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Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Glaucoma Treatment?

Glaucoma patients make 8 common mistakes in their glaucoma treatment. Do you?

So, if you want to lower your eye pressure naturally without any side-effects, get rid o the root causes of glaucoma, and prevent vision loss, click the "Start Here" button.

6 Ways To Prevent Glaucoma Naturally!

Last Reviewed: January 16, 2020

This article is for glaucoma patients who want to prevent glaucoma naturally.

  • If you want to get a free, personal, custom plan or blueprint with steps to prevent glaucoma naturally in your circumstances, click here
  • If you first want to get a better understanding about glaucoma prevention in general, read this article.

How is it possible that some risk patients manage to prevent glaucoma? How do some glaucoma patients manage to turn their eye disease around? How do some glaucoma candidates prevent glaucoma and vision loss well into their 70, 80's and beyond?

Is it really eye drops or medication that helps to prevent glaucoma?

The answer is a simple NO! Drugs, surgery, and medication can't prevent the disease or vision loss.

Preventing glaucoma naturally especially when it runs in your family is a simple 2-step process:

  1. your optic nerve has to get enough nutrients to stay healthy and well
  2. you'll need to remove the root causes that can cause glaucoma to set in

How To Prevent Glaucoma From Developing

So if drugs and medication can't prevent glaucoma, what's the secret that can? Keep reading because preventing glaucoma is much simpler and safer than eye drops or drugs. Plus it has no side-effect, and you will save money for the rest of your life.

Cure Glaucoma

Contrary To What Your Eye Specialist May Have Told You, Eye Pressure Is NOT The Cause Of Glaucoma. So Lowering Eye Pressure Doesn't Prevent Glaucoma.

The dirty-little secret of the eye industry is this: eye pressure is NOT the root cause of glaucoma.

So conventional glaucoma treatments that focus on lowering eye pressure do NOT treat or prevent glaucoma. All they do is make life more bearable for the patient for a short period of time. But the eye pressure will rise again!

Even glaucoma surgery only last for a short period of time. And medication and eye drops become ineffective over time. That's why glaucoma patients have to switch brands so often.

So to prevent glaucoma, you have to uncover the areas of your life and health that can cause the eye disease. If you don't and you are a risk candidate, your eye pressure may start to rise without you noticing it.

It's much easier to prevent glaucoma than to try to treat it once your eye pressure is up. That's exactly what this report is all about.

What Truly Causes Glaucoma?

Before we get into the meat of the report, let's back up. Let's have a look at the anatomy of the eye to understand how you can prevent glaucoma.

Cure Glaucoma Naturally

When Fluid Gets Trapped Inside The Eyeball The Eye Pressure Goes Up. The Drainage Ducts Clog Up. So The Optic Nerve Can't Get The Nutrients It Needs. The Lack Of Nutrients Then Causes Vision Loss.

Here's the truth about how really glaucoma works... why does eye pressure truly rise?

Your eyeballs are filled with a clear fluid. It's called 'aqueous humor'. It's responsible for nourishing the individual parts of the eye. Hence, your body has to produce this fluid 24/7. It's imperative to provide sufficient nutrients to the optic nerve and all other parts of the eye.

In the eyes of glaucoma patients, the excess fluid can't drain correctly. The drainage ducts get blocked. So the aqueous humor accumulates inside the eyeball. Too much liquid pushes the eye pressure up.

So the important question is, what's causing the drainage ducts to clog up? Why is too much fluid building up inside the eyes?

Let's look at the research. Studies clearly show that the true cause for that blockage is a hormonal imbalance. So if you want to prevent glaucoma, you have to balance your hormones as naturally as possible.

How To Prevent Glaucoma Effectively

Rex came to us with 78 years of age. His medication became ineffective. It stopped working. So he only suffered side-effects (headaches and eye pain), but still facing the prospect of going blind. Nothing worked. He was fed up with ineffective drugs and medication and the painful side-effects.

How To Cure Glaucoma

According To His Eye Doctor, Rex Was Supposed Go Blind Within 6 Months. Yet He Stopped His Eye Injections & Got Rid Of His Glasses. All By Taking The First Step.

Yet, his eye specialist warned him that he would go blind within 6 months if he stopped the drugs.

But Rex wanted his quality of life back. He wanted to get his energy back. He wanted to be able to see his grandchildren grow up. And Rex wanted to keep his freedom, his independence, and his vision.

Is Glaucoma Curable

Rex Manages To Fix His Vision, Prevent Vision Loss. Plus He Now Has More Energy For His Grandchildren.

The bottom line is, Rex didn't want to become a medical liability for his family.

So he began to start using our blueprint to improve his vision. It's a custom, step-by-step blueprint to prevent glaucoma. By removing his root causes for his eye disease systematically. After just a few short weeks, he was able to stop his medication. And needless to say, Rex did NOT go blind!

Even better, he also got rid of his glasses. Plus, he now has more energy. He reported he now feels like he has a spring in his step. And at age 78, he plays more radio shows and live concerts (he is a country musician) than before.

Can You Cure Glaucoma

Rex Improved His Health & Energy SimplyBy Getting Rid Of The True Causes Of Glaucoma. He Followed Our Holistic Blueprint.

That's very impressive, isn't it!

How Rex Stopped Eye Injections, Saved His Vision, & Eliminated His Glasses At 78 Year Of Age

So our holistic glaucoma improvement blueprint works for anyone who wants to prevent glaucoma. It will give you the exact steps you need to follow to prevent glaucoma from setting in. It's as simple as that.

Right now, you can get a free, person, custom blueprint or plan to prevent glaucoma in your circumstances. Just follow the link below, answer a few simple questions, and you will get a detailed assessment of the steps you have to take to prevent glaucoma naturally.

Can You Cure Glaucoma Naturally

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Does Cannabis Cure Glaucoma

Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Treat Glaucoma Naturally

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The Questions Answered In This Article:

Glaucoma is called slow vision killer for a reason - the vision loss sets in slowly and often goes unnoticed.

The reason is that glaucoma treatments don't help you to get rid of the true root causes. They simply treat the symptoms of glaucoma.

But to prevent glaucoma naturally, especially if the disease runs in your family, you have to understand what's causing it. You have to know exactly what's causing it for you, in your circumstances.

So to find out which areas of your life and health are most important for you,  click here to uncover your root causes.

So, can you prevent or stop glaucoma? Sure you can! Here are a six steps to get started.

Step 1: Healing Exercises

Start by adopting a regular exercise program.

For one thing, it keeps our weight down and increases the blood flow to our major organs. Your eyes are one of your major organs. Increased weight means increased disease risk and poor blood flow cause hardening of the arteries. Of course there are veins and arteries in and near the eyes.

Now, I'm talking about light healing movement exercises that move your blood and increase your flexibility, not pumping weights in the gym or running marathons. Both might have a place for different reasons, but they won't improve glaucoma.

With marathon running you have to be particularly careful, since it alters the hormonal balance in your body negatively. It's better for your hormonal balance to do high intensity interval training.

Pumping weights is also tricky because pushing increases the pressure in your body and eyes. Glaucoma prevention is all about releasing pressure.

So while pushing weights can have be an effective mechanism to let off steam, you have to make sure it's not too much pressure in your eyes while you are at it.

The best is to do exercise for health reasons, and not for beauty purposes. So exercises that balance out your physical structure, relax your entire being, while moving your blood and improve your flexibility is what you should be striving for.

Step 2: Eat Healthy

Good nutrition is key to get rid of the pressure in your eyes. We are not talking about a 'diet' here.

Just good eating habits. The latest research shows that sugar increases blood-pressure, not salt. So cutting down in this department is very important. That's like to be the link between diabetes and glaucoma.

Salt is very important, but it has to be the right type of salt. You want to make sure that you get sea salt or Himalayan salt because table salt is a toxic substance.

That's where all the processed foods come in. They are all full of sugar and terrible salts.

So you need to cut processed and especially junk foods out of your life.

If you want to dive deeper into this, join us for our free email series.

What To Eat To Prevent Glaucoma

With glaucoma you really have to stock up on greens. Kalea, broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, beetroot tops, swiss chards, and the likes.

These are high in potassium, which helps your body to draw the sodium out of your cells. Sodium is the type of salt that keeps liquids trapped in cells, so it'd be a great idea to have abundance of potassium in your diet and cut down on sodium for a while to get fluids moving in your system.

That way the excess fluids in your eyes can come out easier too.

Pineapple is very important because it contains Maganese, which feeds our MItochondria. Mitochondria are little organism that live in your cells and produce your energy. They are amazing and need to be nourished well.

There are many ways to prevent glaucoma naturally. Click here to discover a few.

So lots of fruits and even more colorful vegetables. The more colors the better because color represent different anti-oxidants.

Just make sure that you get organically grown ones. You get more nutrients and less toxic residue.

Organic vegetables are grown on soil, which is the natural way to get minerals and vitamins into the plants, rather than using chemical fertilizers that nature never inteded to go into food.

Your organs are not designed to deal with these.

Also make sure you steer away of Genetically Enginerred (GMO) foods. They are hardly researched, the industry is trying to get around testing them for safety.

But the limited amount of independent research that has been done indicates that GMO food is very inflamatory to organ tissues. So they would also inflame your eyes.

Another rule of thumb; Anything that has a shelf-life of 6 months of more shouldn't be eaten. If bacteria in the environment can't break it down, you gut bacteria also can't break it down and you just build up toxic residue in your system.

Step 3: Quit Smoking

Avoid smoking and secondhand cigarette smoke is a must. If you're a smoker, you already know what you do to yourself. You know what cigarettes do to your body, so I beat a dead horse.

Yes, I used to smoke and my husband used to smoke 3 packs a day from age 12, so you CAN stop. So I do know what I'm talking about.

I am going to tell you that cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke damages your eyesight as fast as any other part of your body.

Even more so when glaucoma is in the picture.

By now you understand that everything around glaucoma has to do with pressure because it's a pressure build up in your eyeball. Anything that builds up unhealthy pressure in your body will worsen the situation.

Thus anything that is increasing blood-pressure is dangerous and to be replaced in your life.

Cigarettes increase blood pressure as much as junk food. So, if you want to keep your eyesight, stop smoking now!

But if you are a non-smoker, make sure you stay out of secondary smoke because it can affect you just as much.

So, in restaurants and bars, stay away from the smoking areas. In public places, move away from smokers. I know they shouldn't be smoking, but you won't control them and their lives, you can only take charge of yours and make the best for yourself.

Simply bite the bullet, just relax into it and move away. No point to get upset, it won't change them anyways... smokers are usually pretty stubborn people 🙂

Step 4: Detoxify

Click Here To Learn About Effective Ways To Prevent Glaucoma Naturally

Next up,  keep allergies under control. Allergies can cause us to rub or itch our eyes sometimes to the point of corneal injury. We've stated previously in another article that old eye injuries can cause susceptibility to glaucoma.

Also, many people with allergies use corticosteroids to control the itching. These have been proven to be damaging to the eyes after long periods of use.

Instead, go on a cleanse. Alkalize your body, and get rid of the toxicity that is causing your allergies in the first place. You can also do a food allergy test, so you find out what foods are causing your sensitivities. Then eliminate allergenic foods from your diet.

Detoxing your body will reduce pressure on your body on many levels.

Done the right way, your blood will move better through your body, and your liver and kidneys will be able to do their job again. You'll experience abundance of energy and vitality because your blood will be able to bring more oxygen to all parts of your body; including your eyes.

Then after a proper cleanse, get into a cleansing diet that nourishes every cell of your body the right way, plus cleanses your body on a daily basis.

That's really where you want to live your life!

Step 5: Prevent Diabetes

Number five is preventing or keeping diabetes under control. Diabetes is the number one contributor to eye disease. Preventing it by eating a proper diet without a lot of sugar is the preferred way to deal with it.

If you can't prevent it, then keeping it under strict control is the next best option.  Diet and exercise go a long way in achieving this goal. I don't mean to sound like a diet and exercise guru, but I can't stress enough, how important they both are in maintaining good eye health and glaucoma prevention.

Also, once again, go on a cleanse! How about a cleansing trip to Thailand? It'd definitely benefit your health, keep diabetes at bay, and sure prevent glaucoma naturally!

If you are at risk of diabetes, join our free email serise. The lessons will not only prevent glaucoma, but they will help you to get healthy. They will help you to prevent diabetes and other degenrative diseases.

Step 6: Check Your Eyes

Number six to prevent glaucoma naturally is having regular eye checkups, if you are a risk case for glaucoma. Every one to two years is good and will help guard against developing glaucoma.

Some of the risk factors requiring regular checkups are; age 65 or older, family history of glaucoma, are of black or Asian ancestry, have diabetes, have a chronic inflammatory disease, have had any serious eye injury or are taking steroids. A little knowledge goes a long way toward preventing glaucoma.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying that there is a genetic trait to glaucoma. But what's important to realize is that glaucoma has a lot to do with lifestyle and we do inherit a lifestyle.

To find out how your lifestyle is going in regards to your eyesight, click here to take our free eye analysis and get a personalized report.

If you have any questions, just comment below.

How To Prevent Glaucoma?

In simple terms, change your lifestyle and diet. Here is why.

Conventional glaucoma treatments treat eye pressure. But that's treating the symptom. It's not getting rid of the root causes. Something is causing the eye pressure to go up. How can you fix that?

You need to do two things:

  1. balance your hormones
  2. lower your blood pressure

Any lifestyle changes that achieve that will lower your eye pressure too. That's what will help to prevent and treat glaucoma.

So, what's raising blood pressure and messes up hormones?

  • your mind
  • your emotions
  • your diet
  • your toxicity levels
  • your circulatory systems

So to prevent glaucoma, you have to address each of these areas of your life. Then your eyes will follow suit. If you only work with your eyes, they will suffer. And your eyesight will be at risk.

It's as simple as that.

While you do that, you have to make sure your eyes get enough nutrients. Because if you have elevated eye pressure, your optic nerve lacks nutrients. That causes the nerve to deteriorate. And that causes vision loss.

So the faster you get the right nutrients in, the better for your eyes.

What nutrients do you need?

  • lutein
  • zeaxanthin
  • astaxanthin
  • Omega-3
  • DHA

You can get these from kale, spinach, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, and fish. But you have to eat a lot. To prevent glaucoma, you are better off with a premium-grade supplement right now.

The reason is simple; you have to prepare your body to be able to absorb the nutrients you eat. Supplements are faster. But they must be good.

Cheap supplements mean cheap raw ingredients. So get a premium grade one. Cheap ones will damage your eyesight and health even more.

But before any of this can work, you have to understand which areas of your life and health are out of balance. You have to understand your true possible root causes.

So to get your free, custom, personal assessment of your circumstances, click here.

How To Avoid Glaucoma?

Most people ask that question because glaucoma runs in their family. Know this; glaucoma is not hereditary.

Some suggest that race and family history play a role. But not on a genetic level.

What you inherited is a lifestyle. We model our parents' lifestyle from age 3 onwards. After that, most things work on autopilot. We don't question them. We *are* like that.

This is why you are "just like your mom". Or "just like your dad". We take on the behavior. And guess where they got their lifestyle from... you guessed it, their parents!

That's why it looks like we inherit genes. More often than not, we only model the lifestyle. At the bottom of it, we are all victims of victims. Victims to unconscious behaviors.

That used to help us survive in the wild. But today's world is different. Today this can make us sick. It can cause glaucoma. And it can make us blind.

So what behaviors do you need to avoid to prevent glaucoma?

Anything that raises blood pressure or throws your hormones out of balance. Because if you lower blood pressure, you usually lower eye pressure. And research shows that hormone imbalances are the true root cause of glaucoma.

So you need to improve the following areas of your life:

  • your state of mind
  • your emotional states
  • your diet
  • get rid of toxicity
  • your overall body

That's the stuff we inherited. We modeled our parents. The way they dealt with stress is the way we deal with stress. We like the foods they liked to eat. In many ways, we are an extension of our ancestors.

That is good and bad.

The problem is that the world has changed. What was good for our ancestors, may be problematic today. So you to avoid glaucoma, you have to check in what's working and what's not.

If you already have the early signs of glaucoma, act now!

1. take a supplement to nourish your optic nerve and prevent vision loss,
2. work on these underlying root causes.

For the supplements; make sure you only take premium-grade supplements. Avoid cheap supplements at all cost. Because they use cheap Chinese raw ingredients. These do more harm than good.

And you must have the right nutrients, in clinically prove amounts. Skimming you on the amounts will mean you don't get proper protection.

Click here to discover your root causes.

How Do You Prevent Glaucoma?

First up, you can only prevent glaucoma naturally. A medical approach will not prevent the disease. Because they only treat the symptoms. The eye pressure is not the root cause.

The eye industry makes their money on symptom relief. Eye drops, glaucoma surgery, and glaucoma medication pay better than to cure glaucoma. Because once it's cured, well you are not a glaucoma patient anymore.

Their system keeps you coming back for more - more drops, more drugs, more surgery. So, the only way to prevent glaucoma is by natural means.

So what can you do?

Anything that balances your hormones and reduces blood pressure will help. When you lower blood pressure, you lower eye pressure. And research shows that the real root cause for glaucoma is a hormonal imbalance.

1. Improve your state of mind:

Your state of mind directly affects your blood pressure. You worry - it goes up. You can't manage stress - it goes up. You are anxious about life - it goes up.

You get the drift. Managing your state of mind in today's world is an important part to prevent glaucoma.

2. Improve your emotional state:

It almost looks like the same thing, but it's not. If you carry old emotional patterns, your blood pressure goes up. And they throw your hormones out of whack.

Ever heard of "fear hormones"? Or "stress hormones"?

You must learn to manage your emotions. If you are not consciously doing that, you are in trouble. Fear and stress drive our society. It makes a lot of money and sells a lot of stuff. Plus, it keeps the status-quo working.

3. Improve your diet:

I could write a book about this... food looks like food. But in a lot of cases, it's not food anymore. We have 10,000 synthetic chemicals in food alone. About 90% of the stuff you see in supermarket aisles has the same 5 ingredients.

So if you don't know food and nutrition today, you are at risk. Because a lot of food you may think is healthy will throw your hormones out of whack.

4. Get rid of toxicity:

Altogether there are over 70,000 synthetic chemicals floating in our environment. In the food, water, and even the air we breathe. Toxicity and acidity will drive your blood pressure up. Plus they can mess up your hormones badly.

You have to get the toxicity out on a daily basis today. That's important for a happy, healthy, and long life. But it's especially important if you want to prevent or treat glaucoma naturally.

5. Improve your body:

Sitting is the new smoking. Because it stagnates all circulatory systems in our body. We need to move. Not just 10 fingers, but the whole body, every day!

You must learn how to move your body healthily. Gently, so the movement heals your body and recharges your energy. It'll lower blood pressure and eye pressure.

Want to know which of these areas are most important for your situation?

Take the free assessment here on our site. It will give you a free, personal report. In it, you will find out which steps you need to take to prevent and treat glaucoma.

Note; if you already experience symptoms of glaucoma, you must supplement your diet. You need to add a premium-quality supplement to nourish your optic nerve.

Because as soon as the symptoms kick in, your optic nerve doesn't get what it needs. That nutritional deficiency is what breaks the nerve down. And that nerve damage causes the vision loss in glaucoma.

But you must make sure it's a premium-quality supplement. Cheap ones are cheap for a reason. The raw ingredients are bad. They are usually from China and do more harm than good.

First, find out your true root causes; click here.

What Is The Best Vitamin To Take For Glaucoma?

Vision loss with glaucoma happens because your optic nerve is starving. It doesn't get the essential nutrients it needs. The flow of nutrients isn't working properly.

A recent study suggests that you can lower the risk of glaucoma with lots of vegetables. More specifically, with green leafy vegetables.

It boils down to this; you need Lutein and Zeaxanthin to protect your eye cells. That's the specific nutrients occurring in large amounts in these types of vegetables. But you need to eat a lot. Plus, you must be certain that your body can ingest (take in) the nutrients. Your digestive system must be in top shape.

If not, they will just pass through.

So, yes, nutrients are important. But more important is bio-availability. Can your body use what you consume?

Also, you need healthy fats with these. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are fat-soluble vitamins. Without

high-quality fats, they are useless. Your body can't get them into your cells.

To be honest, if you are at risk of glaucoma, get a premium-grade supplement fast.
Your optic nerve needs them to prevent vision loss.

It must have the following in clinically proven amounts:

  •  lutein
  • zeaxanthin
  • astaxanthin
  • Omega-3
  • DHA
  • Zinc
  • Copper

Again, these must be top-notch quality. Cheap supplements mean cheap raw ingredients. That's bad for your eyes and health. Cheap Chinese imports do more harm than good. Plus major brands often use nasty preservatives. That's really bad for glaucoma.

Does Cannabis Cure Glaucoma

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Can You Stop Glaucoma?

The best way to stop Glaucoma from happening is to prevent it. Early detection is the key to eliminate the risks of vision loss. The timely diagnosis can help you get the proper treatment for your condition. At the same time, people at their 40’s need regular check-ups every two to four years. Anyone with high-risk factors should do a glaucoma test regularly after 35.

What Drugs Should You Not Take If You Have Glaucoma?

If you have Glaucoma, there are some drugs that you shouldn’t be taking. These drugs include medicine with anticholinergic properties. This type of drugs blocks the action of acetylcholine. It's a chemical that helps transmits signals from one nerve cell to another.

Most cold remedies have ephedrine. A drug can adversely affect your eye condition. Ephedrine worsens glaucoma attacks. So always read the labels of your cold medicine.

Drugs that contain sulfonamide can cause angle closure glaucoma in glaucoma patients.

These drugs include:

  • Topamax (topiramate),
  • Diamox (acetazolamide),
  • Quinaquina (quinine),
  • Sumycin (tetracycline), and
  • Bactrim (trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole)

What Are the Main Causes of Glaucoma?

First up, there is no scientific evidence that glaucoma is a genetic condition. There is no "glaucoma" gene. There are just some genetic pre-dispositions. But it all comes down to the environment. That's what we inherit - a lifestyle.

Epigenetics, how genes change depending on the environment, is the key. So the leading cause is your lifestyle.

That's the good news. Because it means that you can do something about it. You are not doomed by god. It's not a punishment from birth. It's something that you have control over.

You can decide whether you keep your parents' lifestyle or not.

Let me explain:

My father didn't like liver when I grew up. He always said how much he disliked it. So I grew up thinking that I don't like liver. Yet, as I grew older, I tried again, and questioned if it was my dislike or his. So I started to like liver.

An even better example is that:

When I grew up, I had really smelly feet. My family told me that I just inherited my father's stinky feet. But when I left home, I slowed down on eating cheese. I stopped eating blue-cheese altogether.

And would you believe it, my "genes" changed. My stinky feet disappeared.

So, did I have "stinky feet genes"? No! But I have a genetic pre-disposition certain bacteria leave my body via the feet.

The same applies for glaucoma. You don't have a 'glaucoma gene'. But your body reacts to specific input in a way that causes glaucoma. The root causes are:

  1. in your mind
  2. in your emotions
  3. in the way you nourish your body
  4. your toxicity levels
  5. your overall physical health.

Here is the thing; research shows that a hormonal imbalance causes glaucoma. So glaucoma runs in your family, you have to live consciously.

Are there similarities in your lifestyle and the lifestyle of that family member? Because that's the real risk factor.

The easiest way to find out how your lifestyle is going is to take our fun quiz. You'll answer w few questions, and within a couple of minutes, you get a detailed assessment. You'll find out exactly what area of your life is heading for trouble.

Plus, you'll get a detailed, step-by-step plan to get rid of the high-risk root causes. That way you prevent glaucoma from developing. Plus, you avoid other health issues as well.

Click here to take the quiz and prevent vision loss.

Can Glaucoma Improve?

Yes, it is possible to treat glaucoma to avoid vision loss. To do that, you have to get rid of the root causes. At the bottom of it, there is a hormonal imbalance. But you have to find out what causes the hormonal imbalance.

Eye drops don't treat the disease. They only relieve eye pressure for a short period of time. But the eye pressure rises again. That's because the eye pressure is a symptom of the root causes. It's not the cause of the disease.

Some sources claim that exercises will improve glaucoma. While exercises have significant benefits and are definitely helpful, they don't treat the disease. Again, they do not elevate the underlying root causes.

To do that, you have to uncover your root causes first. What's causing the hormonal imbalance in your life? Which area of your health needs attention right now?

Again, to help you with that, we designed a fun quiz. A few simple questions will give you in-depth insights into your health.

What Not to Eat If You Have Glaucoma?

If you have Glaucoma, you should avoid fatty and carbohydrate-rich foods. These include potatoes, rice, bread, and anything that spikes insulin levels. At the same time, you should avoid excessive coffee. Too much caffeine can increase eye pressure. Focus on foods that are rich in Vitamins E and A. These include eggs and green leafy vegetables. They help to prevent vision loss due to glaucoma.

What Are the Natural Remedies for Glaucoma?

A natural remedy needs to cover many areas of your health. A healthy diet is part of that. But it's not the only thing to focus on. It's just a part of the process.

The other areas of your health to take care of are:

  • your mind
  • your emotions
  • your toxicity levels
  • your overall health

So a decent, comprehensive natural remedy has to cover all these areas. But to diet must include foods rich in Vitamin E. Green vegetables are great. Yellow and orange vegetables are good for lutein. Plus, fruits also help to prevent vision loss. You should also consume high-quality fish-oil to lower eye pressure and protect your optic nerve.

To find out which areas are most essential for you to right now, take our fun quiz. It'll help you to assess your exact root causes of glaucoma. Plus, you'll get a detailed treatment plan tailored for you.

What Are the Symptoms of High Eye Pressure?

The symptoms of glaucoma include:

  • blurry vision
  • rainbow colored circles around bright lights
  • severe headaches
  • eye pain
  • sudden loss of sight

What Is Considered Dangerously High Eye Pressure?

The measurement for eye pressure is millimeters of mercury. Normal eye pressure is in the
12-22 mm Hg range. Eye pressure above 22 mm Hg is higher than usual. So it can already pose a risk factor for glaucoma. Above 30 mg Hg it's dangerous.

Can Optic Nerve Damage Be Healed?

The primary thing to understand is that the optic nerve fibers don't die. They go numb because they don't get enough essential nutrients. That's a significant difference.

So in theory, when the inner ocular pressure goes away. When the necessary essential nutrients can reach the nerve fibers again. Then the fibers should revive.

Also, stem cell research is coming closer to the point to revive damages nerves. So there is hope that lost vision will be recoverable in the near future.

But it's still best to avoid vision loss. It's best to take care of your eye pressure now. Plus, it's imperative that you provide sufficient nutrients to your eyes.

What Are the Signs of Optic Nerve Damage?

Optic Nerve Damage or Optic Neuritis can mean having blind spots or blurred spots in your vision. This can then lead to permanent vision loss. You may also experience distorted vision, reduced color vision, and pain when you move your eyes.

What Are the Symptoms of Optic Nerve Damage?

When someone has optic nerve damage, he or she can tell it quickly due to the impaired vision. Blurry areas in their eyesight are the initial symptoms. At the same time, it may be painful when you move your eyes around.

Is Optic Nerve Neuropathy Reversible?

Stem cell research may help to be able to reverse the damage done by optic nerve neuropathy in the future. However, it's best to prevent vision loss in the first place. Click the green button below to get started.

Does Cannabis Cure Glaucoma

Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Treat Glaucoma Naturally

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Can Sunglasses Prevent Glaucoma?

In short, no! But sunglasses are important.

When you have glaucoma sunglasses are important. They will make your life more comfortable. But they won't prevent glaucoma. The root causes are different.

Glaucoma drugs and eye drops often increase light sensitivity. So you suffer from glare and even more eye pain. Sunglasses will help with that. But they won't reduce your eye pressure.

To prevent vision loss from UV radiation, sunglasses can help. Yet you really need the nutrients lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin in your diet. Because they act as a blue-light filter in your eyes. Thus protecting your eye cells from damage.

In a way, lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin act like sunglasses. Just right on top of your retina. So your best bet would be to get high-quality sunglasses. Then combine them with a premium-grade supplement. That way you get the best of both worlds.

Because it is difficult to get enough lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin in your diet. You'll need to eat a lot of kale, spinach, green leafy vegetables, and fish. So you are better off to use a high-quality supplement.

Just stay away from cheap ones. Because they are cheap for a reason. The raw ingredients are cheap, low-grade, and harm your eyes. Plus they are often full of nasty additives. So choose a premium-grade supplement.

What's Important For Sunglasses?

  1. proper UV protection
  2. glasses lenses
  3. impact resistance, so you don't hurt your eyes

To remove the true root causes of glaucoma, you have to know the most important steps to treat glaucoma for your situation. Take the free assessment on our site here to get a free, personal report about glaucoma in your life.

Click here to start the assessment.

Does Prevent Blindness America Do Anything Useful For Glaucoma?

Prevent Blindness America publishes information around eye disease. That includes material on glaucoma.

Plus, they provide funding for eye care research. But that would be the care after someone has glaucoma. It's not prevention.

This may sound harsh, but it's true. Foundations focused on blindness need the disease. They only get funding as long as there is blindness. They only have a job as long as there is blindness...

A few years ago we contacted a blindness foundation. I won't name names here... We wanted to donate copies of our premium program. We wanted to help blind people regain their vision.

You would think they have an interest in curing blind people, right?

But they don't. They only get funding as long as people are blind. So they exist to make blind people's lives more comfortable. That doesn't include to prevent diseases. It means care after the disaster struck.

It's sad but true. It's the nature of many foundations like that. They need the problem to continue to keep their jobs. People won't cancel their own job.

Can You Prevent Glaucoma?

The eye industry says no. But they sell eye care. That means they sell symptom relief. They only try to

figure out how to manage glaucoma. Prevention doesn't make any money for them.

So all research funding goes towards managing glaucoma. Funding doesn't go toward preventing the disease.

But if you read all the research about glaucoma, you can see the true root causes. And you can get rid of and fix these. That should prevent the disease by normal logic.

So, of course, the eye industry doesn't think it's preventable. They don't even look into the possibility.

What Does The Research Say?

Research studies show a close correlation between high blood pressure, hormones, and glaucoma. So anything that will lower your blood pressure should help to prevent glaucoma. And anything that balances out your hormones should too.

So you have to improve five areas of your health:

  1. your mind
  2. your emotions
  3. your diet
  4. your toxicity
  5. your overall body & circulatory systems

If these five areas of your holistic health are out of balance, you run the risk to get glaucoma. If you balance these, your chances to prevent glaucoma go up.

How To Prevent Vision Loss?

If you have glaucoma and you want to improve vision loss, the same applies. But it will also be important to protect your optic nerve.

The vision loss with glaucoma comes because your optic nerve lacks nutrients. It just can't get them. No matter how healthy your diet is.

So you need a premium-grade supplement to help with that. It must have high-quality Omega-3 and DHA to protect your nerve. And it must be high-quality.

Cheap supplements are cheap for a reason. The raw ingredients are low quality. Most of the time these are synthetic, Chinese poison. So don't cut corners here.

Your vision and eyes are too precious.

Are There Exercises To Prevent Glaucoma?

Eye exercises don't work for any eye disease. But even less for glaucoma. You must balance your hormones and get rid of the root causes. So anything that will lower blood pressure will help.

Eye exercises can actually be dangerous for glaucoma. They can increase the pressure if you do them wrong.

A type of exercise that will help is a light and easy movement exercise. You need to move your fluids. But it must be light and nourishing. It must heal your body, not exhaust it.

We teach an excellent movement gymnastics in our program that would help. If you'd like to find out more about that, click here.

Can Exercise Help Glaucoma?

Yes, the right type of exercise can help very well. For example practices like ancient yoga, tai chi, and qigong are great. But you have to be careful with the modern, Westernized versions.

For example yoga; ancient yoga is very different from the stuff you see in fitness studios today. Ancient forms are healing movement exercises. Today it's a fitness exercise.

It used to be meditative. Today it's to get you to sweat.

So the right type of exercise will be great. The wrong one will make your eye pressure worse.

What Foods Prevent Glaucoma?

Here are the nutrients you need to get form your food:

  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Astaxanthin
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Omega-3
  • DHA

What Are Lutein And Zeaxanthin?

These are carotenoids. They fall into the category of beta-carotene. But these are the important ones. Carrots are good, but these two carotenoids are the ones you need.

What Foods Are Good For Glaucoma?

Best sources are green leafy vegetables. The powerhouses include kale, spinach, and broccoli. You can also find them in other yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. These nutrients give the yellow and orange color.

The problem with getting them from food is that you need to eat a lot. Plus, you have to make sure your body can get the nutrients from the food. That means your digestive system must be in top shape.

Also, you have to consume them with a high-quality fat source. These vitamins are fat-soluble. Meaning your body needs good fats to get them into your cells. Without fats, it's a waste of time.

All in all, you are best off to get a premium-grade supplement with clinically proven amounts. You just have to make sure that the quality is good. Cheap supplements are only cheap because the raw ingredients are bad. So make sure you get a good quality one.

Is Lutein Safe? And Is Zeaxanthin Safe?

Yes, if they come from a good, natural source. Most of the cheap lutein only supplements are cheap, synthetic junk from China. Be careful. They do more harm than good.

For a good source, click here.

Does Cannabis Cure Glaucoma

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What Is Ocuvite Lutein Used For?

Ocuvite is a brand of supplements. We are not fans. They have too many preservatives. We recommend a different source. Click here for more.

What Does Lutein Do For Your Eyes?

Lutein and zeaxanthin protect your cells in the macula. They act as a blue-light filter. Both help to protect from UV damage and computer, tablet, and mobile screens. This is very important today. Because the oxidative stress of the sun and screens is dangerous today.

Both nutrients will help to protect against damage. So you have better sight in sunlight. And protect your eyes from computer screens.

Where Does Lutein Come From?

From plants, fruits, and vegetables. Marigold is a plant that offers a lot of it. Food source includes a lot are green leafy vegetables, broccoli, and spinach. Plus, other yellow or orange fruits and vegetables.

Sadly, cheap supplements can also include synthetic lutein. That's something to avoid. That's why we suggest premium-grade supplements.

Click here for more information.

What Foods To Eat To Prevent Glaucoma?

The yolks do. But only small amounts. You need to eat a LOT of eggs to get enough. Then you get into environmental and other health issues. Plus, you must make sure that they are organic and free range. Conventional eggs won't give you what you need.

What Is A Good Vitamin For Glaucoma?

Lutein is an anti-oxidant. Meaning it helps to protect against oxidative stress. Even though glaucoma doesn't directly affect the macula, it's still important to protect it. Because the eye pressure can harm all parts of the eye.

High eye pressure results in oxidative stress for the eye. Because the lack of fluid circulation prevents enough oxygen to get to your eyes. It prevents the good things to get to all parts of the eye.

So lutein is important for glaucoma.

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Lutein?

If the lutein is good, none. The only positive side-effect is that you'll experience better sight in bright sunlight. Plus, your eyes will cope with the computer, phone, and tablet screens better.

But if it's a cheap, synthetic source of lutein, it can worsen your conditions.

What Are The Benefits Of Zeaxanthin?

The benefits of zeaxanthin are similar to lutein. It's also an antioxidant that protects against oxidative stress. It also helps to protect your eyes from UV radiation. It's also beneficial to protect against blue-light damage.

How Mirtogenol® May Prevent Glaucoma?

Mirogenol® comes down to 2 ingredients: bilberry & French maritime pine bark. Nothing fancy here.

Both ingredients should improve the blood flow within the eyeballs. But the underlying root causes of glaucoma are still there. So they can have a benefit for your nutrient distribution within your eyes. But the eye pressure is still too high.

Plus, your optic nerve needs support. To prevent vision loss due to nerve damage you need Omega-3 and DHA. That's premium quality fatty acids to support nerve health.

So the supplement can help a bit. it can't prevent glaucoma.

For a better alternative, click here.

What Are Supplements To Prevent Glaucoma?

Supplements alone won't prevent glaucoma. They can only be part of a regime to prevent vision loss.

Glaucoma has two root causes:

  • a hormonal imbalance
  • circulatory problems

To prevent glaucoma you have to do two things:

  1. balance your hormones
  2. do anything that will reduce blood pressure

Chances are that your blood pressure is high as well. So any technique that lowers blood pressure will help to lower IOP. Balancing your hormones is the most important aspect.

Because the drainage ducts of your eyes clog up due to a hormonal imbalance.

Premium-grade supplements will support your optic nerve. With the right ingredients that prevent vision loss. Because the vision loss in glaucoma sets in when the nerve fibers break down. To prevent that, the optic nerve needs essential nutrients.

Your supplement needs to provide:

  • lutein,
  • zeaxanthin,
  • astaxanthin,
  • Omega-3,
  • DHA,
  • Vitamin E & C,
    Copper, and
  • Zinc.

You need each in clinically proven amounts. Each nutrient fulfills a specific purpose. Don't fall for isolated compounds. They don't work. And don't get skimmed in the amounts. Read the label to see what's in it.

Also, make sure you get a premium-grade supplement. The cheap ones are cheap for a reason. The raw ingredients are cheap, synthetic stuff. They do more harm than good.

Click here for more information.

Is There Surgery To Prevent Glaucoma?

Medical glaucoma treatments only release eye pressure. They don't prevent the disease. They don't treat the disease. They are a symptom relief. That includes glaucoma surgery, eye drops, and medication.

Also, glaucoma surgery doesn't last. Even the most invasive and most expensive procedure lasts 10 years tops. At a cost of $11,000 for the procedure.

To treat or prevent glaucoma, you have to improve your lifestyle. You have to remove the true root causes. Because glaucoma medication, surgery, and eye drops will not cure glaucoma.

They just make your life with the eye disease more bearable for some time.

To learn more about treating the disease once and for all, click here.

What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Glaucoma?

To prevent and treat glaucoma you have to improve five areas of your health:

1. your mind
2. your emotions
3. your diet
4. your toxicity
5. your overall body and circulatory systems

Anything you heard of that will reduce blood pressure will help. Because high blood pressure and elevated eye pressure affect each other. So any stress, anxiety, resentment, and fear will make it worse.

A bad diet with a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates will make it worse. Processed foods and foods full or artificial ingredients are bad. And you have to start moving your body the right way.

Supplements are a great tool to prevent vision loss. They can support your optic nerve. Supplements can help to prevent the optic nerve from breaking down. But they won't prevent the eye disease.

To do that you need to look at all areas of your holistic health.

So, to find out which of these areas are most important for you, start our free assessment. Just answer a few simple questions and get a free, personal report. It will outline how you can improve glaucoma in your life.

Does Cannabis Cure Glaucoma

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What Can You Do To Prevent Glaucoma?

There are two angles to this question:

  1. what can you do to prevent vision loss?
  2. what can you do to prevent glaucoma?

People often mix these up. But the distinction is important. Because these are different questions. Both require their own approach.

What Can You Do To Prevent Vision Loss?

Vision loss sets in because the optic nerve fibers break down. The reason for that is lack of nutrients. Your optic nerve doesn't get what it needs. The pressure in the eye inhibits the nutrient distribution.

To counter that you need a premium-quality supplement. A supplement that provides your optic nerve with the nutrients it really needs. But you have to make sure the quality is up to scratch.

Cheap supplements are usually low quality. Because cheap ingredients are synthetic and often come from China. That will make glaucoma worse, not better.

But the right type of supplement that provides essential nutrients can help to protect your optic nerve. That can then prevent vision loss.

It must have carotenoids, Vitamin C, E, Zinc, Copper, and Omega-3. For the health of your optic nerve, it should also contain DHA.

Be aware; these nutrients need fat to get into your cells. So if you have lutein, zeaxanthin, Vitamin E, and astaxanthin with fat, you are wasting your money.

So to learn more about a great supplement to help you prevent vision loss, click here.

What Can You Do To Prevent Glaucoma?

To prevent and treat glaucoma you have to understand the true root causes. The elevated IOP is only a symptom of the root causes. The cause is a hormonal imbalance.

So to prevent and treat glaucoma you have to improve your lifestyle. Anything that lowers blood pressure will also help with eye pressure.

For that you have to look at five areas of your health:

  1. your mind
  2. your emotions
  3. your diet
  4. your toxicity
  5. your overall body

To find out which area is most important for you, take our free assessment. You will get a free, personal report about how to improve glaucoma in your life. So click here to start your assessment.

If you don't, also other degenerative diseases will follow. Because the root causes of glaucoma and also cause glaucoma cataract. As well as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

What Is The Best Natural Remedy For Glaucoma?

To treat and prevent glaucoma the eye disease you have a look at these natural glaucoma treatments. Keep in mind that the eye disease requires different forms of treatments, depending on the type of glaucoma. Because slowly oncoming and acute glaucoma have different causes.

Here are a few things you can start with:

Fresh vegetable and fruit juices -- Get plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your eyes urgently need. Remember to add good fats to get the maximum benefit.

Blueberries and cherries -- the idea is to get anthocyanins. These are powerful antioxidants that help to fight free radical damage.

Wild caught fish -- you need the EPA/DHA fatty acids and Astaxanthin available in wild caught salmon. Both are very important for your eye health and to protect your optic nerve.

Brewer's yeast -- it will give your eyes chromium. That's a mineral proven beneficial for glaucoma patients.

Foods You Must Prevent:

Any food allergies -- you need to avoid active and blood-level food allergies. The active ones you notice with rashes or an itchy throat. But blood-level food allergies only cause internal disturbances. You have to avoid both.

Caffeine -- unfortunately, it seems to decrease the blood circulation to your eyes. You need the opposite. You have to increase that circulation.

Drugs -- your liver and your eyes have a close connection. Anything that upsets your liver will make glaucoma worse. Therefore you should also avoid alcohol.

Sugar -- sugar in all forms raises your blood pressure. And things that raise your blood pressure also increase eye pressure. So you must avoid all sugars. Especially white refined varieties.

The bottom line is, you need to adjust your lifestyle to get rid of the root causes. And you should ideally supplement the nutrient needs to protect your optic nerve.

Sure, food can provide you with all the nutrients. But is your body able to extract from the food what it needs? Likely not, otherwise you wouldn't be here and read about glaucoma.

Glaucoma is nasty. It leads to vision loss and blindness. If you don't act, it will get worse. So supplement the nutrients you need with a premium-grade supplement.

You need a good quality one because cheap ones will just harm your eyes. And it must have Omega-3 and DHA included. Otherwise, the important nutrients can't make it into your cells. Your body needs the good fats as a delivery mechanism.

Click here to learn more about good supplements to use.

Can Diet Affect Eye Pressure?

The best diet to prevent glaucoma would include:

  • organic, free-range, and wild produce
  • lots of green leafy vegetables
  • lots of yellow and orange vegetables
  • moderate amounts of fruits (preferable yellow and orange)
  • lots of berries
  • nuts and seeds
  • avocado
  • fresh, wild-caught fish
  • lots of good fats and Omega-3
  • beans and legumes

A diet to prevent glaucoma excludes:

  • bread, pasta, flour products
  • sugar (in all forms)
  • coffee
  • alcohol
  • a lot of meat
  • no pork whatsoever
  • processed foods
  • preservatives
  • soft drinks of any type
  • fruit juice (only freshly squeezed, organic fruit and vegetable juices)
  • anything you are allergic to

With all of that, you have to make sure that your digestive system is in great shape. Otherwise, you'll eat all the good stuff, but nothing gets in. Your digestive health is super important.

If you never paid attention to it, use a premium-quality supplement to start. When you have glaucoma, your optic nerve need nutrients fast. You must get the nutrients to prevent vision loss. Optic nerve damage happens because of the lack of essential nutrients.

That's a lack of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and good fats.

So, if you can't get it from food right now, help your eyes with a supplement. To learn more about a good one, click here.

What Really Prevents Glaucoma?

The thing that nobody likes to hear - a change in lifestyle!

Glaucoma patients come to us and ask about drugs, pills, and surgeries. But these don't prevent the disease. They just relieve some of the eye pressure. Only to come back after just a short while.

Eye drops, medication, and glaucoma surgery don't even treat the eye disease. They work on the symptom only. The root causes stay untouched.

To get rid of these, you have to look at your lifestyle. No if's, no but's. There is no way around it. Supplements can help to prevent vision loss. Supplements can help to prevent optic nerve damage. But again, they won't treat or prevent the disease.

The root causes lie in your hormones and your circulatory systems. If you don't improve these, eye pressure will always come back. It's just a matter of time.

So the only thing that will prevent and cure glaucoma is to remove the root causes. These live in...

  • your mind
  • your emotions
  • your diet
  • your toxicity
  • your overall body

The best approach to prevent and treat glaucoma is two-fold:

  1. take a premium supplement to counter your nutrient deficiencies
  2. remove the root cause of glaucoma.

With glaucoma, it's not an either-or scenario. You need both.

Your optic nerve needs the support to prevent vision loss. And you need to remove the root causes to treat the disease.

But you have to make sure that that supplement is premium-grade quality. If not, cheap ones will make glaucoma worse.

To get rid of the root causes, you have to improve your holistic health. You have glaucoma, this is a serious warning sign. The same root causes will cause even worse diseases if you don't pay attention.

Glaucoma patients have a 500% increase to get Alzheimer's. They are at risk to get blood pressure issues. And glaucoma is linked to glaucoma diabetes. So act fast before you suffer more brain damage.

Does Cannabis Cure Glaucoma

Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Treat Glaucoma Naturally

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Can You Prevent Getting Glaucoma?

It's the same answer like before - change your lifestyle!

Again, if you think glaucoma is genetic, it's not. The disease itself it not genetic. But you modeled the lifestyle that causes glaucoma though.

So, if glaucoma runs in your family, change your adopted lifestyle. You'll need to find out what areas of your health could be the culprit. Is it...

  • your mind,
  • your emotions,
  • your diet,
  • your toxicity, or
  • your body?

To figure that out will determine which steps are most important for you to prevent glaucoma. To do that, start the free assessment on our site. You will get a personal report about what most important for you.

How To Stop Glaucoma?

This question could mean two things:

  1. how to stop vision loss because of glaucoma, or
  2. how to get rid of glaucoma?

To stop vision loss you need to support your optic nerve. The vision loss happens when the fibers of the optic nerve break down. That's usually because of the optic nerve lacks essential nutrients. They just can't get into the nerve.

So to stop that an turned it around you need a premium supplement. You need a supplement that delivers the missing nutrients into your eyes. But you have to make sure it's a high-quality product. Cheap ingredients will make your conditions worse.

Plus, you have to make sure that the supplement has Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA. That's what will keep your nerve alive.

To stop eye pressure, you have to have a good look at your lifestyle. As mentioned many times on this page, you need to remove the true root causes. You need to balance your hormones and your holistic health.

Anything else will only relieve the symptoms for a short period.

To learn more about the process, click here.

Can Glaucoma Be Stopped?

As long as the root causes of glaucoma are there, the progression will get worse. No amount of eye drops, glaucoma medication, or surgery will help. These only help to relieve some eye pressure.

But with the root causes still there, the pressure will rise again.

The main root cause of glaucoma is a hormonal imbalance. Plus, anything in your lifestyle that would cause blood pressure to go up is bad new for eye pressure too. The two are closely related.

So to stop the progression you have to stop anything that causes your eye pressure to rise.

  • Reduce your stress
  • Reduce fear and anxiety
  • Let go of resentment and old hurts
  • Improve your diet
  • Remove toxicity
  • Cut down on coffee, alcohol, and sugars
  • Move your body.

And while you do that, get your optic nerve some help. The vision loss from glaucoma is because of lack of essential nutrients. Your optic nerve doesn't get enough. So get a great, premium-grade supplement to help protect your nerve.

You can click here for information about superb glaucoma vitamins.

Can You Stop The Progression Of Glaucoma?

Yes, you can, if you treat the root causes of glaucoma. But you need a glaucoma test that will what's really causing the eye disease. You need to support your optic nerve with glaucoma vitamins while getting rid of the root causes.

Once you do that, you help to protect your nerve against damage. Removing the root causes will stop the eye pressure from coming back all the time.

This one-two punch will stop your optic nerve damage. Over time it will slow down your progression and then stop.

Can Glaucoma Be Prevented With Eye Drops?

In short - no!

Eye drops only relieve eye pressure for a short period of time. After that, the pressure comes back. Even worse, patients become resistant to their eye drops. That's why glaucoma patients have to change brands so often.

So, if eye drops would prevent glaucoma, the pressure didn't come up again. The condition would just go away. Patients would have to use less and less eye drops until they don't need them anymore.

And you know how often that happens... never!

So eye drops can prevent injury and damage from very high eye pressure. But they will not and cannot prevent the eye disease.

For that, you have to remove the true root causes of glaucoma.

Can Glaucoma Get Cured?

Officially, no. But one of the main reasons for that position is that research funding doesn't look for a cure. The medical system treats symptoms. They don't cure anymore. A cure doesn't pay.

When you buy eye drops and medication every month, you are a good customer. That's why even glaucoma surgery doesn't last. It's not supposed to last.

But there are ways to get rid of the root causes of glaucoma. You just have to know what they really are. We have a whole article about how to cure glaucoma. Check it out.

Can The Effects Of Glaucoma Be Reversed?

That's a tricky question. Science knows that we can heal more than we thought before. Even nerve damage can heal. So the optic nerve should be able to restore itself as well.

But this is not a medical claim!

The most important thing for you is to support your optic nerve to prevent any damage. For that, you need a premium-grade supplement.

As soon as you start that, your optic nerve will be able to get the nutrients it needs to prevent vision loss. Then you can get to work and remove the root causes of glaucoma step-by-step.

After you changed your lifestyle in a way to stop the progression, the changes should have a positive effect on everything else.

Here is the thing to keep in mind; research shows that the vision loss in glaucoma is not because the optic nerve dies. The optic nerve goes numb because of lack of nutrients.

So once the eye pressure is normal again and enough nutrients nourish your eyes, the optic nerve should theoretically wake up. But again, this is not a medical claim! This is an opinion only.

Can Glaucoma Be Prevented?

According to the latest research, the optic nerve doesn't die. It only goes dormant because it lacks essential nutrients. So, in theory, if it doesn't die, it should be able to wake up.

This is not a medical claim! This is an opinion!

But the most important part for you is to nourish your nerve right now to prevent any damage. To do that you need a premium-grade supplement. You need to deliver enough nutrients into your optic nerve to stay healthy and well.

Can Vision Loss Due To Glaucoma Be Restored?

Again, the optic nerve doesn't die. Lack of essential nutrients puts it to sleep. It goes numb.

So if you provide proper nutrients. If you remove the root causes of the eye pressure and normalize the eye. And if you then continue to live a healthy life, the nerve should come back to life.

Once again; this is not a medical claim!

Start with a premium-grade supplement to provide sufficient levels of nutrients to your optic nerve now. Click here.

Does Cannabis Cure Glaucoma

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