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Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Glaucoma Treatment?

Glaucoma patients make 8 common mistakes in their glaucoma treatment. Do you?

So, if you want to lower your eye pressure naturally without any side-effects, get rid o the root causes of glaucoma, and prevent vision loss, click the "Start Here" button.

The True Root Causes Of Glaucoma

Last Reviewed: January 16, 2020

This article is for glaucoma patients who want to understand the root causes of glaucoma.

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What Is Glaucoma (Eye Disease)? Glaucoma means high eye pressure. Increased pressure in the eye erodes the optic nerve tissue. Glaucoma causes damage the optic nerve. The optic nerve supplies the brain with visual information from the eye. This leads to a loss of vision.

But the eye pressure is only a symptom of glaucoma, of the underlying root causes. The reason the eye industry treats the pressure only is because it pays well. Plus, the pressure needs management, so optic nerve damage keeps at a minimum. Let's explore the real glaucoma causes.

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What Causes Glaucoma and High Eye Pressure?

Glaucoma is the result of blockages. The aqueous humor in the eye can't drain. So glaucoma causes the natural pressure on the optic nerve to increase. The nerve works with a clear fluid known as aqueous humor. Increasing the pressure of the fluid leads to a high inner eye pressure. This causes damage to the optic nerve.

Some factors that increase the pressure:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Inflammation of the eye
  • Eye injuries that disrupt the flow of aqueous fluid
  • Abnormal blood vessels that block the retinal blood vessel
  • Medications and eye drops

Can Glaucoma Be Caused By Diabetes?

Yes. Diabetes increases the risk of developing glaucoma. The same goes for people with high blood pressure.

Can Glaucoma Cause Death?

Glaucoma doesn't cause death. But the loss of vision can lead to glaucoma-related accidents. These can be fatal.

Does Glaucoma Drops Cause Dry Eyes?

Yes. Any type of eye drop irritates the eyes. The irritation leads to dry eyes. Plus, your eyes don't produce enough tears anymore. With eye drops the body gets a signal that there are enough tears. Even though the eye lacks natural tears.

Because of the false signal that body stops producing tears.

Does Glaucoma Cause Blindness?

Untreated, longtime glaucoma can lead to blindness. Not all glaucoma does. If in doubt, start to improve your eye health and improve eyesight. Glaucoma is a preventable eye disease. Plus, it's manageable. But you have to start doing something as early as possible.

If glaucoma runs your family, start now. Good eye health is always good. Because it will also improve your overall health.

Is Glaucoma Caused By Diabetes?

Both types of diabetes can lead to glaucoma. Diabetic osteopathy causes the increase in eye pressure. Type-1 and Type-2 diabetics need to take care of their eye health.

If So, How Does Diabetes Cause Glaucoma?

Diabetic osteopathy causes eye damage on two levels:

  1. leaking blood vessels inside the eyes
  2. poor blood supply to the retina

So, diabetes suffocates the retina. Insufficient oxygen supply damages the retinal function. That will cause new blood vessels to form in the back part of the eye. These new blood vessels around the retina block the drainage of the eye.

The blocked fluids start to increase the pressure in the eyes. Over time the elevated eye pressure will lead to vascular glaucoma.

How Can Glaucoma Cause Blindness?

Glaucoma raises inner eye pressure. The pressure pushes on your optic nerve. The longer the pressure stays, the more damage. Until patients may lose their vision.

As of now, blindness due to glaucoma is permanent. There is no known cure to reverse it. So make sure you test for glaucoma regularly.

How Quickly Does Glaucoma Cause Blindness?

There is no set timeline for the development of glaucoma. The progression will slow down with good management. You have to keep your inner ocular pressure (IOP) close to normal. The higher the IOP, the faster blindness can set in.

To learn to manage your eye condition, get your free assessment here on the page. In the free resources, you'll learn how to manage glaucoma.

How Long Until Glaucoma Causes Blindness?

Permanent blindness takes time to develop. But the optic nerve breaks down faster with high pressure. Again, good management of your eye disease is important.

Check these IOP indications:

  • IOP of 21 to 25 mmHg takes an average of 15 years
  • IOP of 25 to 30 mmHg takes up to 7 years
  • IOP over 30 mmHg takes 3 years

Glaucoma surgery can treat pressure over 30mmHg without extending damage on the eye.


Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Treat Glaucoma Naturally

Just click the green button here to get started now.

How Do You Get The Eye Disease Glaucoma?

To maintain normal eye pressure, the eye balances the amount of humor. Aqueous humor is the fluid inside the eyeball. To keep the balance the eye produces small amounts of new fluid. At the same time, the same amount has to flow out.

With glaucoma, the draining doesn't work correctly. The humor circulation malfunctions. Too much fluid builds up. That build-up increases the pressure within the eyeball. Over time the pressure erodes the optic nerve fibers. That is the root cause for the loss of vision.

Is Glaucoma A Hereditary Or Genetic Disease?

Genetics is the excuse for everything today. The problem is that it makes the patient helpless.

But research in epigenetics shows that the environment changes DNA. So the patient is in full control. Because we have the power to change our environment.

Nobody found a "glaucoma gene". People call glaucoma genetic because some children have glaucoma at birth. So they call it genetic.

But that's untrue. Even if a parent has glaucoma.

It means that the child lives in an environment that creates glaucoma. An environment that causes circulation issues in the eyes. An environment that causes fluids in the eye to accumulate.

A lot of that build up has to do with hormones. Research links the blockages to hormonal imbalances. That comes down to food, diet, and toxicity. Plus other factors that need more research.

Why Does Diabetes Cause Glaucoma?

Diabetes causes two types of glaucoma in patients.

  1. vascular glaucoma
  2. open-angle glaucoma

Open-angle glaucoma is more widespread. Diabetes causes hormonal imbalances. The most important is insulin resistance. But that causes other imbalances too. Because of that, the eye can't drain fluids.

The excess fluids increase the pressure in the eyeball. Over time that pressure damages the optic nerve. The nerve damage and the eye pressure change the vision.

Why Does Glaucoma Cause Blindness?

With glaucoma the eye pressure increases. Because fluids can't exit the eyeball the way, they should. That pressure is too strong for the nerve fibers. Because the fibers of the optic nerve are delicate. The pressure must stay below 30mmHg.

When the pressure gets above 30mmHg for too long, the fibers break down. That breakdown causes blindness over time.

That's why eye exams for glaucoma are important. They can identify glaucoma early so that you can prevent damage. Good management of the eye disease can prevent nerve damage.

It is important to maintain good eye health at all times. Especially when glaucoma runs in your family. Because you likely adopted lifestyle habits that cause glaucoma.

So you have to learn how to prevent glaucoma naturally.

Why Does Glaucoma Cause Peripheral Vision Loss?

Without treatment glaucoma patients in time lose their peripheral (side) vision. It is where people miss objects to the side and out of the corner of their eye. Here, they seem to look through a tunnel. In the future, straight-ahead vision also decreases until no vision remains.

Why Is Glaucoma Caused?

Glaucoma occurs from a gradual increase in normal fluid pressure inside the eye. An increased pressure damages the optic nerve. Over time that causes vision loss. Remember, glaucoma is an insidious disease. Symptoms take long to develop.

Can Glaucoma Cause Blindness?

Yes. Over time high eye pressure causes blindness. To prevent it you have to manage the disease.

What Causes Normal-Tension Glaucoma?

Not all glaucoma cause pressure on the eye. Normal-tension glaucoma develops from the damage of the optic nerve. Scientist claims it comes from a lack of blood flow to your optic nerve.

What Causes Congenital Glaucoma?

Congenital glaucoma means that a child has glaucoma at birth. It's a defect in the angle of the eye. It indicates that an immediate relative has glaucoma. The defect slows the normal drainage of fluid. The symptoms of congenital glaucoma include;

  • cloudy eyes,
  • light sensitivity
  • excessive tearing

What Causes Open-Angle Glaucoma?

Open-angle glaucoma is the most common type. It is also known as wide-angle glaucoma. Here, the drain structure in your eye, the trabecular meshwork, may look normal. However, the optic fluid does not flow out as it should.

What Causes Angle-Closure Glaucoma?

Common in the West nations, glaucoma prevents the eye from draining right. The reason is that the angle between the iris and cornea is too narrow. Other names include:

  • acute angle-closure
  • chronic angle-closure
  • narrow-angle glaucoma

The high eye pressure may lead to near-vision issues and cataracts. Research links the disease to hormonal imbalances. Research shows a close link to diary products.

What Causes Pigmentary Glaucoma?

Pigments from the iris shed off. They start floating around in the eyeball. These can cause eye floaters. The shedding then blocks the meshwork. That blocks the drainage. So the fluids in the build-up. Because they can't drain the way they should.

What Causes Secondary Glaucoma?

Secondary glaucoma develops as a complication of other medical conditions. A good example is neovascular glaucoma. It can be a result of badly controlled diabetes or high blood pressure. Other secondary glaucoma conditions come from glaucoma cataracts, eye tumors or inflammation of the eye. Defective eye surgeries, severe eye injuries and use of steroid drugs may trigger secondary glaucoma.

For all cases of glaucoma, good management is essential. From the first moment you detect eye pressure, you must change your lifestyle. Glaucoma is a strong indication that something is wrong.

If you don't attend it, the same root causes will create other diseases. Because it's a degeneration of your eyes.

To learn how to manage your eye health, get your free, personal, custom step-by-step glaucoma treatment plan. The "side-effect" will be much better health. More energy and better focus at the same time.

Take your pick below.


Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Treat Glaucoma Naturally

Just click the green button here to get started now.

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