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Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery Healing Time – How Long Does It Really Take?

The “before” of the eye surgery procedure is easy, isn’t it. You have an eye problem, you are assessed, the “specialist” determines whether or not you are the right person for the procedure. If you are the one, the specialist will suggest the “best” procedure for you. But they don’t go in depth into the…

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LASIK Eye Surgery Risks – Are You Considering Everything?

Sick and tired of waking up “blind”? Having to squint to recognise a face, or of running out of arm at the end of your newspaper. The solution is LASIK, isn’t it? Dead wrong! LASIK eye surgery risks are greater than advertised. LASIK surgeons are falsely representing the procedure, so that the FDA has actually…

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Eye Surgery Costs – What Eye Surgery Really Costs

So you are considering in eye surgery and want to find out what eye surgery costs. Congratulations that you do research before going under the knife, or laser in this case… The costs of eye surgery go beyond the money you have to put on the table. Prices range from $1,000 per eye with high…

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Eye Surgery Before And After – What To Expect

After taking all the risk during the procedure, dealing with the time it takes to recover, and coughing up a couple of grand your “thermostat” kicks in again (explained in Part 1, if you missed it). It  picks up that there is a difference between your comfortable setting and the conditions in your life right…

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Alternative To Laser Eye Surgery

Natural vision correction is cheap, easy to do, and works fast as an alternative to laser eye surgery. So what’s the trashing among eye “specialists” all about? We are led to believe that the only solutions for eye problems are glasses, contacts, or laser eye surgery. Regarding alternatives eye “specialists” – eye surgeons, eye doctors,…

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