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How to Improve Your Vision Naturally…

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

This is the year to improve your vision naturally, to throw away your glasses forever. Yes, you can still have perfect vision without glasses. Nobody likes wearing glasses and now you don’t have to. You can now achieve perfect vision without 

Just a few simple steps every day will become a lifelong habit.  Think what life would be like if you couldn’t see your kids, your garden, or even navigate around your house without stumbling over something. Not a very pleasant prospect is it? A few ordinary things can prevent this.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is probably number one on the list. Most of us don’t get enough and it shows, not only in the way we look, but in the way we react to things. Getting enough sleep boosts our immune system and that in turn, helps our eyes. A properly functioning immune system slows down the progression of diseases like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.

Eat Well To See Well

Eating right is number two on the list. Be sure you eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, good quality oils, fish and poultry. Try to stay away from greasy or sugary snack food. You know how brushing your teeth is a daily habit? Well, make taking a multivitamin supplement everyday a daily habit too. Be sure it contains vitamin c, zinc and lutein. These are excellent antioxidants for eye health.

Exercise Your Eyes and Body Regularly

Exercise is as important for your eye health as it is for your health in general. Many of us don’t like to think of exercise but we should go for a walk at least 4 times a week for 40 minutes or more. Studies have shown that this reduces intraocular pressure in people with glaucoma. And they could even stop taking their medication for it.

Love Your Eyes

Be sure your computer screen is just below eye level.Your eyes will close slightly when you’re staring at the monitor, minimizing fluid evaporation and the risk of dry eye syndrome. Also, if you are going to be working at the computer for long periods of time, set an alarm or kitchen timer to go off every 20 minutes.That will remind you to give your eyes a break and focus on something else for a few seconds.Your poor eyes will be oh so thankful.

If all of this sounds like a lot to do, just think of not being able to see well or not see at all.  Reward yourself with the spa bath and do some eye exercises while you’re relaxing.

Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford


Professionally Reviewed by
Mark Bushby

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