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Natural Eyesight Correction – The Secret To Correcting Your Eyesight

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

We covered a lot in this serious of articles, from organs, to state of mind, to the eyes. The last part of natural eyesight correction to look at is your body; more specifically your joints.

Modern life requires a lot less movement than the life of our ancestors. Most of them worked physically and moved their bodies every day. Today we are sitting most of the time, which is probably the most unhealthy body posture we can take on.

Natural Eyesight Correction & Your Joints

Natural Eyesight Correction

In natural eyesight correction your joints and your flexibility are important for a number of reasons:

  • Moving bone marrow containing bones and joints creates red blood cells
  • A flexible spine ensures proper communication between mind and organs
  • A tight neck restricts the visual nerve and the communication to the eye muscles.

By sitting all day long we do not move the long flat bones and the shoulders that contain bone marrow anymore. Therefore we are creating less red blood cells. Moving the legs, hips, and shoulders directly affect how many healthy, fresh, and new red blood cells we have floating throughout our body.

Red blood cells are the delivery system for oxygen and nutrients throughout our body. So when we don’t create enough of them, we have slow moving, thick blood that leaves us sluggish and slow.

Natural Eyesight Correction 2Sitting also puts a lot of strain on the lower and middle back. These areas are the part of the spine where the nerves to our organs come out. Tightness there means restricted communication from our brain to our organs; hence they won’t work as efficient.

Lastly, sitting puts a lot of strain on our neck. Sitting in front of the computer means that our arms are hanging forward, the head is likely to slouch forward, too, and all of that puts strain on the shoulders and neck region.

Constrictions in that area affect the visual nerve and the nerves that are controlling our eye muscles. So the communication from our brain to our eyes is hindered.

Natural Eyesight Correction Tips & Tricks For The Modern World

Reading the above looks like we are doomed, but we are not. Modern life also offers the solutions for natural eyesight correction; we just have to get proactive to use them.

A great way to improve your spinal health is to work standing up. I do it all the time.

Natural Eyesight Correction

In fact, I work on a treadmill. That way I can work and walk at the same time. This keeps all the strain of my back, and keeps the spinal fluids moving.

Better yet, it keeps the red blood cell producing bones and joints moving, too.

Natural Eyesight Correction In A Cubical

I understand that’s not possible if you work in a cubical. Then get up and stretch every hour.

You remember in the last article I advised you to go to drink water every hour? So move your legs in that time, shake them out, stretch your neck, do some easy and simple Qigong stretch exercises, and you’ll benefit a lot.

If you boss asks you what you are doing, just say that you are waking up your mental energy to stay more productive all day. In fact that’s what will happen as well.

Then at home when you watch TV or check your computer, do that on a treadmill.

What, you can’t afford one? I got mine for $100 used on eBay! You don’t need a fancy one, just one that moves your legs, your spinal fluids, and keeps you healthy while checking your emails and doing research.

Yes, it takes about 2 hours to get used to. Get a storage shelf in the hardware shop as stand-up desk and off you go. Just make sure that your hands are below your wrist when typing, and you are good to go.

Remember to tell me how you went in a comment below… 🙂

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Dr. Gary L. Bodiford

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