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How To Improve Eyesight When I Need Glasses Daily?

Last Reviewed: May 1, 2019

Professionally Reviewed by
Mark Bushby

That’s a great question! Let’s face it, most people think they need their glasses to get through their day. Without them, they’d be lost.

So, you can improve your eyesight naturally, even when you need glasses daily. Our client Madhura just fixed here eyesight from -9 to no more glasses. While doing a PhD in research science.

Now, I don’t know about you. I work a lot in front of the computer. Yet I don’t think I come anywhere near the time you need to complete a PhD in research science…

Not just the time you need for the research part… but the time you need for writing and editing the thesis. That’s a ton of work!

So, how did she do it?

The secret is simple; she got rid of her glasses holistically. While improving her energy, self-esteem, and her ability to focus.

With the Pure Vision Method™ you get rid of your root causes for your eye problems step-by-step.

First, you release the root causes from your mind. Then you let go of all the emotional baggage that is causing your eye problems today.

Then you learn how to nourish your body and cells right. Fast and effectively, because nobody has time to waste. Plus, you learn exactly how to get rid of toxicity that is weighing down with sluggishness on your energy right now.

Next, you balance out your body in a way that recharges your batteries. In a way that improves your sleep, and energizes every part of your being.

Lastly, you balance out your eyesight to get rid of your glasses step-by-step. And that’s the key; step-by-step.

In the course, you learn exactly how to orchestrate the steps. If you need them. Because some clients can just get rid of their glasses. Others have to reduce their prescriptions slowly. Because the shock would be too great for their eyes.

And yes, you can get prescriptions cheaply to step down. You also don’t need a new eye test and a new prescription for each pair.

We provide you with all the guidance and resources. So you can just focus on getting rid of your glasses. We did all the hard work for you.

The trick is to reduce your prescriptions steadily and consistently. In a way that you can fit into your life. And we lay all of this out for you systematically.

So, stay tuned for the next opening. Because it’s really like me holding you by the hand every step of the way.

Now, I will turn off the comments for this post. Why?

Because everybody reading this will ask me for their steps. And to guide you effectively, I need to know more about your situation. That’s what the Pure Vision Method™ is for.

It gives me the background information I need to guide every client effectively. Without that information, I can’t guide you. And frankly, that’s reserved for our clients in the course.

So, as I said, stay tuned for the next opportunity to get in!


Professionally Reviewed by
Mark Bushby

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