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Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Myopia Treatment?

Myopia (nearsightedness) patients make 8 common mistakes in their myopia treatment & correction. Do you?

So, if you want to get rid of your glasses or contacts and get your 20/20 vision back naturally without any side-effects, click the "Start Here" button to learn more.

High Myopia – Stop The Progression To Hell!

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

Can you handle the truth, nothing but the truth, even if it challenges the Status Quo? If so, great, find out what high myopia is all about. If not, you might want to continue to the next article… 🙂

But if you wonder why your bit of shortsightedness has turned into high myopia with stronger and stronger glasses with every eye test, stick around, it’ll be eye-opening!

Still with me? Great, I promise I won't let you down! The truth can be confronting at times and even more so when the "specialist" in the field don’t tell you about it. Either out of ignorance, or out of profit thinking.

Fact is; you can cure myopia naturally!

High Myopia & The Progression To Hell

I said it before, and I’ll say it any time, glasses and contacts do NOT improve your vision. If they would, you wouldn’t be on your path to high myopia, you wouldn’t be on a progression to hell, would you.

So the commonly advertised option: eye surgery, as even Stanford University has as their only answer. But as Harvard warns it comes at the risk of severe side-effects. So, what are the options?

As I explained in my articles about myopia causes and causes for myopia, eye “specialists” follow the wrong theory. They don’t look at the underlying root causes to cure myopia because glasses make far too much money.

The reason normal high myopia turns into high myopia is that glasses, contacts, and eye surgery don’t address the root causes. These are in your mind, in your soul, in your body, and only manifest in your eyes. There is something causing myopia in the first place, so just putting a “crutch” in front of your eyes will not solve the problem.

What Turns Myopia Into High Myopia?

In fact, I would venture to say that glasses and contacts are the reason for myopia turning into high myopia. Yes, that can get me into a lot of trouble, but hear me out.

With high myopia there is often a strong psychological underlying reason involved. Something the myope doesn’t want to see, or doesn’t want to face. So the mind is blacking out the vision. Again, it’s explained in more detail in the previous 2 articles.

The Power Of The Mind

Let’s say it’s end of university and the person does not want to face real life with a job. They can’t see themselves in any job at all. In fact they are scared of the future.

That fear and unwillingness to face the music is the root cause for the tension in the eye muscles that cause myopia. Now that myope gets and eye test and gets glasses. Instead of addressing the fear and to develop a vision for life.

Now he or she can see clearly, even though unconsciously he or she doesn’t want to. The mind is stronger than the glasses, so it’ll just turn up the heat and make the vision go worse. And viola, you are on your progressive road to myopic hell where you think there is no way out. When you think that the final destination is blindness.

There Is Hope

Like with everything else in this life, there is hope! You can turn it around, at any time, no matter how bad your high myopia is. You can get back to normal, but glasses, contacts, or surgery are not the answer.

You need a natural, holistic approach that helps you to rebuild your vision, and that allows you to get rid of your underlying root causes.

Read on the rest of the series to find out more. And to get started right now simply

Don’t delay, it’s not gonna get better!

And remember to leave comments below! We love to hear your feedback… 🙂


Professionally Reviewed by
Mark Bushby

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