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Relieve Eyestrain Truly Naturally – Eye Exercises For Computer Users

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

With the hours spent in front of computers for work, eye strain becomes ever increasing. It gives you headaches, makes concentrating difficult, and therefore leaves you terribly inefficient throughout the day.

So are there solutions to that problem specific for computer users?

When your fate of life is to work in front of the screen from 8am to gods-knows-when, eye exercises are not really the solution to your problems. But here are 5 steps that will relieve eye strain, no matter what.

Computer eyestrain became a fact of life. So many of us have to stare at a computer monitor all day at work. In the bedroom we read on tablets now, and while around, the phone is always there. Computer eyestrain is not a joke, it’s one of the first warning signs, so start to protect your eyes.

What Is Computer Eyestrain?

How many hours a day do you sit in front of the computer? For many people, it's their job and they spend 10 to 12 hours in front of the monitor and its glare. Constantly staring at a brightly lit monitor causes computer eyestrain and can permanently damage your eyes.

The position of your monitor screen is important. You should be looking at it straight on with your eyes cast slightly downward. The distance from you should be 1 ½ to 2 feet. Most of us lay our papers on the desk and our eyes go back and forth from the paper to the computer. That’s actually a good thing, so you alter your focus regularly. Alter the distance you look at as much as you can.

If you read a lot on screen, do your eyes a favour, and print some stuff. Reuse scrap paper, so you don’t harm our environment, but take your eyes off screen as much as you can. It’ll greatly reduce computer eyestrain.

But as I said, reuse paper you’d throw otherwise.

Tired Eyes Need Breaks

There are many things you can do to alleviate computer eyestrain. The most important thing is to take frequent breaks.

Get up and do something else for a few minutes every hour or so. You’ll have less eyestrain because your eyes will focus on something else. I wrote in a previous article to take your eyes for a walk, so get up from your chair and move; at least once an hour.

Also, look away every few minutes to give your eyes a break.  If you're at the office, just take notice of what's going on around you for a few minutes. Not only will you be helping soothe your eyes, but you won't miss out on anything either.

If you have a window, even better, just glance outside and see what’s happening. Computer eyestrain goes down when you change your focal distance often. That’s what our eyes are designed to do.

People get so focused on their work at the computer that they are oblivious to the world around them.  Closing your eyes for a minute or two every so often, will refresh tired eyes and minimise computer eyestrain.

And so does blinking; blink often, blink a lot, and write yourself a reminder next to your screen. Staring and not blinking is one of the major causes for computer eyestrain, and the computer just invites to stare.

After giving your eyes a break regularly, there are a few easy things that you can use to actively tackle computer eye strain. Let’s get check these out…

How To Stop Computer Eye Strain?

This is particularly important for laptops and tablets in the living room, or in bed. Tablets and smartphones add a lot to the computer eye strain problem, especially when used without lights in bed.

First things first; for good health and less computer eye strain - your bedroom is for sleeping only.

Work belongs to the office, and if you want a good night sleep get rid of any device in the bedroom. You know that you can read books on paper, right? Those old-school things are really good against computer eye strain. They don’t cause it.

Proper lighting is essential for good eye health.  If the light is too bright, you end up squinting, which in itself can lead to headaches, dry eyes, computer eye strain, and other vision problems. If it is too dark, your eyes will have to work harder, since they will be completely focused on the screen.

At work try to set your computer up where the light is not too bright or too dark. Adjust the blinds in the office, buy a desk lamp, or move your computer to another location. Also, seniors need more light than younger people, so make sure to have extra lighting if you are over 50 years of age.

Relax Your Eyes Muscles Regularly

Eye exercises are a great way to strengthen your eyes and cut down on computer eye strain.  You should use the stretching and relaxation techniques throughout the day whenever you experience computer eye strain.

Look up for ten seconds without moving your head, then look down for the same amount of time. Do not move your head, just your eyes.  Shut your eyes tightly, then open them and look to your right as far as you can, then look to your left as far as you can.  Again, do not move your head.

Finally, move your eyes to the right and then to the left and then blink to relax the muscles around the eyes. Do these exercises and relaxations once every couple of hours to reverse the damage caused by using the computer all day. Do not let the computer steal your eyesight!  With all of these safeguards in place, it won't stand a chance, and computer eyestrain will improve a lot.

What's The Best Way To Prevent Eyestrain?

Fixing when you have eyestrain is one strategy, but it's best to take care of your eyes, so it doesn't occur. Here are five simple steps you can implement throughout the day, so you'll have fresh and healthy eyes, no matter what you do for a living.

1. Change Your Focus Do

The best remedy to stop your eyes from staring, and to keep them moving and change focus as much as possible is to work with 2 computer screens. That exercises your eyes and changes your focus around like eye exercises would do.

Set them up with different resolutions and at different distances, and utilize both for reading. That way your eyes have to keep adjusting. That way your eyes have to change their focal length constantly. They’ll move a lot throughout the day, and this comes close to eye exercises for computer users.

2. Take Your Eyes For A Walk

I said it before and I’ll say it again because this works as much like eye exercises for computer users as it acts like a simple exercise to keep you healthier.

When you get out of the office for lunch, look around. Don't just stare at your feet, or the people passing by. Look at the tree tops, the ceiling of the corridor, and generally at points at various distances away from you, so your eye muscles move and stretch.

3. The 20-20-20 Rule

Every 20 minutes look for 20 seconds at an object 20 feet away from you. Again, this keeps your eyes to moving and prevents you from staring all day long at just one distance.

4. Stretch Your Neck And Back

All your nerves run out of the bottom of your head through your neck. Also the nerves that control your eye muscles do, and if your neck is too tight your eye muscles don't get accurate messages sent from the brain, which causes tension.

So, just move your neck, stretch it, and roll your head around. Keep it flexible.

This is essential for every holistic natural vision improvement method, and it’s essential for any eye exercises for computer users to work well.

5. Drink, drink, drink...

Water I mean. Yes, pure, flat, filtered water. The better the quality, the better your eyesight, even without any eye exercises for computer users...

70% of the body is water. 70% of the world is water. 70% of your cells is water. And guess what, most of your eyes is water content, too.

If you don't replenish the water in your body and eyes, you'll not just get dry, itchy, and fatigue eyes, but your energy level will drop. You'll feel fatigue altogether.

How much is enough? Great question!

About a glass per hour, each and every hour of your day is a great starting point. If you go to the bathroom once every 2 hours, you are on track (another great opportunity to take your eyes for a walk).

If your urine is any darker than a really light, bright yellow, you need to drink more!

6. Blink, Blink, Blink

During the day blink, blink, and blink again to relax your eyes. This is the best eye exercises for computer users because it keeps your eyes lubricated. Staring at the computer screen dries out your eyes, but blinking stops the staring and lubricates your eyes.

Try it for a day and you’ll see how much better your eyes feel at the end of the day, if you keep blinking.

7. Bonus Tip:

At the end of your day, don't exercise your eyes, relax them. Simply sit down, lean forward, rest your face in your hands, so that your palms cover your eyes.

Close your eyes, and let the warmth that's radiating off your palms relax your eyes.

Is There Any Eye Exercises Software?

To be honest, it's a waste of your precious time, but let me explain.

Really, if you understand the concept of eye exercises there is really nothing positive to say about eye exercises software.

It's flawed!

Why Eye Exercises Software Fails

Eye exercises are supposed to do 2 things:

1. strengthen your eye muscles
2. stretch your eye muscles

You see, over the years, because you were wearing glasses, your eyes didn't have to do much. Your eye muscles had nothing to do because your glasses were doing the job. As a result, your muscles got weaker and weaker, but also stiffer from staring straight through the glasses.

Therefore you need to stretch and strengthen your eye muscles, so they can work properly again. (Of course you have to get rid of the underlying root causes for your vision problems first, but we’ll get to that in just a sec.)

To do that you move your eyeballs up and down, left and right, and in a few shapes. You focus hard in front of you and then change the focus to your peripheral vision, and do many other things.

The important part though is to move them from one full stretch to the next. In other words fully left to fully right, fully up and fully down, so that you FEEL the stretch.

The problem with eye exercises software is that stretching your eyes from top to bottom on your computer screen, and from left to right over that distance is no stretch at all. So eye exercises software fails to do what eye exercises are designed to achieve.

And that's why...

The Flaw Of "Vision Defence Software"

Eye exercises software must have been created by people who don't understand what eye exercises actually do, otherwise they'd never develop it.

Try this; fully stretch your eyes left and right, meaning look over your left shoulder without moving your head, and then over your right shoulder. Feel the stretch.

Did you do it? Excellent! Do the same up and down.

How does it feel? Do you feel how your eyes stretch? Of course, it's like stretching any other muscle in the body. It's a sweet pain!

Ok, now do this for me. Do it like eye exercises software would work for you. Look to the left side of your computer screen and to your right. To the top and then to the bottom.

Do you feel a stretch?

Of course not because eye exercises software ain't stretching anything.

A screen will never be big enough for eye exercises software to be effective until we live a totally surrounding 3-D virtual reality. Until then you see how you'd waste your time, don't you.

Eye Exercises Download - Still Searching?

Each and every week we get tons of emails with a request to get our course for free, and to give away some free eye exercises.

So, what's the problem with that?

So many people spend so much time trying to get eye exercises for free and they don't understand that they are wasting their time...

Sadly, and I mean sadly from the bottom of my heart, people who get my course for free, NEVER complete it. That's the honest truth!

Most people, the vast majority, who get access to my free vision correction video course, in which I share a free eye exercises download, don't do them.

Why is that? Why are people searching for stuff for free, get it and then don't use it?

Free "Stuff" – The Illusion

The answer is simple. They don't value the eye exercises download they get!

But not just that; with the free eye exercises download they get the feeling that searching for the solution will get them the result they are after. They think just looking for eye exercises downloads, the rush they get from doing something “pro-actively”, will lead to the result they are after; clear vision.

But that, my friend, is an illusion.

It's a feeling that you are doing something, but in fact you aren't doing anything. If you would spend the same amount of time just doing any eye exercises, you'd get better results. But doing the action is too much pain for most people.

Time Evaluation Mistakes

Also, if you'd calculate how much time these people spend researching, browsing, sending emails, going on forums, on YouTube, and all that, they'd probably add up a day or two.

If they value their time at only $10 per hour, they could already spend $80-$160 on a product and could USE the 8-16 hours to DO the exercises and improve their vision.

But the rush is in the research, so that's what feels real to the people spending their time chasing the eye exercises download.

Make Up Your Mind

Do you want the result, or the rush? Invest the bit of money and USE your time wisely! You can make money, but you can NEVER get back time!

Keep that in mind.

Keep also in mind that eye exercises alone won't restore your vision, a more holistic approach is needed today.

So, to know what you need to do in your specific situation with your eye conditions, make sure you get your personalized report that we offer on this page.

It will outline exactly what your root causes for your eye conditions are and what you need to do to improver your eyesight.

This report is way more powerful than any eye exercises to start with because it will show you exactly what you personally need to pay attention to.

Click here to get your Free Personalized Report now!

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