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A Miraculous Little Stingy Plant To Support Eyesight

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

Remember when you were a child... you used to play at lakes or rivers. It's such great fun in summer. You rolled up your pants. Put your feet in the water...

Built dams. Watched the fishes. Watch the birds fly by...

And sometimes, when you didn't watch your step carefully enough, you'd step right into it... stingy nettles growing on the side...

And that's very painful with pants rolled up...

But those little stingy bastards have amazing healing properties for your eyesight and health. Because it's very high in Silica. One of the most important nutrients for great health.

Silica is important because it's one of the two minerals your body needs to make calcium. So it's important for your nails, your hair, your bone density, and your kidney health.

Because your kidneys need minerals to thrive. They need minerals to function properly. And a healthy kidney is a cornerstone for healthy eyesight...

If your kidneys are low in minerals, they can't do their job. And that has a huge impact on your eyesight...

So, in today's world, food is depleted of essential nutrients. The soil is so overused that plants can't draw the minerals they need anymore. (Unless, of course, you buy from a local, organic farmer who nourishes his soil.)

That's why most people today have compromised kidneys. Now that's not a problem like kidney failure or dialysis. But it's enough to impact your eyesight.

So how can you use nettle:

There are quite a few ways to use the plant. Here are two that you can use at home easily.

1. Juice It:

If you have a good juicer that can juice green leaves, that's an excellent option. It'll be a super health potion for your nails, hair, and skin... and your eyesight and health!

2. Boil a Tea:

You can get dried, lose nettle to make tea in most health shops today. It's cheap and readily available. It's the easiest way to get this into your body.

Brew it overnight to get the most nutrients into your tea. Sweeten to taste and off you go.

Your eyes and body will thank you for it!

As usual, let me know what you think in a comment below. Any questions, just ask below...

Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford


Professionally Reviewed by
Chryseia Brennan

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