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Natural Eyesight Correction – The 7 Secrets Continued

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

Ok, let's continue with secrets 4 - 7 for natural eyesight correction. When done, we have a little bonus tip at the end, so stick with me.

4. Less Stress = Natural Eyesight Correction

Come on, you should have been able to guess that less stress will help with natural eyesight correction… 🙂 It helps with everything!

Stress makes everything worse. Carrying constant tension in your muscles, in your face, on your forehead, and carrying the burden of life on your shoulders takes a toll. Our body and mind constantly thinks we are under attack.

Natural Eyesight Correction

When we are under attack, we squint and try to make out the danger. On a low level that happens constantly in our eyes. The eye muscles are constantly tense, and that leads to eye problems.

Take a quick test: as you read this, is your forehead tense, and did you eyebrows just relax back as you read this?

If so, relax! Maybe that trip to cleanse in Thailand is not a bad idea after all.

5. Natural Eyesight Correction Basics - Smile More!

This is the fastest and easiest way to relax. Go back to your forehead. Still tense? If not, great, but contract it for a little exercise.

Now take the corners of your mouth and smile from ear to ear. As wide as you can. Grin like there's nobody watching. I won't tell anyone 🙂

How is your forehead? Can you keep the tension?

Think about some stress that you have in your life and do the same exercise. Soon you'll find out that it's hard to stay tense and to be stressed when you smile.

Cultivate it, there is a ton of research into the health benefits of smiling out there. Do some digging, do some research and read stuff that will help you on your natural eyesight correction journey.

6. Stop Staring = Natural Eyesight Correction!

It freaks people out… but also your eyes!

Move your eyes. In today's world we are staring for hours; at the computer, TV, and now even worse, tablets and smartphones.

So take a regular walk for lunch and let your eye wonder around. Change the distance of your focus point regularly throughout the day. It'll work wonders for natural eyesight correction.

7. A Flexible Body Helps With Natural Eyesight Correction

A stiff body means stiff vision. Everything in our body is connected! And it all goes through the spine.

Natural Eyesight Correction 2 If your spine is tight in the neck region, it's hard for your mind to control your eye muscles. If it's stiff in the lower back, organs get affected, and you learned what that means to your vision.

Keep your body flexible, so that your mind and vision stay so, too!

Bonus Tip: Drink a lot of pure, flat, clean spring water throughout the day. 8 glasses minimum.

The cleaner, the purer the water, the better. Your body is 70% water, you need to replenish the cells everyday. The better the water quality, the better your cells.

People are chronically dehydrated, so drink up. Now, coffee, beer, wine, tea, soda pops all don't count. Only pure water.

After you logged in, come back and read the in-depth articles to each secret, and leave me comments for discussion to all of them.

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