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Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Myopia Treatment?

Myopia (nearsightedness) patients make 8 common mistakes in their myopia treatment & correction. Do you?

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What Is Truly The Best Myopia Treatment?

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

The most common technique to treat myopia is laser eye surgery. Of course glasses and contact lenses are use to correct myopia, but when it comes to treatment, LASIK by far outnumbers every other solution. But is it the best option available?

In this article we are going to discuss 5 steps to treat myopia in a natural, alternative way.

So, to define the best way to cure myopia, we first need to discuss what's causing it, and why you have it in the first place.

What Is Myopia?

Myopia (also known as nearsightedness) is a condition where you can't see objects clearly into the distance. The vision close up is working well, but when you try to make out objects in the distance, they blur out.

Depending on how strong the eye problem is, determines within which distance the myope can still see clearly.

Why Does Myopia Get Worse?

The reason myopia gets worse over time is that the common types of treatment are not dealing with the underlying root issues that are causing the condition to start with. Eye specialist define myopia as a condition where the lens of the eye is too round.

[thrive_2step id='2231']Myopia Causes in Picture[/thrive_2step]

As you can see in this illustration on the right, the light of the eye chart is redirected by the lens incorrectly, so that the reflection of the light is merging in the center of the eyeball. The light is crossing over within the eyeball, so that there are multiple points of focus hitting the retina.

The retina is the back part of the eyeball that contains all the light receptors, which perceive the light information and pass them on to the brain to make up the image.

So the reason given why myopia is getting worse over time is that the lens keeps increasing in steepness.

What Causes The Lens Distortion?

The problem with the ophthalmology is that eye specialist only look at the lens. Every popular treatment for myopia is based upon either correcting the shape of the lens by offsetting it with another lens, or by reshaping the lens with surgery.

Ophthalmology is ignoring the fact that there must be underlying root causes for the lens distortion.

There are three areas to look at:

  1. the mental/emotional aspects of vision
  2. the chemical aspects of vision
  3. the physical aspects of vision (and here we need to look at the whole body as well as the eyes)

What Causes Myopia Mentally And Emotionally?

Reality is, this is where it starts. Eye conditions start in the mind first, and then affect the eyes.

For myopia that is:

  1. fear of the future
  2. lack of vision of the future (future goals)
  3. stress
  4. beliefs

What your mind needs to block out, it will. It's a protection mechanism to protect you from emotional pain.

What Are The Chemical Aspects Of Myopia?

When we refer to the chemical aspects of your vision, we are talking about nourishment and toxicity.

In holistic medicine the eyes and the liver are connected. So when the liver is too toxic and malnourished, you will get eye problems.

Today's world is toxic (humans have dumped around 77,000 synthetic chemicals into the environment since the 1940's).

Our food is nutritionally depleted. So, if you don't pay close attention to your diet (not dieting, but the nutrients content of your food), your body is malnourished. Meaning it doesn't get enough nutrients.

The liver thrives on minerals. We only get minerals from vegetables that have been grown organically. The other great source is superfoods and herbal teas.

Bottom line is, if you don't consciously nourish your body, supercharge your liver with minerals, and detox regularly, chances are your eyesight is taking a big hit.

The other organ playing into it is the kidney. Again, it's a detoxifying organ of the body.

If the kidneys are too toxic or too weak, the liver has to take  on the load for your body to function well. You see how that also impacts your eyesight.

That's just scratching the surface of how diet and nutrition is affecting your eyesight. For more information, feel free to browse our nutrition section on the website.

What Are The Physical Factors Affecting Myopia?

As just mentioned, the liver and kidneys play an important part.

The quality and free flowing health of your blood is also very important. If your blood is sluggish and clocking together, your body can't deliver the nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. So your eye muscles starve and don't get enough oxygen to function properly.

Your colon plays an important role in absorbing all the nutrients. And there is a reflexology point deep within the colon that clocks up your vision, if it's blocked.

Then the flexibility of your joints affect your vision.

Last but not least, your spine has a huge impact on your eyesight because it controls the communication from your brain to the eye muscles, and to all the organs affected.

So you can see that your eyes only play a tiny part in the whole chain. Especially the lens is only the last part that distorts and goes out of whack.

Thus focusing on the lens only is a short-lived strategy.

Myopia Treatment Step 1:

First things first; you have to understand that there are mental, spiritual, and physical reasons coming into play. On the mental spiritual side of things there are not facing the future, which spiritually means no purpose, no vision for life.

On the physical plain there are tight neck and back that restrict the brain and eyes to communicate properly. A stiff back also interferes with the communication of your brain and your organs. That affects the liver and kidneys and holistically speaking they are connected to your eyes.

The liver meridian opens into your eyes, so if your liver is too toxic, the life-force energy destined for your eyes doesn’t get there. If you kidneys are overloaded, the liver takes on their load, so it’s a double negative for your eyes.

Lastly, there are the eye muscles. These are too tense due to chronic stress. So that’s a kind of crossover of physical/mental.

Myopia Treatment Step 2:

Now that you know what areas to tackle, you have to start somewhere. For myopia the best starting point is to develop a vision for life. Know your purpose. Why are  you here, what meaning does your life have?

There is a whole guide walking your through the process step by step in the Free Vision Improvement Toolkit here on the page, so download that.

Myopia Treatment Step 3:

Once you have a vision for life, start to tackle your physical issues. You have to balance out your body, get it more flexible, and detox your liver in a gentle yet effective way. There are articles about this on our website, and more tips in the toolkit.

Myopia Treatment Step 4:

Then you have to address what you don’t or didn’t want to see. What happened to you emotionally or spiritually in the 2 years before you first got your glasses. That’s a great place to start investigating to uncover your personal myopia causes.

Myopia Treatment Step 5:

Learn to relax, get rid of stress, and then balance out your eye muscles. Take life easier! Our stress today is created in the mind, it’s not really all that bad. If you read this and think your life stinks, think about exchanging it with a native in Africa for a day and imaging what they’d think.

What Is A Natural Treatment For Myopia?

The most common natural treatment for myopia offered online are eye exercises and palming. These do have their place, but on their own are ineffective. The effectiveness will greatly diminish over time, if you don’t tackle all these areas we discussed.

Eye exercises are very limited because they also don't address the underlying root causes. They also work only on the eyes.

It's an approach that addresses the eye muscles, and in theory balances them out.

That is one logical level above glasses, contacts, and eye surgery, but still two or three logical levels below what you need to improve myopia long-term, lasting, and natural.

The best way to start treating your myopia is to identify what your specific root causes are. Which areas of your life are out of balance, so that you can start addressing what needs most attention.


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