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Are Eye Exercises & Pure Vision Method™ A Scam? – No!

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

It’s amazing how many people ask me “does it really” work, when I explain what we do. There are still lots of people out there that think eye exercises and the Pure Vision Method™ are a scam. The funny thing is, it’s either people who haven’t tried it, or eye “specialist” that only know how to sell glasses.

Seriously, do eye “specialist” know how to improve vision? If they did, you’d get weaker glasses with every eye test, not stronger ones, wouldn’t you. So I said it before, and I say it again, the only thing they are really experts in, in my opinion, is selling glasses. They are “fashion” advisors of sort, if you believe glasses are pretty and fashionable.

Interestingly eye exercises are labelled as some new age fad, but they’ve been around for a long time. Much longer than glasses, and not to mention eye surgery.

So they are labelled an internet scam, where the website owners are enriching themselves by selling overpriced products that don’t work. That would be me, selling you an overpriced product that doesn’t work, and I’m secretly enriching myself by offering you a scam! So am I?

Let’s examine which one is a scam, eye exercises and with it the Pure Vision Method™, glasses and contacts, or eye surgery. Which one is a scam?

1. The Eye Exercises & Pure Vision Method™ Scam:

Fact is that the “New Age” eye exercises are not such a new idea after all. Dr William Bates popularized them around 1901, but he discovered them from Native American Indians. These are the exact eye exercises that are sold in most eBooks today.

Bates did a lot of research with them and documented it, but his ophthalmic peers didn’t want to know about it, they were busy selling glasses.

These eye exercises still work, as long as you exercise your eyes regularly. To have better long-term effects, we use a more holistic approach with the Pure Vision Method™ that works with your mind, your body, and your eyes.

Better Than Eye Exercises

It’s based on a traditional form of healing that comes out of Sufism, an ancient healing tradition in the Himalaya region. We just apply it to improve your vision. It has been used effectively for hundreds of years. Since we update it with the latest information that comes out of natural healing and performance technologies, it’s now more effective than ever.

In ancient China and India used techniques to improve vision naturally that work well. Only since these cultures abandoned their traditional types of medicine and embrace the Western approach the amount of glasses sold in these areas keep going up. And so does the number of eye surgeries.

The basics of eye exercises are as follows:

  • A set of eye exercises that strengthen the muscles of the eyes,
  • Relax these eye muscles
  • Balance the visual system

All naturally, so the exercises can't harm the eyes. But one has to actually DO the exercises. That’s where most scam claims come in. People expect it to work without doing any of the eye exercises. Try getting fit without exercise. Is exercising a scam because you have to actually work out for them to give results?

Let's the eye exercises scam to glasses, contact, and eye surgery in Part 2...

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Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford

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