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Eyesight Correction – 7 Secrets To Naturally Correct Your Eyesight

Last Reviewed: January 20, 2020

True natural eyesight correction works with more than just your eyes. To get rid of your glasses or contacts long-term, you have to address the problem holistically; taking the body and mind into consideration.

The root cause for your vision problems lays somewhere in your body-mind system. This is a delicate system that needs to be balanced.

Eye exercises alone won't do the trick, even though every other eBook tells you so. For natural eyesight correction, start by checking the 7 steps below and enjoy better health, better eyesight, and a better quality of life.

1. Eyesight Correction & Your Mind

Find out what you don't want to see - WHAT? I'm claiming that you don't want to see?? Yes, hear me out.

Eyesight Correction 1

We all have things in our life that we regret, the things that we should have done, or shouldn't have done. All the nagging things that come back to the internal conversations we have with ourselves when nobody is around.

Some of these affect us that deeply that we literally black or blur it out. Since we see with the mind, not with our eyes, our powerful tool between the ears does a damn good job of blurring it out.

So figure out what happened to you emotionally in the 2 years before you first got glasses that affected you strongly. The stuff form that period that was painful and you still remember today.

That's an excellent starting point, raise it to your awareness, and then deal with it. Let it go!

2. What's Your Liver Got To Do With It?

When I first started out, this one was just an add on, but the way our world is going, and our food supply is changing, this is getting bitter and bigger.

Holistically speaking your liver opens into your eyes 1. With all the processed foods and environmental toxins around are liver work overtime all day long.

So you have to give it a break. Detox, clean the house, and then watch what you put in. Otherwise natural eyesight correction will be challenging in today's world.

3. Toilet Talk for Eyesight Correction?

Eyesight Correction 2 A very uncomfortable conversation for many, and most people really don't think they have to have a toilet talk when dealing with eyesight correction.

You do. Similarly to the liver issue, with our food supply today we have to pay more attention to our colon. Most of the food sold in supermarkets is glue for the colon.

Besides that it clocks up your, well colon, it also blocks your vision.

The colon is like the dumpster of your body, so if it's full, you better clean it out before all the other creators come in… I leave it at that 🙂

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