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Eyeglasses – The Scam Continues

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

So, we had a good look into the eye exercises scam, let's compare it to eyeglasses, contacts, and eye surgery. If you didn't catch Part 1, just read it now.

2. Eyeglasses & Contacts:

Eyeglasses are around since 1855 when the German physicist Herman Helmholtz studied optics and decided that if the lens in the eye is shaped incorrectly, you could just put another lens in front of it, to offset the difference.

It works, like a crutch helps you walking when you twisted your ankle, but it doesn’t fix the problem. Eyeglasses and contact lenses don’t improve vision. They only patch up the symptom. That’s why you get stronger and stronger eyeglasses over time because your underlying root causes for your vision problem are never addressed.

These can be mental, in your body posture, in your organ system, or many other parts of our being, they only manifest in the eyes. So putting something in front of the eye to patch up the symptom is likely to worsen the problem. That’s why eyeglasses get progressively stronger.

In conclusion, eyeglasses don’t fix your vision problems, don’t improve your eyesight, they actually make it worse, and you need new ones regularly. They cost you on average more than $120 per year.

3. Eye Surgery:

Eyeglasses and eye surgery are conceptually the same, just instead of putting another lens in front of your eyes, the eye surgeon shapes or burns the distorted lens. So in a way eye surgery implants the glasses into your eyes.

The problem: once you do it, you can’t do it again. As with glasses, you don’t address the underlying issues, so after 2-5 years lots of eye surgery patients need glasses again. The exact same condition returns because of the same underlying root causes.

In conclusion: eye surgery doesn’t fix the problem, doesn’t improve your eyesight long-term in many cases, and patients end up with eyeglasses again in many instances. Price tag is $1,000 - $2,500 per eye.

Is the Pure Vision Method™ Scam?

Most people claim that eye exercises are a scam because they are overpriced and don’t work. Eye surgery costs thousands and people end up with eyeglasses again. So it doesn’t work long-term. The FDA investigates the long-term effects as we speak because they don’t seem to match the claims.

Eyeglasses don’t fix your vision problems your eyesight gets progressively worse. For $120 per year for the average person, that turns into $6,000 over a 50 year lifespan (inflation not included!).

The Pure Vision Method™ addresses the underlying root causes, helped thousands of people around the world to get their vision back and costs a lot less than that for lifetime access with regular updates for the full version. That’s for both eyes.

And if you ever need to, you can use it again and fix up a temporary problem.

So which one is a scam? You decide.

Ask questions and let us know what you think in the comment section below...

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Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford

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