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Discover Why You Really Have Eye Problems

What Is A Vision Test?

The difference between an eye test and a vision test is that you are checking your visual acuity. The result is not a diopter measure, but how you can really see.

So when people google a free eye test online they usually get a 20/20 vision test. That means they check how well they can see at 20 feet compared to healthy eyesight. The eye test chart simply indicates how good a "normal" person would see at the given distance.

What Is An Eye Exam?

A free eye exam online is not going to happen. Eye exams rely on expensive optical machines. They require a trained professional to operate them.

The question is the purpose of the exam.

You see, during an eye exam, you are forced to look at letters and objects. Using only one eye at a time and in total darkness. Plus they usually drop something into your eyes that makes your vision blurry right away.

The end result of eye exams?

A diopter number to prescribe your glasses and/or contact lenses.

Frankly, I think those tests are a set up because they want to find diopters in your eyes. But the exam is set up unnaturally because when do you use one eye at a time in total darkness in real life?

You don't!

For sure you don't drop some blinding drops into your eyes throughout the day.

But it creates a customer for life...

How Is Our Eye Test Different?

We don't analyze your visual acuity. And we don't need to know your diopters with an eye exam.

We understand that your eyesight is not where you like it to be.

So no eye test or online eye exams is going to change that.

We also know that your eye problems have root causes in 3 different areas of your health. That's why we developed this unique vision test. It reveals exactly what's causing your eye problems, in your specific life situation.

It's not designed to sell you glasses. It's designed to uncover what area of your life and health you have to pay closer attention to.

Because your eye problems are a direct indication that something is not balanced in your holistic health. Something needs adjusting in your body-mind system.

So, click here <-- to complete the eye test quiz now and get your free, personalized report about your eye problems.

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