects!

  • Eliminate Eye Pressure, Even At Work

  • Stop Vision Loss At The Computer

  • How To Manage Your Eye So You Need Less Eye Drops

Here's Just a LITTLE Of What'll Discover...
Comprehensive eyeCare™ Kit

12 Ways to keep your eyes healthy and strong, no matter how many hours you spend in front of the computer.

Eye Healing Visualization

1 easy and simple guided healing visualization that will relax your eyes, build your confidence, and give you a positive outlook for your day.

Beautiful eyeCare™ Poster

1 comprehensive wall-chart that will remind you how to keep your eyes healthy and relaxed any time of the day.

Detailed Workspace Guide

Detailed guide about how to set up your workspace for maximum eye health impact. Your posture will make or break your vision. Set up your space the right way, so you minimize pressure.

Complete eyeStretch™ Poster

Sitting is the new smoking. Your circulation breaks down. At the end, fluids don't flow. In the eye that causes eye pressure. The specific stretches get rid of stagnation, so you have more energy & better eye pressure.

Full eyeHealth Guide

Simple, easy to implement, step-by-step guide that'll show you exactly how to keep your eyes fresh and free of tension during the day. A full guide to help you manage your eye pressure and protect your vision. 

Plus, You'll Get 2 Months Supply Of This Premium Supplement (Made in the USA)...

Let Me Introduce To You Advanced AMD Support That Helps You To Protect Your Optic Nerve From Damage

This is very important:

Research shows that your optic nerve doesn't die. It's dormant. Because it doesn't get enough nutrients. So, this breakthrough formula is the first and only nutrient supplement that helps to nourish your eyes on all five areas of holistic eye health...

The right combination of nutrients has great benefits for your eyes. Each part of your eye requires specific nutrients. EyesightLabs™ Advanced AMD Support cover all the areas:

Level 1: Your Cornea & Lens

Vitamin C support the health of your cornea and lens. Plus, it prevents serious eye diseases.

Level 3: Tears & Conjunctiva

Omega-3 Fatty Acids make sure your eyes stay well hydrated.

Level 2: Your Retina

Zinc, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, & Omega-3 Fatty Acid keep your retina in great shape.

Level 4: Your Optic Nerve

Vitamin E, C, & Omega-3 keep your optic nerve healthy and allow you to see clearly.

Level 5: Macula

Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Copper, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin C combined with Omega-3 protect your macula from degeneration.

What EyesightLab™ Advanced AMD Support Will Do For You: & Your Optic Nerve

Reduce Eye Pain & Eyestrain

Improve your night vision

Protect your macula, retina, optic nerve, and lens

Protects your eyes from free radicals

Protects from bright sunlight, so you can enjoy better sight in sunlight

Reduces the risk of optic nerve damage

Provides you with the essential micro-nutrients your eyes need

Stops the deterioration of your eyesight

Reduces light sensitivity

Improves blood circulation in your eyes

Prevents tired eyes

Prevents red and irritated eyes

Improves your low vision

Yes, It's True!

You Can Guard Against Optic Nerve Damage…

Over 3 million people suffer from glaucoma in the US alone. Worldwide that's over 65 million people. The number is growing over 30% per year.

A staggering 9 - 12% of patients go blind. It can hit anyone. Women are at even greater risk than men.


Glaucoma and macular degeneration are eye diseases that lead to the loss of your central vision. Because the optic nerve and color pigments in the retina stop working. They don't get enough nutrients and bloodflow.

You'll lose the ability to read. Your ability to watch TV. Plus, you'll lose your ability to drive. Even recognizing faces becomes harder and harder the further the disease progresses.

The risk of vision loss due to glaucoma increases with age.

A broad test confirmed that regular intake of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Zinc (you'll find all these ingredients in Advanced AMD Support) reduces the risk of damage due to glaucoma.

Instead of Vision Loss...
Dancing in the Rain!

+ Do you have enough of your vision problems?

+ Are you worried if you can see your kids and grandkids grow up? If you'll be able to enjoy life with them?

+ Are you tired of getting scared driving your car because you are losing your visual strength?

+ Do you have enough of looking "old"?

+ Are you fed up to waste so much time and money on your eyesight?

+ Are you scared of eye surgery that may have potentially devastating consequences?

+ Are you scared to lose your driver's license? And with that, lose your independence?

+ Are you fed up that you need frightening vision tests all the time?

+ Would you like to see better?

+ Are you looking for a proven, safe, and natural way... WITHOUT the long-term risks of eye drops and glaucoma surgery?

Client Results...

Every Day People Report Sensational Results With Advanced AMD Support


Advanced AMD Support will help you to stop unnecessary suffering. Stop eye pain. Stop headaches. And kiss light sensitivity good-bye. Right from the start!

Plus, stop wasting your money on eye test, medication, and drops.

From Day 1 you will stop feeling helpless. Because of your eyesight will stop getting worse.

Every day I get reports from people about the fantastic results they are getting...

Real Amazon Reviews:


"Now you can go for a walk in the rain (even singing in the rain), WITHOUT ever wiping rain drops on your "shield".

Now you can play tennis and golf WITHOUT relying on some elastic straps to force glasses to your head.

Now you can kiss your loved ones again,
WITHOUT poking out eyes!"


Get Your Life Back...

Improving glaucoma and protecting your optic nerve will bring 12 benefits to your life ... including driving safely, calmly, and confidently at night!


Finally you can enjoy driving at night again. Because you can see signs more clearly. Because you'll have better protection from the bright headlights beaming in your eyes.

Advanced AMD Support will help you to improve your night vision. Because it contains nutrients that promote pigment production in your macula. These pigments pay a vital role in the dark-bright adaptability of your eyes.

Plus, the Omega-3 will help to protect your optic nerve, and reduce dry eyes. Especially after eye drops!

It Gets Even Better...

People report the following 12 benefits from taking Advanced AMD Support:

> 1. Better CONFIDENCE

> 2. More Freedom & Independence

> 3. More JOY OF LIFE

> 4. A more RELAXED and CALM Inner Peace


> 6. Look Younger & More Attractive

> 7. Less Emotional

> 8. Improved Ability to Plan Clearly & Purposefully

> 9. A Positive SELF-IMAGE

> 10. Feel More Attractive

> 11. Closer, more satisfying Relationships

> 12. To Become More Outgoing & Open with Self-Esteem

One-Time Special Offer!

The Every Day eyeCare™ Kit for Glaucoma usually sells on our site every day for $97. But right now, you can get it as a free gift.

Just order 2-months supply of the Advanced AMD Support supplement, and we'll throw in this amazing eye pressure management program for free.

So you get a supplement you need to nourish and protect your optic nerve anyways. Plus, you get full, lifetime access to our program for free.

But you have to act now. Once you close this page, the deal is gone. And you'll have to pay full $price later on.

2 Months Supply + Every Day eyeCare™ for Glaucoma Kit

A unique combination to protect your optic nerve from damage. Even with computer work.

$216.90 - Only $74.95
   65% Off 

Look, you have nothing to lose except eye pain and headaches! And a whole lot of eye pressure that must go fast.

So you can get all of this if you simply order 2 months supply of EyesightLabs™ Advanced AMD Support.

So for less than the price of a chocolate bar per day, you will start to nourish and protect your optic nerve with the supplement.

Plus, the Every Day eyeCare™ Kit for Glaucoma will help you to manage your eye pressure to get rid of headaches. Together, this is an unbeatable combination to protect your eyes during the day.

To stop vision loss, to stop eye pain, and to stop the headaches.

Imagine you come home at night, relaxed. Your stuff done. Completed, without eyestrain or headaches.

You can read and watch TV without eye pain Because your eyes are relaxed.

You can have fun with your friends and loved ones. You can play golf or tennis because you nourished your optic nerve.

When you know that you manage your eye pressure well. So you enjoy more relaxed eyes without pain or headaches.

Here's How To Get Started Right Now

Just go ahead and order 2-months supply of EyesightLabs™ Advanced AMD Support. That's less than $1 per day to protect your optic nerve from vision loss!

When you click the green "Yes! Stop Vision Loss" button below, you will be forwarded to the secure EyesightLabs™ orderform. It's protected by the highest online security standards available today.

Fill out your details and place the order with EyesightLabs™.

They will forward your order details to us, and we will immediately set up your Every Day eyeCare™ for Glaucoma account.

So you will be up and running with the program within an hour of placing your supplement order.

So, Click To Get Started Now

To balanced eye pressure,

Veit Mehler

2 Months Supply + Every Day eyeCare™ for Glaucoma Kit

A unique combination to protect your optic nerve from damage. Even with computer work.

$216.90 - Only $74.95
   65% Off 

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