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Lazy Eye Exercises – Be Lazy Enough To Fix The Problem!

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

If you are suffering from lazy eye, you are likely to be all over the internet searching for the "right" type of lazy eye exercises. But what is right?

There isn't one solution to the problem because lazy eye exercises might not be enough! So, read this article and you'll know exactly what to look out for.

There are root causes involved in your lazy eye that you haven't thought of, and probably haven't even heard of.

Lazy Eye Exercises - Why Are People Searching

The reason why most people look for lazy eye exercises to get rid of their lazy eye is because it's the obvious thing to do. There seems to be a muscular problem. The eye muscles appear to be too weak, so the notion is to just build them up.

It works, but at the same time it doesn't. There is a reason why the muscles aren't strong enough, and that problem can have many faces.

The nerves that send messages from the brain to the eye muscles are running through the neck. So, if your neck is tight and constraint, your eye muscles don't get the correct message, which can be one reason for your lazy eye.

In that scenario you have to fix your neck's flexibility and your spinal alignment first before you should ever think about lazy eye exercises.

You see, if you don't loosen the neck, if you don't free up the movement, your vision won't free up either, it's that simple.

Lazy Eye Exercises - Address More Than One Cause

Another reason could be that you simply don't want to face something right on. Is there something in your life, on an emotional level, that you'd prefer not to deal with directly? Is there an event you'd prefer to "look past"?

If an emotional imbalance is causing your lazy eye, you really don't have to exercise at all before that's fixed because you'll always keep pulling your eyes out of alignment just to avoid what you want to suppress.

And lastly, you can just live off a diet that causes imbalances in your body and therefore in your vision. Again, if you exercise only, you won't fix the problem.

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Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Andrew Simon


Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Jonathan Kaplan

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