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Why Did You Get Eye Problems In The First Place?

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

"Why Did I Get Eye Problems In The First Place?"

Great question!

Is it genetic? Is it because you read too much? Is it because you don't use enough light at night? Or is it because of computers?

Science can't find a connection to genetics. Any research study into that direction shows the opposite. Within the same gene pool, other factors cause eye problems.

So it's not because your parents have it. Or because "it runs in the family"...

Reading, light, and computers also didn't prove to be a factor. There isn't a study available that connects computer use, reading, or bad light to eye problems.

Yet, whenever a study is done to research one of these aspects, another factor comes up:


Stress, diet, and posture continue to show definite reasons. So when we talk about hereditary eye conditions, it's more the habits we inherit than the genes.

You see, before you were even three years old, all you did was observing your parents. Everybody does the same. It's called modelling.

In that age bracket, we have no conscious faculties in our mind to analyze if our parents' habits are serving them or not.

That's where the "oh, you are just like your mom" or "you are just like your dad" comes from. We take on the way we deal with stress. We model their posture. And we like the foods they like, just because they do.

And that is the key to inheriting eye conditions.

But the other factor is much harder to detect. Your optic nerve enters right into your emotional brain. It's the Old Brain that doesn't think. It's only concerned with your survival.

Because of that, every eye problem has an emotional pattern attached to it. Some are fear of the future. Others are resentment of the past. Or dwelling on the should have's and could have's in life.

And then there is a dislike of the self. With some eye conditions you just try to avoid seeing an aspect of yourself, you are not happy about.

Now go back to the time you got your first pair of glasses. The day that you found out that you have eye problems.

Go another two years back. Within that timeframe, within these two years, analyze what happened to you emotionally. What was upsetting to you? How did you get hurt?

That's the true starting point of your eye problem!

Whatever eye condition you have, there is an emotional underlying reason for it. Uncover that, and you at least know what to work with.

Of course, that's something we do in-depth in the Pure Vision Method™...

Does this make sense? If not, ask questions in a comment below.

If yes, let me know if you can pinpoint that moment in your life.

Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford


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Dr. Andrew Simon


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Dr. Jonathan Kaplan


  1. sharada on October 29, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    I was 6 years old ..I just remember a school incident …my teacher had not given me permission to go to the toilet and I was having pressure she scolded me …I peed..she had beaten me with wooden scale and gave me punishment to stand outside the class in sun having both hands up…my brother also saw me in punishment but he laughed and went…I was embarrassed… I didn’t tell my mom till she saw the marks on my body ..she went to school and scolded every teacher and principal…that teacher apologised to my mom but she was very angry …she was holding my hands that time…the teacher lost her job then.

  2. Thecla Anderson -Meridin on November 1, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    When I was small I remember my parents was going through a rough patch in their marriage especially my mother, my mom and I was really really close and i was very unhappy and sad because my mom was so sad she was under alot of pressure ,my mom and dad separated and my dad blamed me ,I became the black sheep in the family ,I was ostrichized ,ridicule and blamed for my parents separation for we were close I grew up believing I was the one to blame for my parents breakup ,Is one thing after the other ,as u rightfully said my eyes got bad because I was an emotional wreck ,and it got worse over the years because I have been through alot and am still going through ,I always thought it was how I read alot cause I read alot .

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