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LASIK Eye Surgery Risks – Are You Considering Everything?

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

Sick and tired of waking up "blind"? Having to squint to recognise a face, or of running out of arm at the end of your newspaper. The solution is LASIK, isn't it? Dead wrong! LASIK eye surgery risks are greater than advertised.

LASIK surgeons are falsely representing the procedure, so that the FDA has actually stepped in. Since 2008 they are investigating the LASIK eye surgery risks once more in greater depth, but have also warned against advertising practices in the industry.

So, What Is LASIK?

LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, a procedure that permanently changes the shape of the cornea, the clear covering of the front of the eye. After the cornea is shaped once, you can't do it again. Supposedly, 95% of the people who have it are totally satisfied.  But it's the industry making those claims, not the patients.

LASIK Eye Surgery RisksThe statistic that is very hard to find is what the real numbers of successful procedures is after 2, 3, or 5 years. The question is how long LASIK is effective. Long-term effectiveness is questionable.

LASIK Eye Surgery Risks - The Edge of Success or Failure?

Some of the LASIK eye surgery risks listed on the F.D.A.’s website are:

  • Some patients lose vision.
  • Some patients develop debilitating visual symptoms: glare, halos, and/or double vision that can seriously affect nighttime vision.
  • You may be under treated or over treated. => 5-10% of all patients.
  • Some patients may develop severe dry eye syndrome.
  • For some farsighted patients, results may diminish with age.
  • Long-term data are not available.

I'm not making this up, this is straight form the FDA website. They also state to "Be cautious about "slick" advertising and/or deals that sound "too good to be true." Remember, they usually are."

The New York Times, March, 2008 reports that some people lose the ability to wear contacts for general vision and eyeglasses for reading after surgery. It’s like reading through contact lenses and you can’t take them out because they’re not there.

After 140 complaints about LASIK and LASIK eye surgery risks, the FDA established a task force to examine the life after LASIK. As usual with the medical establishment the exact people that are supposed to be checked upon, were doing the checking. Surprise, surprise, they deemed it all safe and well.

LASIK Eye Surgery RisksInterestingly the FDA started to investigate the procedure more after that. So something must be fishy.

Consider LASIK Eye Surgery Risks & Costs...

For $2000 to $5000, here is what you can get. Vision that makes you feel that you are looking through wax paper, like having a fat cream in your eye all day long, each and every day of your life.

One such "happy" patient became the president of the Vision Surgery Rehab Network. She helps the "rare" patients with side-effects to deal with the aftermath of the LASIK eye surgery risks.

So, are you willing to risk it? For that money, are you willing to take the risk of being hit by one of the officially admitted side-effects?

If you are in doubt, check out your alternative options that don't carry the LASIK eye surgery risks. Click Here to download your Free Vision Improvement Toolkit to see what other options you have to improve your vision naturally.

And even if you went under the knife, or laser I should say, and you are dealing with side-effects or your returning conditions, download the toolkit. There is a wealth of information for you in there.

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Dr. Gary L. Bodiford

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