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Eye Problems & The Triangle of Sight

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

We perceive the picture in the eyes upside down. The eye sends through the visual nerves into the brain. The brain then takes that data, flips the images to be the way we see it, filters out all the unnecessary light information we don’t need, so we see the picture in our mind.

So there is a whole process involved and a lot of moving parts that are also influencing your vision. So if something along the way is out of whack that will play a part in your eye problems.

The 3 Elements of Eye Problems

Basically, your eyes require three elements to be in a healthy balance to work properly. These elements make up the Triangle of Sight, which looks like this:


As you can see in the graphic, your eyesight is affected by three factors; mental/emotional, chemical, and physical. These are affecting each other.

They need to be in balance, and each area must be in great shape to experience healthy eyesight.

When things are out of order on the other hand, eye problems come up.

The False Premise

So when your vision gets blurry any one of these areas can be responsible for the problems. Most likely it’s a combination of all three.

If you now put glasses in front of the eyes you do help the eyes to perceive better and you do temporarily improve that half of the physical aspect of vision, but all the other parts are still out of balance.

In fact, the imbalance gets even bigger now.

You can see that by the fact that you get stronger and stronger glasses over time. If glasses were actually helping and improving eye problems, then your glasses should get weaker, but they never do.

So, in order to effectively deal with your eye problems and improve your vision, we have to use “synergetic healing” and address each area as follows.

Eye Problems & “Synergetic Healing”

Treating eye problems with glasses, contacts, or eye surgery is basically the opposite of synergetic healing. It could be defined as “treating symptoms in isolation without healing anything”.

Synergetic healing addresses each area of the Triangle of Sight in balance. Because each are is affecting your vision and each of the other areas, we have to work with each of them.

To do so, we have to break the categories down further:

1. Mindset
2. Emotions

1. Nourishment
2. Toxicity

1. Your Body
2. Your Eyes

Each of the categories is equally as important, and each of them is affecting the others. The interesting point with eye problems is though, that the eyes are the least important factor.

You can actually improve your vision and get rid of all your eye problems by addressing just the other categories.

But you cannot improve your vision and get rid of your eye problems long-term when you only focus on your eyes.

Eye Problems & Health

The reason is that eye problems are the first indicator that something is not going right in your overall health. Your eyes are the first part that you can see something is out of balance.

You see, the Triangle of Sight is also the Triangle of Health. Your eyes and your overall health are connected.

There is no such thing as being totally healthy and needing glasses. If you need glasses, your health is not in perfect shape. It can’t be, otherwise you wouldn’t need glasses.

So in order to start, we have to define the chicken and the egg of the Triangle of Sight. We have to define which area has the most influence over the others.
Because eye problems can start in each area, the starting point is too hard to determine. But we can define which area has the greatest impact on the others, then leverage that influence, and use the most impactful category as starting point.

Eye Problems – The Chicken or The Egg?

When you ask your optometrist where your eye problems come from they will tell you from your eyes. But as you can see in the Triangle of Sight, that’s only partly true. There are three possible factors.

So, to determine what came first that caused eye problems is very hard to do because usually it’s a combination, and interplay of factors.

But the easy thing to do is to determine the factor with the highest leverage overall the others, and that’s your mind.

The Mind & Eyesight

When we talk about the mind in regards to your vision, we are considering your mindset and your emotions.

Both of these have a great impact on your chemistry in the body, and your physical health as well.

Yes, the chemistry and physical health of your body determine your mindset and emotions as well, but we have to start somewhere.

Fact is, the picture you see, whether blurry or clear, is put together, filtered, and flipped in your mind. So if something in your mind is not in place, then the picture you see is easily distorted, your chemistry in the body messed up, and your physical body affected as well.

So the mental emotional factors have to be addressed first.

Eye Problems & Chemistry

The chemical factors of your body are next. What you put into your body and mind has a great impact on your chemical reactions in the body.

Your emotional wellbeing is greatly affected by the nourishment and the toxicity that you expose your body and mind to. This is about food, information, interactions with others, and a lot more.

So, to get rid of eye problems you have to pay close attention to the chemical reactions your actions create.
The Physical Aspect of Eye Problems

Last but not least we have to look at your body and your eyes. There are a great number of ways how your body is affecting your vision: your liver, your kidney, your blood, your posture, your neck, your back, and of course your eyes.

When you address all these areas, starting from the mind down, you will improve your vision. You will get rid of your eye problems and you will experience a level of health and energy that you have long forgotten.

Waking up in the morning, seeing clearly, and having abundance of energy right from the start can happen, and will happen, if you work with the Triangle of Sight.

Because each area affects the other the process and the results are actually very fast.

So next up, let’s have a look what the Mental/Emotional category has in store for us.

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