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Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Glaucoma Treatment?

Glaucoma patients make 8 common mistakes in their glaucoma treatment. Do you?

So, if you want to lower your eye pressure naturally without any side-effects, get rid o the root causes of glaucoma, and prevent vision loss, click the "Start Here" button.

Glaucoma Treatment Tips That Actually Work

Last Reviewed: January 16, 2020

This article is for glaucoma patients who wish to treat glaucoma naturally. 

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  • If you simply want to better understand glaucoma treatments in general, read this article.

Glaucoma is an eye disease. Fluids within the eyeball can't flow out. Something blocks the drainage channels. That causes the intraocular pressure (IOP) to rise.

Over time the pressure damages the optic nerve fibers. When nerve damage starts, the patient is in trouble. The longer it persists, the greater the vision loss. Until it can cause blindness.

This article answers the most common client

questions we get about the treatments for glaucoma.

Keep in mind that all medical treatments don't fix the problem. They don't prevent glaucoma. They merely prevent nerve damage by relieving eye pressure temporarily. But the root causes are still there.

So we will discuss the pros and cons of the treatments. Plus, we will have a look at ways to get rid of the root causes of the disease.

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How Is Glaucoma Treated?

The standard medical treatments to release IOP are:

As explained above, these glaucoma treatments don't treat the eye disease. They only relieve eye pressure for a short time. Even glaucoma surgery can't last. To deal with the disease you have to remove the root causes.

Research shows that hormonal imbalances are the root causes of glaucoma. Hormones cause the fluids ducts in the eyes to block. 5 areas of your life cause hormonal imbalances. If you don't work with these areas, nothing will change. The eye pressure will continue to increase after treatments.

The five areas of your life are:

  1. your mind
  2. your emotions
  3. your diet
  4. toxicity
  5. your body

So, you should follow the following regime. If your pressure is high, get medical treatment to relieve pressure when necessary. At the same time make sure you get rid of the root causes. That way you can stop the pressure from increasing again.

Can Glaucoma Be Treated?

Yes. But a true treatment needs a holistic approach. To truly treat the disease you have to remove the root causes. Medication, glaucoma eye drops, and glaucoma incisional surgery will only relieve pressure.

You have to truly treat and remove the root causes of glaucoma. To do that, click here to watch a short, free video now.

How To Treat Glaucoma Naturally?

Now we are talking! Glaucoma is a lifestyle issue. There are root causes. You can get rid of the root causes naturally.

The fluids ducts in your eyes clog up for a reason. A lot of research points to hormonal imbalances. But anything that harms fluid circulation in your body plays in. So there are root causes on five levels you have to work with.

1. The Mind:

The thoughts your think affect your health. People manage to shed terminal illness by laughing. Because negative thought patterns and resentment cause acidity. Acidity plays havoc with all bodily fluids.

There is a very simple example. Research points to hormones. And there are "stress hormones". So what causes stress?

A lot of stress in simply thought patterns. The way you respond mentally to a situation. You have the power to change that!

2. Emotions:

Your emotions are closely linked to your mind. But they are different at the same time. The reason is that we have three brains. These three distinct brains developed on top of each other. We need all three to survive.

Here is the thing; the optic nerve enters the brain in the emotional brain. So what's going on in your emotional brain affects your eyes.

So you have to manage your mind and emotions. That will eliminate a lot of the root causes right away.

3. Diet:

Yes, the way you eat in the 21st century affects all areas of your health. It's not easy anymore. Because food isn't what it used to be. Things have changed.

For glaucoma dairy products are problematic. They cause hormonal imbalances. Research indicates that dairy clogs up the ducts in the eyes. But I would narrow that down. There is a huge difference between industrial dairy and organic.

So, if you like dairy products, change! Find local, organic, raw milk products. Then check how your eyes respond.

Plus, you must stay away from processed foods. Processed foods kill. But they also play havoc with your hormones. There are no organic versions... just eat real food!

Your health will thank you for it. Not just your eyes.

4. Toxicity:

It's closely related to food, but way broader. There are 70,000 synthetic chemicals in our environment. You can find 10,000 chemicals in food alone. That's a problem!

Our body was not designed to deal with that. But we have to.

There are ways to remove this stuff from our cells. But it takes conscious effort. It's not going to happen by itself. Otherwise, nobody would have cancer. Nobody would have glaucoma.

5. The Body:

Our lifestyle changed a lot. Our bodies should move. Sitting for extended hours is not good for your health. So you have to move your blood. In a healthy way, so your fluids in eyes move too.

We are not talking about running like crazy for hours. Or sweating yourself to death in the gym. Or doing hardcore yoga routines in a studio. All of that can make glaucoma worse.

I'm talking about light and natural movement exercises. Exercises that heal the body.

The Pure Vision Method works with all theses areas. It helps to improve each one. It contributes to getting rid of the root causes. So click here to watch a short, free video to learn more.

How Is Glaucoma Treated Naturally?

By addressing the underlying root causes. Read the previous answer to get all the details.

What Are Treatments For Glaucoma?

The medicate interventions are:

  • eye drops,
  • laser surgery,
  • traditional surgery, and
  • oral medication.

Remember, these only relieve eye pressure temporarily. This is symptom relieve. They don't treat the disease. Meaning, the don't make the disease better. They don't get rid of the root causes.

To get rid of the root causes of glaucoma you have to work with the five areas explained above. For a detailed analysis, read how to treat glaucoma naturally.

How To Treat Glaucoma Eye Disease?

Again, you have to distinguish between treatment for the eye disease and glaucoma symptom relief. Proper glaucoma treatment will reduce the root causes. Eye drops, pills, and surgery don't do that. They just let off some pressure for some time. But the pressure comes back.

With eye drops it's even worse. They become ineffective over time. Because the body get resistant to them. So patients have to change types and brands often.

To treat glaucoma, you have to remove the root causes. You have to fix your hormones. You have to rebalance your hormones. To do that you have to work with your holistic health. You have to fix your body-mind system.

Read the answer about how to treat glaucoma naturally to find out more. Or just get your free, custom blueprint on this page. You'll learn a lot. It's worth your time!

Take Away #1

Conventional glaucoma treatments such as eye drops, medication, and surgery do NOT treat the disease. They just relieve symptoms. You must get rid of the root causes to treat the disease.


Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Treat Glaucoma Naturally

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How To Treat Glaucoma?

If your eye pressure is high, relieve some of it. Go to an eye doctor and use some drop, medication, or get surgery. What you need depends on the amount of pressure.

Then start to get rid of the root causes. Work with your body-mind system to eliminate what's causing it. As explained above, it's in 5 areas of your life:

  1. your mind
  2. your emotions
  3. your diet
  4. your toxicity
  5. your body

You have to uncover and get rid of the root causes in all these areas. The best way to start is with the free assessment of your circumstances on this page. You'll learn a lot how these areas of your life affect your eyesight. It's the most important step you can take right now.

How Is Glaucoma Treated?

See the previous answer. It explains the process.

Is Glaucoma Treatment Successful?

To answer this, you have to define success. Because an eye specialist will call eye pressure relief a success. When eye drops or surgery temporarily relieve the excess pressure, they think it's successful.

Our standard at the Pure Vision Method™ is different. We call it only a success when the pressure doesn't come back. You see, it's "easy" to unblock a drainage duct in the eye.

Yes, it takes skill. But that's the easy task. To stop the blockage from coming back, that's a different story. But only that is a successful treatment.

So, we always advise seeking medical attention to see where your pressure is at. If it needs relief to prevent nerve damage, get eye drops or surgery. But then work on the root causes. Make sure they don't come back.

To do that you have to work with your body-mind system. You have to uncover what's causing glaucoma for you. How you can get rid of these root causes fast and efficiently.

That's exactly what we do in the Pure Vision Method™. We help you to find your root causes. So you can get rid of them and make sure your eye pressure doesn't increase again. So you make sure you keep your eyesight into old age.

How Does Glaucoma Cause Blindness?

The inside of the eyeball is full of liquid. The eye needs to produce new humor regularly. At the same time, the excess fluid needs to flow out to maintain even eye pressure. But glaucoma traps the fluid inside the eye. The drainage ducts clog up. So the blocked drainage channels cause excess fluid to build up.

That excess then increases the pressure inside the eye. That pressure is too much for the delicate fibers of the optic nerve. Over time that nerve erodes. As the damage gets worse, parts of the patient's vision disappears. The longer the damage, the greater the loss of vision. Which ultimately leads to blindness.

Is There Glaucoma Treatment?

Yes, but it's not what you think. The medical options don't treat the disease. They only relieve the symptom. They only relieve some pressure. But the pressure keeps coming back. Because the root causes are still there.

To truly treat the eye condition you have to get rid of the root causes. To do that you have to uncover and eliminate the cause on five levels:

  1. your mind
  2. your emotions
  3. your diet
  4. your toxicity
  5. your body

You can learn more about how this works above. It's under how to treat glaucoma naturally. But the best way to find out how this relates to your circumstances is to get your free, personal, custom step-by-step glaucoma treatment plan on this page. You'll get a chance to uncover what's actually causing your glaucoma.

Plus, you'll get a free personalized report about your glaucoma, in your life situation.

How Is Glaucoma Usually Treated?

Sadly, only with eye drops, medication, or surgery. But that only gets rid of some excess pressure. You should get rid of the root causes at the same time. Because if the treatment doesn't eliminate the root causes, it's just symptom relief. It's not a true treatment.

Can Glaucoma Patients Wear Contacts?

Contact lenses are a bad idea for anyone. They prevent oxygen from getting into the eye. Glasses are a better option. They are way less invasive.

With glaucoma, always ask your eye specialist. But even if they give you the okay, you shouldn't wear contacts. Because your eyes are already irritated. Why would you want to hurt them more? Why would you risk it?

Plus, they are likely to cause issues with eye drops.

So, with glaucoma, we'd strongly advise you to steer away from contacts. There can be too many unintended consequences. You are much better off to get rid of all eye conditions. That way you don't need any contacts at all.

Plus, you'll have the peace of mind that your eyesight is safe.

Can Glaucoma Be Treated With Laser Surgery?

There is a type of laser surgery for glaucoma. The results don't last as long as traditional glaucoma surgery. But the procedure is faster and less invasive.

Remember, it's not a true treatment. Laser surgery for glaucoma relieves symptoms. But it doesn't get rid of the root causes. The eye pressure will come back.

The more famous LASIK laser eye surgery is used to cure myopia, not glaucoma. Glaucoma patients are bad candidates for LASIK.

Another problematic surgery is cataract surgery. Because the lens replacement of cataract can cause glaucoma. If that happens, you must act fast because it's an acute eye injury.

How Is Glaucoma Often Treated?

We explained the treatment multiple times on this page. If this question means 'how often glaucoma treatment is necessary', that's a different story.

How often you require pressure relieve depends on your eye pressure. The type of glaucoma you have directly affects how fast the pressure increases.

If you start treating your root causes and get rid of them, you'll need less treatment. Over time, if you keep with it, you won't need any treatment. Because your eye pressure will stabilize. It's a matter of focus and time. Plus, you need the right method to get there.

What Is Traditional Surgery?

In the traditional glaucoma surgery, the surgeon creates a passage for fluids to drain. The surgeon cuts into the white part of the eye to drain excess liquid. That will lower eye pressure.

Like all medical glaucoma treatments, it doesn't last. It's a temporary solution. The body treats the cut as a wound. So it will try to close it as fast as possible. As the wound closes, the eye pressure rises again.

So you have to get rid of the root causes of glaucoma altogether.


Take Away #2

Glaucoma surgery temporarily frees up the drainage channels in the eye. Right after the surgery, the blockages start to come back. You have to remove the root causes for glaucoma to get lasting improvements.


Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Treat Glaucoma Naturally

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Are Glaucoma Patients Good Candidates For LASIK Surgery?

In most cases, glaucoma patients are not good LASIK candidates. The procedure can become outright dangerous. Because the surgeon has to use suction during the operation. That increases the eye pressure. But it also increases the risk to develop other types of glaucoma.

You are best of to improve your eyesight naturally. So you don't need to wear glasses anymore. So you can get rid of glaucoma altogether. Then you don't have to opt for LASIK. Plus, you don't have to worry about glaucoma anymore.

Can Glaucoma Patients Have LASIK?

Most of the time not. The procedure increases the eye pressure. That can cause severe optic nerve damage.

You are better of to improve your eyesight naturally. So you don't need to wear glasses anymore. So you can get rid of glaucoma altogether. Then you don't have to opt for LASIK. Plus, you don't have to worry about glaucoma anymore.

A large part of that is nourishing your optic nerve well. Because when your optic nerve starves, when the nutrients don't get to it, you start to experience vision loss. To counter it, get a premium quality eye health supplement. You need to ensure proper nourishment of your optic nerve and retina.

That's especially true when you have glaucoma and diabetes present at the same time. Because diabetes will make glaucoma worse.

How Much Does Glaucoma Medication Cost?

Medication and eye drops add up. The costs range from $20 - $90 per month. Of course, your level of insurance affects your out-of-pocket expenses. That comes to $240 - $1,080 per year.

Laser surgery ranges from $1,000 - $2,000. Traditional glaucoma surgery costs over $11,000.

The amazing thing is that none of them cure glaucoma. These don't even treat the disease. You treat the symptoms. You relief some eye pressure.

To get rid of your root causes naturally, costs less than a year of medication! So you'll not just save your eyesight, but a lot of money.

Can Glaucoma Be Treated Successfully?

Medical glaucoma treatments are symptom relief. The techniques relieve some eye pressure. But they don't treat the disease. The root causes are still there. The pressure keeps coming back.

Does Medicare Cover Glaucoma Treatments?

Most of the time Medicare doesn't cover routine eye care. It may include some services for chronic eye conditions like glaucoma. It may pay parts of surgery to treat the condition.

Is There A Treatment For Glaucoma?

Yes, there is a true treatment for glaucoma. It helps you to identify your root causes. It then helps you to remove the root causes. You have to work with your mind, your emotions, your diet, your toxicity, and your body to fix it.

It's explained in the question "how to treat glaucoma naturally". But the fastest way to get started is with your free assessment and personal report here on this page..

What Is Glaucoma Medicine?

It's a type of drug that helps to drain fluids from the eye. The excess fluids in the eyeball cause the increased eye pressure. The medication comes in the form of eye drops or sometimes pills.

Keep in mind that the medication doesn't treat the disease. It just helps to relieve symptoms. The pressure will come back soon.

How Can Glaucoma Be Treated At Home?

The Pure Vision Method™ is a self-healing program that allows you to get rid of the root causes for glaucoma from home. It's laid out step-by-step, day-by-day systematically to fix your body-mind system.

Often people are for home remedies. Here are a few quick tips to manage eye pressure better:

  • eat a healthy diet
  • eliminate industrial dairy (switch to organic if you need dairy products)
  • reduce stress
  • move your body (light and easy)
  • increase and improve your sleep
  • reduce caffeine intake
  • increase your water intake (pure, flat water)
  • drink saffron tea

Why Do Glaucoma Patients Smoke Marijuana?

THC lowers the eye pressure. Be aware; this only last for a few hours. The side-effects may be too strong to manage everyday life opting for smoking.

Medical cannabis oil may be a better solution.

How To Treat Glaucoma With Cannabis?

Smoking medical marijuana would require six to eight doses per day. Smoking that much would leave you impaired for normal life. You should never drive that stoned! Plus, it'll inhibit your performance level for most things. Except eating probably...

Now, marijuana does lower the blood flow to the optic nerve. That can also damage the optic nerve further.

It has been shown to reduce eye pressure. But high-quality medical cannabis oil may be a better option. Make sure you stay legal. Because federal agencies started to go after medical cannabis oil. It seems to be too effective...

How Is Glaucoma Usually Treated?

As mentioned many times on this page, medical interventions don't treat. They relieve symptoms. But the eye pressure comes back fast.

Medical treatments include:

  • eye drops
  • medication
  • laser surgery
  • traditional surgery

The eye pressure comes back after all treatments. To truly treat the disease, you have to eliminate the root causes. That's why we developed the Pure Vision Method™. It helps you to achieve that.

Just click the green button in the box below and you'll get access to our proprietary glaucoma test. It will uncover the root causes of your glaucoma. You'll get a free personalized report about how you can get rid of glaucoma in your life.

Click here to watch a short, free video!


Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Treat Glaucoma Naturally

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