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Improve Eye Vision – Use Your Mind To Improve Your Vision

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

Eye problems from the ophthalmic point of view is all about the lens. To improve eye vision you need to correct the lens. But there are underlying root causes that cause the distorted lens shape and these are somehow overlooked with glasses, contact, or surgery to improve eye vision.

How Does Eye Vision Actually Work?

Fact is, we see in the mind, not in the eye. We perceive with the eyes, but the mind filters, assembles, and flips the image, so it makes sense to us. We only see about 80 - 90% of what our eyes perceive.

Improve Eye VisionThese perceptual filters make sure that you can get on with your life and don't just get confused by all the reflections and light effects that are happening all around you.

The other amazing part about our mind is that it merges two pictures into one. So if we'd see with our eyes, cross-eyed people would be really messed up, because they would have to deal with two pictures at a time.

How The Mind Can Improve Eye Vision?

So, if you want to improve eye vision, you have to consider the mind. It plays a rather important role, wouldn't you agree.

Reality is that there are things you don't want to see about your life. Yes, all the emotional pains from your childhood, your teenage years, and all the things that you should or shouldn't have done.

To summarise - all your regrets, all your embarrassment, and all the stuff you don't want to tell anybody.

So to avoid that, your mind is filtering not only your perception of your life, but your vision. 85% of all nerve connections in the brain are related to your vision, so if you want to black out something, don't you think your mind could overwrite a few of these?

You bet it can, and it does. If you want to black out the details about your missed opportunities or your embarrassments later on in life, you get short sighted. You literally lose the ability to see details.

When you are not able to see your future anymore, there you go, you end up shortsighted, with myopia.

That's Why Glasses Don't Improve Eye Vision

"Hang on, how can you say such thing? I see better with glasses!", I hear you say.

You do, for the moment, but if they'd improve eye vision, wouldn't you get weaker ones whenever you come to an eye test? Wouldn't your prescription reduce?

Google defines to improve as "Make or become better". To me "become better" in regards to improving eye vision means not having to wear glasses. but you are free to have your own definition.

The same goes for contacts and eye surgery. Yes, I can't tell you how many eye surgery patients get the same eye problems about 2-5 years after their treatment.

What's The Solution To Improve Eye Vision?

Simple: address your issue!

Improve Eye Vision 2Deal with it, and stop hiding. Bring it to the forefront and then tackle it head on. There are many ways to go about it. To get some ideas, download my Free Vision Improvement Toolkit on this page.

If you don't deal with it, I got bad news for you! I hate to break it to you, but your vision will not improve. No glasses, no contacts, no surgery, and not even eye exercises will do the trick.

Find your root cause and get rid of it.

Why Doesn't Your Eye "Specialist" Tell You About This?

2 reasons:

1. it doesn't pay as well as new glasses and contacts regularly. They tell you about eye surgery because they expect you back in a little while anyways.

2. they actually don't know about it. The medical establishment is pretending to be this secret little club and only people with their degrees can come in.

Treating symptoms pays way better than offering a cure. The pharma industry has worked that out a long time ago, so they keep you hooked. This particular branch keeps you hooked on glasses and contacts.

One Last Point...

If they don't know about it, if they don't tell you how you can really improve eye vision, what are they really "specialists" in?

Vision Improvement specialist? Nope, they don't know how to do it. When was the last time you got weaker glasses? I rest my case.

Eye specialist? Yes, they know how to offset the distorted shape of the lens, that's true.

How about specialist in selling glasses? Yes, definitely!

They can always give you great advice on that one, you know why? Because most of them wear glasses… and that should give you a warning!

You see the results they are getting for themselves, a life depending on glasses. Go to the people that know how to improve eye vision and have achieved these results. For themselves AND for others!

Bonus Tip: So I invite you to Click Here and download my Free Vision Improvement Toolkit!

Yes, I did improve my vision and got rid of my glasses, and I helped thousands of people around the world to do the same. Take a look, it's free!

What do you have to lose except your glasses?

Chip in to the discussion below. Let me know what you think of eye "specialist" and what your experience has been.

Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford


Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Jonathan Kaplan

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  1. jason on March 20, 2017 at 11:56 am

    I just got back from an eye exam because I have not had one in two years and my astigmatism went from a 2.0 to a .7 in two years. Occupationally speaking I am a Social and Emotional Learning Specialist and have been practicing mindfulness for about three years and two years ago I ended a long emotionally abusive marriage. Sooooo, needless to say I am much healthier than I was two years ago, MUCH so I found this article quite interesting. Thank You!

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