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Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Myopia Treatment?

Myopia (nearsightedness) patients make 8 common mistakes in their myopia treatment & correction. Do you?

So, if you want to get rid of your glasses or contacts and get your 20/20 vision back naturally without any side-effects, click the "Start Here" button to learn more.

Unique Correction For Myopia

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

Myopia correction exists for a lot longer than eye surgery. It was used by almost every native culture in the world. They had to have techniques, otherwise their existence would have been under threat.

What Is Myopia Correction?

Today most people only know about glasses, contact lenses, and eye surgery as ways to correct myopia, but that's not entirely true.

Imagine this; one of our ancestors browsing through the fields. Hunting weapon in hand. The grass is moving 100 meters away, but he is shortsighted. He can’t make out what it is.

Is it his hunting buddy, is it pray, or maybe a predator trying to hunt him down. He wouldn’t have a clue because he can’t make it out.

Getting more and more scared, still being unable to make it out, the movement increases and comes closer. He launches his weapon, and boom, boom breaks his knife on a turtle’s back…

Seriously, it could have been his brother or his dog, or some other buddy of his.

Ancient Techniques To Correct Myopia

Our ancestors knew how important their distance vision was and they had great motivation to maintain and fix it. Now they didn’t have glasses, let alone contacts or eye surgery.

Glasses are only around since 1855, and eye surgery since 50 odd years. Today’s surgical methods exist only since 1998 and have never been tested properly.

That aside, what did our ancestors do to cure myopia?

How To Correct Myopia Naturally?

Something totally “new age”, some voodoo techniques that only strange people on the Internet discuss: eye exercises. That’s right, this “new fad” on the net has been around for millennia as a way to improve myopia.

Around the world, many cultures used the same techniques. So why don’t we, why do we wear annoying glasses?

How Do Eyeglasses Work?

It all started in 1855 when German physicist Herman Helmholtz studied optics and tried to understand our eyes. When he did so, research tools were rather primitive, and he decided that people get shortsighted when the lens is shaped too steeply.

Being a physicist into optics he came up with the idea that you just put another lens in front of the eye to offset the distortion. That does work, but it doesn’t correct myopia.

Does a crutch help you to walk when you have a twisted ankle? Of course it does, but crutches don’t correct the ankle. Same thing applies.

How Does Laser Eye Surgery Work?

The idea of eye surgery that you make the change in the lens permanent and scrape something off. Today a laser burns it off, but conceptually it’s the same.

Does it work? For a while, but the root cause is still there, so it don’t last very often. Especially not for high myopia. 2 -5 years, and the conditions return. That’s why eye surgery is under scrutiny again since 2008.

Fast forward 46 years from Helmholtz discovery, and the ophthalmic industry was thriving. They were selling a hoax correction for myopia and made a bunch of money with it. They were selling glasses and made a nice profit. The old paradigm of the west – just sell a patch, but don’t treat any condition.

How Do Eye Exercises Correct Myopia?

Along came an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor, Dr William Bates, and he observed what the Native American Indians did to improve their eyesight. He studied it, did a ton of research with a lot of people, and he discovered that the wrong shape of the lens comes from tension in the eye muscles that are attached to the eyeball.

He had more sophisticated tools than Helmholtz, and he actually understood the eye. He studied it all his life. He then applied these techniques to improve myopia with his patients and recorded the results. He presented them to his peers, and got lobbied out!

The ophthalmic industry did not want to know how to get rid of myopia because glasses were making to much money for them.

Why Are Eye Exercises Not Enough?

The reason eye exercises come across as “New Age” thingy is that lots of people copied and republished Dr Bates' eye exercises as eBook on the internet. Many people claim they don’t work, and in today’s society they are partly right.

In today's world eye exercises only work when they are performed regularly. If you stop, the effects can easily diminish because the underlying root cause of what is causing your myopia in the first place is not address.

When our ancestors lived, and even when Bates did his research at the beginning of the 20th century life was different. Food was different. Stress was different. People used their body and their eyes differently. People worked and travelled differently. All of that affects myopia as well.

Why Are Myopia Exercises Ineffective Today?

For example back when Bates was around doing his research, food was grown organically and without chemicals. Water was still clean, and there was no environment pollution from two world wars, many other wars, nuclear energy production, and many other factors around.

Also our lifestyle has changed dramatically in the last 40 years, which is the exact reason why myopia has skyrocketed in that same period of time. We have to deal with lifestyle changes and environmental factors, Bates and our ancestors did not face.

Today effective correction for myopia has to include the health of your liver, your colon, your physical body, your joints, our blood flow, and many other factors. Life has changed, so we have to adopt, too. To cure myopia we have to change course.

What's The Most Common Correction Method For Myopia?

Unfortunately it is glasses and contacts, followed by laser eye surgery. None of these methods truly correct myopia though. Otherwise the correction would be long-term.

With glasses and contacts we know for sure that there is no improvement because you never get weaker glasses. If anything improved, your prescription would get weaker and weaker until it's gone.

When was the last time that has happen to you?


With eye surgery the effectiveness is much harder to track. The official numbers of the FDA put the rate of patients that get glasses again at 50%.

That's the numbers the FDA officially reports, so it's safe to assume the real numbers are higher than that.

What Is The Best Correction For Myopia?

One thing that remains constant is that you can improve your vision naturally, and that glasses, contacts, and eye surgery are NOT meant to get rid of myopia.

They are meant to generate recurring revenue.

So in order to start correcting your myopia naturally, fast, and long-term, the best way to get there is to get a personalized report about your eye conditions available on our website here.

Click here to answer the few short questions about your specific case of eye problems, and we'll send you a personalized report about where you need to pay most attention to.

Do that now, and enjoy the report!


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