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Eye Surgery Before And After – What To Expect

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

After taking all the risk during the procedure, dealing with the time it takes to recover, and coughing up a couple of grand your "thermostat" kicks in again (explained in Part 1, if you missed it).

It  picks up that there is a difference between your comfortable setting and the conditions in your life right now. So it will kick into action and recreate the condition, so that your comfort setting is reached once again.

If you did not address the underlying root cause why you have eye problems in the first place, if you don't change your comfort setting, your conditions will return.

Eye Surgery Before And AfterIt's the same reason why you have to get stronger glasses so often. Once you see too well for your unconscious programming, your mind will adjust your vision. Eye surgery is in a way nothing other than permanent glasses flexed into your eyes. Technically it works differently, but functionally that is what's happening.

The price you pay then is being stuck with glasses for the rest of your life because your can only do eye surgery once.

So you pay money, take risks, suffer, and end up in a worse position than before. That's the real price they don't talk about, do they.

What's The Solution To Avoid Eye Surgery Before And After Scenarios?

You can improve your vision naturally by yourself, despite the claims that it's impossible. There is no need for eye surgery.

Yes, no research has ever proven natural vision improvement to work (that's only partly true, but for argument sake we use it, because it wasn't funded by some "research company" of the ophthalmic industry that wants you to buy glasses or eye surgery).

But what's more important is that there has really never been one study that has proven that it doesn't work.

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Dr. Gary L. Bodiford

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