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Natural Vision Correction – A Healthy Colon Helps To Correct Vision

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

First the liver, now the colon, what the heck am I talking about… you are interested in natural vision correction and I’m going through the organs one by one?

Not quite, but both of these are essential to consider when dealing with natural vision correction. I know, the last thing your optometrist does is give you a toilet talk, but I love it… 😀

The Colon & Natural Vision Correction

Natural Vision Correction 1In holistic medicine all organs are connected, we discussed that in a previous article. In the case of colon and eyes, these are connected via a reflexology point deep inside the colon. Pretty much at the start of it, in a bend.

As with reflexology point on the feet, when you stimulate a point, the organ that it relates to works better. But like on the feet, when it’s blocked, the stimulation doesn’t go through, and problems come up at the other end.

On the feet that’s easy to see. There is a build up of hardened skin. In the colon it’s hard to see.

Good Colon Health

A good self-assessment of your colon health is the following list:

  • Do you have as many bowel movements as you eat big meals per day?
  • Does your stool come out smoothly and moist?
  • Is the stool that comes out one long sausage, not too soft, not too hard, and shaped like an “S”?

I told you we get to the toilet talk… 🙂

You see, if any of these is off, you are in quite a lot of trouble, not just with your vision, but with your health.

Yes, I know your eye “specialist” is not talking about it, they prefer to give you glasses for the rest of your life. A pair every year or every other year preferably. They don’t like to talk natural vision correction anyways...

Function Of The Colon

The colon is our garbage bin. If it’s full, nothing more can go in. It’s needs to get emptied out.

Natural Vision Correction

The problem is that if it’s full with old stuff stuck to the inside it prevents good nutrition from being absorbed. The toxicity is absorbed into your bloodstream instead of excreted.

Lastly, it builds up layers of crap, quite literally, on top of that reflexology point, which then blocks your vision.

The Macro View

An unhealthy colon is bad news for your health. If your garbage bin is full, where will you chuck your kitchen garbage? How many insects and rats will it attract, if you don’t clean it out for 5, 10, 20, 30, or more years?

Most processed food we eat today sticks to the insides of our colon like glue. That means that nothing moves out, no good bacteria is living there and breaking down our food, only rotten parasites that shouldn’t be there.

Make it a priority to clean, fix, and heal it, for your health, for your vitality, for your immune system, and for your longevity.

If you read any of our content before, we are all about natural vision correction by getting you into great health, not just focusing on the eyes.

The Solution

Natural Vision Correction 2Go on a detox, do some colonics, get good probiotics into you, and eat foods that feed them. This is a delicate environment of bacteria in your colon; take good care of it. If it’s off, boy your body suffers.

I understand that this is not really dinner talk and this is probably the most awkward conversation you had about natural vision correction in your life.

But if you don’t take care of your liver, your colon, and the way you eat, all natural vision correction techniques you use will be short-lived. We live in 2013 and our food chain is pretty messed up.

Let me know what you think, and how this article made you feel… comment below 🙂

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Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford

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