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How To Truly Improve Eyesight Naturally

Last Reviewed: August 17, 2022

It's the 21st century. We have natural cures for most things. But with all things to improve eyesight, it's still the 19th century. Stuck in the belief that glasses, contacts, and eye surgery are the only option. Stuck in the belief that a photo camera and eyesight work the same.

Ignoring the fact that every ancient culture had ways to improve eyesight naturally. Ignoring that these techniques are still around.

Even better, it's fast, it's easy, and you can do it from home. Want to know more?

Of course you do. Everybody with eye problems wants to. Because it's new. Because you never heard about it. Because it's something that will set you free.

So let's answer the common questions about improving eyesight.

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How To Improve Your Eyesight?

Let's define 'to improve'. According to the Oxford Dictionary it means "make or become better" or "to achieve or produce something better".

So how do popular vision correction methods stack up? Do they improve eyesight:

  • Glasses and Contact Lenses
  • Eye Surgery
  • Eye Exercises
  • Eye Drops
  • Eye Vitamins

So let's investigate each of them...

Do Glasses and Contacts Improve Eyesight?

Let's combine glasses and contacts. Both correct the light falling into the eye with a lens. The optometrist or optician tailors the curvature your eyes need.

Over time, patients need stronger lenses. Because the correction becomes insufficient. So, your eyes don't get better. They get worse.

So in fact, lenses make the eyesight better.

They correct the eyesight problem. They are a visual aid because they help to see. But they don't improve eyesight. Otherwise you'd get weaker glasses until you don't need them anymore.

When was the last time that happened to you? Exactly!

Does Eye Surgery Really Improve Your Eyesight?

At first glance, eye surgery seems to improve eyesight. If you don't suffer side-effects, you will see better. If it goes according to plan, you don't need glasses anymore.

The problem is; for how long?

The eye surgery admits that over 50% of patients need glasses again. For the same conditions within 2-5 years. So does eye surgery really improve the patient's eyesight? Or is it simply a type of permanent vision correction? Similar to how glasses correct the light falling into the light?

Fact is, eye surgery is nothing more than permanent glasses. An eye surgeon reshapes the cornea to make up for the refractive error. Just like glasses and contacts do.

Glaucoma surgery drains the fluid build-up in the eye. Again, the procedure only relieves the pain. It doesn't remove the root cause of the problem. It doesn't last.

Do Eye Exercises Improve Vision?

With the Internet, lots of people started to promote eyesight exercises. Because they earn a commission on the eBook sales. But these exercises aren't new.

Fact is, all the eye exercises people peddle on YouTube are the same thing. It's the Bates Method eye exercises with different covers. Dr William Bates popularized them in the West. Bates got them by watching Native American Indians. He tried the their techniques on his patients and recorded the results.

Here is the thing; all native cultures all over the world used similar exercises.

So, are they effective? - Yes and no!

They do improve vision naturally. For the time you practice them. The moment you stop, the improvement goes away.

Because it's a flawed concept. The same flaw as in like glasses, contacts, and eye surgery. The concept that you have a problem in your eyes. But you don't!

All these methods try to improve eyesight in isolation. In isolation from the rest of your body. As if your eyes had nothing to do with the rest of your body. But your eyes are a part of your bodily systems.

So, eye exercises provide a temporary vision correction. But they are not a viable option to improve eyesight long-term.

Can Eye Drops Improve Vision?

Eye drops treat symptoms. They don't improve the problem. They are not designed to do that.

Symptom relief is a great business model for the eye industry. They don't want to help you improve your eyesight. They would lose a customer. So the eye industry is in the business of symptom relief. Healing or improving eyesight doesn't pay.

Eye drops for dry eyes simply add artificial tears to your eyes. The root cause for the dry eyes is a lack of tears, that's correct.

But your body needs the ingredients to make good tears. Adding artificial tears into the eye sends the wrong signal. Your eyes tell the brain and body that there are enough tears. When there isn't.

So, the problem gets worse and worse. Because the body stops producing its own tears.

Glaucoma eye drops simply help the eye to drain. But the blockage that causes the fluid buildup stays. So, eye drops only give temporary relief. Plus, patients have switch brands. Because glaucoma eye drops become ineffective over time.

The body becomes resistant to the drops.

Do Eye Vitamins Improve Vision?

Minerals and vitamins  make the body work. They are the essential building blocks of healthy eyes.

True, people with eye problems lack essential nutrients. But to improve eyesight it's insufficient to rely on eye vitamins.

Sure, a quality vitamin supplement be positive for your eyesight. Because it can boost your overall health. But an eye vitamin alone won't improve eyesight.


So you need a holistic approach to improve eyesight.

First, you have to uncover the root causes for your eye problems. Next, you have to eliminate them. Root causes in the following areas of your life:

✓  Your mental and emotional life
✓  Your nourishment and toxicity
✓ Your overall body
✓ and last and LEAST, your eyes

Yes, your eyes are the least important. It's the last area to work i your vision improvement process. Because working on your eyes only accelerates the process. But the true healing happens before. Let me show you how this works.

Take Away #1

Conventional eye care doesn't improve eyesight. Because eyesight is holistic. You need to work with your whole body-mind system to improve your eyesight long-term. 

How To Improve Eyesight Naturally?

Lots of people on YouTube and Yahoo Answers it's with eye exercises. Sure, they are natural. But they don't improve eyesight long-term.

Because your vision problems are not in your eyes.

You perceive light information in your eyes. But you see in your mind. Here is how this work:

  • Close your eyes. Imagine the front-door of your house. Image you walk towards your front-door. You take our your keys, and you unlock the door.Even while you read this you saw the scene. On the screen of your mind you saw your front-door, your keys, and the keyhole. But you didn't use your eyes to see any of it.
  • If vision happened in the eyes only, cross-eyed people would die. It'd be impossible for them to see single image. They wouldn't be able to navigate life.Because they would see two pictures at once.
  • Research has shown something amazing. The study included three groups. All practiced free-throws in basketball. The first group practiced shooting for 20 minutes per day. The second group did nothing. The third group only visualized shooting practice for 20 minutes per day. But they didn't take a single shot.Of course the guys that didn't do anything saw no improvement. But the other two groups improved pretty much by the same margin.
  • You see vivid images during sleep. But you have closed eyes.

So we perceive light information in the eyes. But you see in your mind.
That's why I keep explaining to our clients:

"You can improve your eyesight naturally, fast, and effectively without ever working with your eyes. But you can't and won't improve your eyesight lasting and long-term with eye exercises alone."

So, eye exercises can accelerate your vision improvement process. But they are not enough anymore.

They used to be, but the word has changed. Today you have to work
with the following areas of your holistic eye health:

1. Your Mind:

That's the beliefs you hold around vision. It's how clearly you can visualize your life without glasses. It's about your true motivation why you want to improve your eyesight. (Hint: 'I want to get rid of my eyeglasses' doesn't drive anyone!)

Because your mind filters and interprets the light information your eyes perceived. At the end, only 10-20% of that light information perceived at the retina will make up the image you see.

2. Your Emotions:

Every eye condition comes with a specific set of emotions. Every eye problem has distinct emotional root causes.

For farsightedness it's the 'should have's' and the 'could have's' about life. The regret over missed chances. The stuff you can't forgive yourself. The regret affects eye health.

For myopia it's the fear of the future. You can't really see yourself living your life in 5, 10, or 20 years time.

For glaucoma it's something you can't forgive. Some strong regret you hold towards yourself or someone else. You feel overwhelmed by it all, and that builds up the pressure.

Astigmatism is the fear of the reality to see yourself. A dislike of the who "I" (ego) truly am.

Cataracts is a fear to look ahead because the future looks dark.

You see, your optic nerve enters the brain into the emotional brain. Nature designed us this way to survive. To react to a possible threat without analyzing it. So we have a fast response time.

Example: imagine you walk in a rural India at dawn. You see something moving in the grass. You notice something black and wavy on the street. It's close. It looks like a snake. You jump.

Your emotional brain reacts to a possible threat instantly. The reaction takes 2 milliseconds.

Next, your thinking brain will analyze the picture. If it's a snake, it'll make you move. So get to safety.

If it's a piece of hose, you'll relax and continue walking. So, your emotions affect your eyesight.

3. Your Nourishment:

Food changed in the 20th century. Soil has little nutrient content today. We depleted the ground we have.

So most people are overfed, but undernourished.

Meaning they eat too many calories. But the don't get enough nutrients. They lack minerals and vitamins. So they eat more and more to fill the need. At the end they gain weight. But the cells starve to death.

Plus, our lifestyle depletes organ energy. But your eyesight needs strong kidney and liver energies. If they are flat and low, your vision will deteriorate.

So you need to know how to nourish your body. Properly, so you support your eye health.

High-quality supplements may be a part of that. But it's really about improving your nutrient intake.

And it's not about taking away stuff from your life. (Except the stuff that really cuts your life expectancy). It's about adding what's missing right now.

4. Toxicity:

The other problem of food today is toxicity. Because they plant one plant for miles (mono-crops) farmers need to spray. They rely on herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides to ensure their harvest. Because a single plant per field makes it easy for weeds and pests to attack.

But the UN calls the chemicals they spray cancer causing. So, we eat food that lacks nutrients and

that is full of poison. That's why the liver energy is so important today. Plus, we have 70,000 chemical floating around in our environment.

Fact is, your eyes have a close energetic connection to your liver. If your liver is unhealthy and weak your eyesight suffers.

So you must understand toxicity. To improve your eyesight naturally you have to detox daily.

5. Your Body:

Your overall body has a big impact on your eyesight. Your neck, back, and spine affect how your optic. It affects how the light information travels from your eyes to your brain.

You organ energies are very important.

Plus, your blood and oxygen circulations have to work properly. They deliver the nutrients to your eyes. And they get the toxicity out of your cells.

6. Your Eyes:

Yes, the last and least important part are some vision correction exercises.

Eyesight is holistic. So you have to take care of all underlying root causes. Not just your eyes. The other areas are more important to improve eyesight. You have to follow a system that gets rid of all these root causes one by one.

It's the only way to improve your eyesight naturally, fast, and effectively. In a way that your improvements will last long-term.

Take Away #2

To improve vision naturally you need to work with:

1. Your Mind

2. Your Emotions

3. Your Nourishment

4. Your Toxicity

5. Your Body

6. Your Eyes

How To Improve Eyesight Without Glasses?

First things first; Eyeglasses don't improve eyesight. We discussed that above. To improve means to 'make better'. But glasses don't make eyesight better.

They accommodate for a refractive error. But with that, eyesight seems to get worse. Because over time patients need stronger and stonger prescriptions. If glasses were truly improving eyesight, you'd get weaker and weaker ones until you don't need glasses anymore. But when did that happen to you?

So, check the answer to the question above for a detailed overview.

A few add-on quick-tips would be:

  • Get more quality sleep
  • Improve your diet
  • Reduce eyestrain
  • Set up your work-space correctly

Basically there are two aspects to improving your eyesight without glasses. First, to make sure you take care of your eyes correctly with all the screen time you have. Second, to follow a step-by-step system to improve your eyesight holistically.

In a way that also improves your energy, health, focus, and self-esteem.

Take Away #3

Glasses do NOT improve eyesight. They make it worse. You must improve your vision holistically.

How To Improve Eyesight Power?

Let's address the misconception. You don' t want to improve the power of your eyesight. You want to improve your vision or your visual strength. You want to reduce the strength of your glasses. Until your glasses disappear from your life.

Often people mistaken the "power" of glasses as a power of eyesight. But it's not the same.

When opticians or optometrists refer to the power of glasses they mean the strength of the prescription. You should focus on your visual acuity and your visual strength. You should test with a 20/20 vision test, not diopters.

How accurate can you see only with your own eyes. Without any visual aids assisting you.

The problem is that people think they need to strengthen their eye muscles. They think it will improve the power of their eyes. But that's an incorrect conclusion.

Eye exercises alone will not restore your vision. They may help to stretch and strengthen your eye muscles. But that won't improve your eyesight.

Again, to improve eyesight and to get rid of your glasses you have work with the following areas of eye health:

  1. your mind
  2. your emotions
  3. your nourishment
  4. your toxicity
  5. your body
  6. your eyes

So, if you missed it above, please read the start of this article. Just scroll up and read the detailed explanation. It doesn't make sense to repeat the same.

If you did read it and want to learn more, do this. Take our free assessment and get your free, personal vision improvement plan. You'll get access to our free resources. You'll get access to our unique eye problem root cause analysis. You'll get a personal report about your eye problems.

We'll help you to identify what areas of your eye health need attention. Click here to get started.

How To Improve Eyesight Naturally Fast?

If you missed it, please read the detailed explanation above. It's a detailed account about how to improve eyesight. To improve fast, you have to follow a few guidelines.

1. Have A Strong Reason-Why:

WHY do you want to have clear vision? What will you do with your clear vision?

How is that going to change your life?

Without a strong reason, you'll have a hard time to find the motivation. Without motivation you'll lack the focus to get fast results. Because without motivation we get knocked off track.

2. Fix Emotional Root Causes:

Your emotional root causes have the strongest pull. They are the strongest factor to mess with your eyesight. So, you have to uncover what emotions cause your eye problems. Then you have to pinpoint how they affect your life. So you can let go and liberate your eyesight.

With the emotional root causes gone, your eyesight will improve fast.

3. Your Organ Health:

Other organs in your body affect the energy your eyes get. So you have to learn what organs are low in energy to fix it. Because that's the untold connection of eyesight nobody talks about.

Once you establish your strong reason why. Once you let go of your emotional root causes. Once you start to improve your organ health. You'll see lightening fast vision improvement results.

Without fail!

That's exactly what we do in the Pure Vision Method™. That's exactly why we laid it out step-by-step. Strategically to get you results.

How To Improve Eyesight By Yoga?

This is a common question. A good yoga practice will improves general health. Yoga focuses on the release of energy. On the unblocking of patterns within the body. It helps to transfer energies within the human body.

Combine that with the deep breathing and it will also help to release tension. If the practice sticks to the ancient wisdom.

The problem with most yoga today is that it's not the ancient way of doing things. It's a Westernized type that often detrimental effects on eyesight. Because it requires too much energy from the body.

Look, we are not living in small villages in the Himalaya. Our sole focus in life is not meditating and practicing yoga all day. But that's where it's coming from.

Today we use yoga as daily exercise routine. To stay fit. That may or may not be good. But it's not the way to improve your eyesight.

Many types of modern yoga will abuse your organ energy. Sure, it'll make you feel energized. But that comes at a cost. Because it's drawing from organ energy that you should preserve and restore.

So, don't get me wrong, yoga can be a great form of

lifestyle enhancement. It depends on the type and the intensity you perform it at. And it depends on what else you do to ensure good organ health.

But it's not going to improve eyesight. Ancient yoga eye exercises worked. But they need a different baseline than our lifestyle today.

But they forget that they don't live the lives their ancestors did. Their lifestyle is so different today. So, just because something worked way back doesn't make it effective today.

Our proprietary Pure Vision Method™ exercise ritual borrows elements from ancient yoga. But it's lighter and easier to do. That's why it's so effective to improve eyesight.

And we fused the powerful elements from yoga with tai-chi and qigong. That creates a unique fusion to improve eyesight in the 21st century.

They lived a stress free life. They lived in accordance with nature. They practiced in nature, not mould-laden gyms. And they nurtured their body, mind, and soul. Even in India hardly anyone lives like the yogis today. You need a yogi lifestyle for yoga eye exercises to work.

Many Indian people get it wrong today. They think their ancient culture had tools to improve eyesight. And they worked extremely well. That's true.

Take Away #5

Yoga can be a great type of exercise, if it nurtures like the ancient type. But you can't improve eyesight with yoga alone.

How To Improve Eyesight With Food?

Food plays an important role in eye health. And most people today get insufficient amounts of micro nutrients. Because the world focuses on macro nutrients. That's the start of the problem.

Macro nutrients are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. But there is more to a healthy diet than that. And it's not calorie counting.

These macro nutrients do provide building blocks and energy for our cells. But we also need micro nutrients (minerals and vitamins) to build healthy cells. And to protect the cells.

In today's world our bodies are under constant attack. Toxicity is everywhere. Our cells are under constant attack. Micro nutrients are the body's tools to defend itself.

Plus, you have to take care of your digestive system. You have to know how to detoxify your body on a daily basis. You have to make sure that your diet is anti-inflammatory. Meaning that it reduces inflammation in your body.

So food and diet in the 21st century play an important role. You can't improve eyesight without anymore. It's not as simple as eat carrots and all will be good. You have to know the in's and out's to support your eyesight.

Take Away #6

The topic takes up two modules in the Pure Vision Method™. It's the most comprehensive nutrient and detox information. It's that important. 

How To Improve Eyesight Naturally Fast In Hindi?

This is a funny question. We don't know if it's about the translation. So, just in case, here is the translation:

"में सुधार दृष्टि स्वाभाविक रूप से तेजी"

The question may also be about Hindi culture. The tips in Hindi culture include:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Massage your temples
  • Exercise
  • Take regular breaks
  • Take naps throughout the day
  • Practice yoga
  • Relax with meditation

Of course these tips come from ancient texts. Again, we discussed that above in this article, this won't be enough anymore. Because you need to add this to a traditional Hindi lifestyle.

Meaning living theHindi tradition from a few thousand years ago. Life has changed. Life is more complex today. So the way to improve eyesight is also more complex today.

Take Away #7

Hindi culture's ways to improve eyesight require a level of health that only their ancient, traditional lifestyle can deliver. But hardly anyone lives like that today. Not even Indians.

How To Improve Eyesight Naturally Ayurveda?

Ayurveda treats acute, temporary vision problems. For example vision problems because of a common cold. Or when constipation makes vision worse.

Therefore Ayurvedic vision improvement techniques help with the sickness.

For vision problems due to a common cold the texts advise:

  • fresh juices like rose petal
  • fresh Aamla fruit
  • pepper and honey

For constipation Ayurveda rubs mustard oil on the soles of the feet. Basically, they describe methods to relief the vision problem symptoms when you get sick.

Take Away #8

Ayurvedic techniques will be effective for a cold. But they won't restore eyesight. To get rid of glasses you will need a holistic eyesight improvement method.

How To Improve Eyesight Quickly?

If you mean to improve eyesight fast, please refer to that question above.

If you need to refresh vision because you have tired eyes, here are a few quick tips:

  1. take a nap
  2. rest your eyes
  3. get enough sleep
  4. use the 20-20-20 rule

Every 20 minutes look at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

Take Away #9

To improve your eyesight quickly, you have to reduce eyestrain.

Our eyes suffer in today's work environment. They get tired fast. They wear out fast. We have a special guide to help you refresh tired eyes in 60 seconds or less. It's a must for everyone working with computers or looking at screens. So, it's for everyone 🙂

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How To Improve Your Eyesight When You Have Glasses?

If you missed the essence, read above. But let's look compare two scenarios.

  1. improving eyesight when you have blurry vision or double vision, versus
  2. when you already wear glasses.

A lot of research covers lens-induced myopia. Lens-induced myopia means that your eyesight worsens through glasses.

Let me explain.

Every eye condition starts with blurry vision or double vision. That's how we notice that something is not correct. In the case of myopia, that's simply a spasm in the eye muscles.

When you start wearing glasses for that, the glasses cause myopia. The glasses cause the alteration in the eyeball. Contact lenses do the same.

So, to start with, your body-mind system had some issues. That caused a spasm in your eye muscles. Then the glasses started to change the shape of the eyeball. That then developed into myopia.

Sounds crazy, but Google Scholar has over 10,000 scientific entries covering this. So the eye industry knows the process.

So when you wear glasses, you have to step down. During your vision improvement process you have to reduce the strength. You have to adjust to your improvements step-by-step.

The steps have to be the right amount at the right time to minimize eye strain.

Your eyes and brain get a too strong shock if you ditch your glasses right away. Your eyesight improvement process will take longer, if you do that. Plus, you'll get a lot of headaches, neck pain, and other side-effects.

So it's a process. Step-by-step, making sure the timing is right.

That doesn't mean this is an expensive process. There are free ways of doing this, and very inexpensive ways. Of course we explain all of that in detail in the Pure Vision Method™. We also provide our clients with the exact steps they need to use.

Side-Note: contact lenses are a bad idea to step down. They irritate the eye and cut off oxygen supply to the lens. So it's best to use step-down glasses for this process.

Take Away #10

You have to reduce the strength of your glasses step-by-step. Just ditching your glasses will slow down your progress.

How To Improve Eyesight At Home?

We designed the Pure Vision Method™ for home use. The advantage is that our clients can use the program anywhere in the world. We provide support via online means.

The problem with local vision trainers or eye therapists is that they are expensive. They charge per session. But what's worse is that the techniques they use are just simple eye exercises.

You can do eye exercises easily at home without seeing anyone. But it's not going to improve your eyesight long-term. You have to take care of your mind, your emotions, and your body first. Otherwise eye exercises are a waste of time.

Behavioral optometrists, eye trainers, and Bates Method therapists don't get it. They don't understand or work with the body-mind connection. It's a one-dimensional approach to eyesight.

So you are better off improving your eyesight at home. Following a holistic vision improvement method. One that lays out everything step-by-step.

To get an idea how all of this works, complete our free eyesight improvement quiz. You'll get a custom, step-by-step plan to improve your eyesight. Click the link below.

Take Away #11

Local vision trainers and behavioral optometrists only teach eye exercises. At home you can learn holistic vision improvement easily.

Which Vitamins Improve Eyesight?

There is a reason I don't like to answer this question directly. Because when I do, clients go out and try to find a supplement. Then they think they covered all the bases.

And that's wrong!

A high-quality supplement can help with certain conditions. For example, they are effective for macular degeneration. Our friends at EyesightLabs™ developed an excellent formula. They studied the AREDS studies and developed a high quality product. These are macular degeneration vitamins. It follows the findings of the AREDS 1 & 2 studies. Plus it adds other important elements.

But AMD (age-related macular degeneration) is a special condition. So vitamins for eye health can protect the macula from degenerating.

Don't get me wrong! A supplement is not enough to reverse AMD. You still need to apply the Pure Vision Method™ program to your life. But eye vitamins for the eye condition helps to prevent further damage.

For other eye conditions vitamins are trickier.

Yes, the eye needs certain vitamins (or anti-oxidants) to be healthy. These include:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Astaxanthin

But when the quality of the supplement is poor they do more damage than good. If supplements are cheap, the ingredients are bad. Because production quantity doesn't lower ingredient cost. Supplement ingredients cost almost the same. No matter how many bottles they produce at a time.

So, a cheap supplement means cheap ingredients that are probably toxic.

Plus, your eyes and the parts of your body. Your body must be healthy for clear vision. That requires more than just vitamins. You also need minerals, enzymes, good bacteria, good fats, and a healthy hormonal balance.

That's why an eye vitamin can help, but it's not enough. You have to understand nutrition to improve eyesight.

Your digestion has to help your body to absorb all the good things you eat. Bio-availability is key. Meaning it's as important for your body to absorb minerals and vitamins as it is to consume them.

Most supplements just pass through your body and end up in the sewage system.

So, check out EyesightLabs™ on Amazon. Their supplement is great for anyone with macular degeneration. But also for anyone who uses a lot of computer screens. So, if that's you...

Click here to check their eye vitamins <--

Take Away #12

Most supplements end up as expensive urine. Cheap supplements means cheap (and likely toxic) ingredients.  So quality is key. But they are never enough!

Can Eye Exercises Improve Eyesight Without Glasses?

In short: No!

Eye exercises help to stretch and strengthen the eye muscles. But they don't eliminate the root causes for eye problems. You have to improve eyesight holistically. Or else, your vision improvement won't last.

As stated above: you can improve your eyesight naturally, fast, and effectively without every working with your eyes. But you can't and won't improve your eyesight long-term only doing eye exercises.

I know lots of people on YouTube say the opposite. But they all sell eye exercise eBooks for a commission... lol! They all sell the Bates Method eye exercises with different covers. But the content of these books is always the same.

For more details about the process you need to follow, check the answers above.

Take Away #13

Eye exercises used to help. But the world has changed. Today you have to improve your eyesight holistically.

How To Improve Myopia Eyesight?

It's just like any other eye condition. You have to follow a holistic, step-by-step method. You have to get rid of the underlying root causes in:

  • your mind
  • your emotions
  • your nourishment
  • your toxicity
  • your body
  • your eyes

With myopia in particular diet is very important. Research has shown that myopic patients lack essential nutrients. Other studies proved that myopes are too toxic.

The is another interesting point most people misunderstand. Reading, writing, and computer work

Take Away #14

Only holistic vision improvement will help myopia.

don't cause myopia. But the way you sit while reading, writing, or working with the computer does. Strain and tension in the neck, shoulders, and back contribute to myopia.

And then there is the mind, the emotions, and stress. Researched proved that root cases in all these areas make myopia worse.

So, as you can see, it's not one simple technique to improve myopia. If it was, everybody would know. It requires a holistic, comprehensive step-by-step approach. Read the beginning of this article, if you missed what it takes.

How To Improve Eyesight For Long Distance?

Long Distance vision problems are the same like for myopia. Please see the answer above. Because myopia causes blurry vision in the distance.

How To Improve Eyesight With EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help with eyesight improvement. But it's only one dimension of the process. It can help release some of the underlying emotional root causes.

The idea behind EFT is that emotions accumulate in the body. By tapping on specific points on the body these blockages get released. That should lead to balance in the emotional body.

It works very well to release all or any stress that's adding to eye problems. It's a great tool to get instant stress relieve. Especially combining it with deep breathing exercises.

But the emotional root causes for eye problems are a different beast. You have to find them. They are not out in the open and easy to see. It's a process to uncover them.

So, when you try to work with an EFT practitioner alone, they don't understand what emotions to look

for. Because they lack experience in the field.

When you know what emotions to release then EFT will work great. We use EFT within the Pure Vision Method™ as well. The challenge is to find what emotions you have to release.

Plus, you still will have to work with the other areas of healthy vision discussed on this page.

So, EFT is one modality that will help with one aspect of the vision improvement process. The rest still requires a comprehensive program.

Take Away #15

EFT is a healing modality that can help to release emotional patterns. That can help in the vision improvement process. But it won't improve eyesight.

How To Improve Eyesight With Age?

The story goes that myopia will go away with age. Optometrists often say that farsightedness will take the place.

That may happen. But it may not.

Many of our clients still have myopia in their 50's, 60's, and 70's. There is no rule that myopia will disappear with age. I wouldn't bank on it.

There is only one way to ensure your eyesight will be healthy. There is only one way to ensure clear vision into old age. Only one way to protect yourself against glaucoma. To protect against cataracts, and macular degeneration. The only way is to improve your eyesight holistically.

In a way to improves your energy, health, and self-esteem at the same time.

You see, eye problems are the first sign that your body starts to break down. That your body is degenerating. There is a class of illnesses that's called "degenerative diseases".

These are cancer, heart-disease, and diabetes, to name a few.

So, you have to pay attention. You have to reverse the degeneration in your eyesight. If not, your body will continue to slide towards degenerative diseases. Because what causes your eyesight to break down also causes these life-threatening diseases.

The time to tackle this is now. Don't wait for "age" hopefully improving something. It will only improve with conscious effort.

Let's say your eyesight flips from myopia to presbyopia or hyperopia. The underlying health issues are still at play. So fix it now, and you don't have to worry about any of it.

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Take Away #16

Fix the root causes for your eye problems now. If you wait, that want degenerates your eyesight, will also break down your body. That's called "degenerative diseases. Eyesight will not heal with age. But your health will break down.

How To Improve Eyesight With Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a medical science that uses 'likes cures likes' logic. The idea is similar to the doctorate signature of plants. Meaning that a substance that can cause a symptom in a healthy person will heal the same symptoms in a sick person.

For example: imagine you fall into a field of nettle plants. It'll sting... You'll get a red, itchy skin rash. So in Homeopathy, if you have red and itchy skin rash, a nettle tea will cure your symptoms.

Homeopathy is a medical science. The focus is on providing natural, non-toxic medicine alternatives.

Therefore it's hard to apply homeopathy to eyesight.

Some practitioners crossover into the field of herbology. They advise a daily dose of the herb eyebright. Some also suggest high doses of vitamins A, C, and E. Plus, homeopaths often refer to colloidal silver to clean the eyes.

All of these may have positive effects. But none will improve eyesight lasting. Also, be very careful with high doses of vitamins A, C, and E. First up, you'll need high quality, healthy fat to absorb Vitamin E.

You shouldn't take large doses of Vitamin A. It's

better to get a variety of carotenes. With vitamin C the source is very important. When you consume large quantities of Vitamin C, you must ensure it's from a good natural source. An excellent source is Camu Camu fruit powder.

Make sure you get good dietary advise before you start any extremes.

Homeopathy as a science can't improve eyesight. All the treatments may have some positive effect, but they may also be useless. You will always need a holistic, comprehensive vision improvement program.

Take Away #17

Homeopathy is a medical science. Great for alternative medicine. But can't improve eyesight. It's not designed to do that.

How To Improve Eyesight With Carrots?

That's a classic...

Carrots alone will not improve eyesight. Carrots a quite high in Vitamin A, E, and beta-carotene content. But there are better food source that target the needs for your eyes more specifically.

So, carrots are a great food. Keep in mind, they are also high in sugar like most beets. They will definitely support good eye health. But they won't improve eyesight and restore your vision.

Take Away #18

Carrots are healthy. But won't improve eyesight alone. Just added them to your diet. They'll fulfill a need for sweet.

How To Improve Eyesight With Acupuncture?

Acupuncture helps to identify energy blockages in the body. These blocks happen along the energy pathways of the body (meridians). Acupuncture stimulates the area to disperse the blockage. It'll release the energy.

It's a great healing modality with a proven, long history.

Acupuncture can help with one aspect of eye problems. The liver's energy pathway (meridian) opens up into your eyes. So there is an energy connection between your liver and your eyes.

If you are low in liver energy your eyes don't get the life-force they need. So, acupuncture can free up energy build up between the liver and eyes. If there is a blockage it will release the energy to get to your eyes.

Or, if energy blocks in the body restrict liver energy acupuncture can ensure proper flow. Charging the liver with the energy it needs.

So acupuncture can release and free up the energy. But it can't fix the underlying root causes. The stuff in your mind, your emotions, and your body that cause the blocks. For that you still have to a holistic approach.

Take Away #19

Acupuncture is a great healing modality that can support vision improvement. But it won't improve your eyesight on its own.

How To Improve Eyesight With Meditation?

Let's get this straight; meditation is great! It's healthy! It'll improve your life.

An aspect of eye problems is stress. Too much stress makes eye problems worse. Stress affects all sort of eye conditions.

So meditation is another great tool to reduce the stress. It will support your vision improvement process. Again, like acupuncture, EFT, and others it can't improve eyesight on its own.

The Pure Vision Method™ uses unique healing visualizations that do even more. These meditative exercises relax your being and reduce your stress. Plus, they leverage your unconscious mind for your healing process.

Instead of you having to deal with your unconscious issues you just sit back and relax. The guided healing visualizations will the guide your unconscious mind to improve your eyesight. While eliminating the underlying root causes as well.

Take Away #20

Meditation is good for your health. It sill support your vision improvement process. It's great to deal with stress. But to get rid of your glasses you'll need more than just meditation.

How To Improve Eyesight With Supplements?

As explained above, supplements only work for specific eye conditions. For general eye health a healthy diet and lifestyle are a must.

No supplement will replace a comprehensive vision improvement program.

Again, if you have macular degeneration, check out EyesightLabs™ supplement. If you work a lot with computer screens, check out EyesightLabs™'s supplement. It's an excellent supplement that will help with macular degeneration. Plus it'll anyone who has to stare at screens a lot.

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How To Improve Eyesight With Honey?

Honey won't improve eyesight. Good honey from remote areas will always provide great health benefits. It will boost the immune system.

But it won't improve eyesight. Honey alone can't remove the underlying root causes in the mind, emotions, and physical body.

How To Improve Eyesight With Pinhole Glasses?

Sorry to burst the bubble. Pinhole glasses don't improve eyesight. They redirect light to focus the incoming light rays on the retina. But your eyesight doesn't change.

Bending the rays of light on the way into your eyes create an optical illusion of a sharper image. But it doesn't change your mind. It doesn't improve your emotions. It doesn't help

your organ health, your body, or any of the aspects we discussed here.

The opposite is true. people who wear pinhole glasses for extended periods of time are likely to get depressed. Because lack of light will create depression.

Pinhole glasses have one useful application. They can teach your mind how a sharper image looks like. You mind will better know what to aim for. But that means wearing them for 20-30 seconds, maybe twice a day.

Take Away #21

Pinhole glasses are not a great tool. Users risk depression due to lack of light. 

How To Improve Eyesight With Diet?

As explained above, diet and lifestyle is a huge topic. We dedicate 2 modules in the Pure Vision Method™ to diet and nourishing your body. It's that important.

In the 21st century, there are no short-cuts. You must get all the elements right.

If you missed it, there is a detailed explanation above. But your best best is to get your free, custom, step-by-step plan to improve your vision. You'll learn exactly what you need to do to improve your eyesight naturally, in your circumstances.


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