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Eye Exercises

Bates Eye Exercises – Hermann Helmholtz vs. William Bates

After investigating if Bates eye exercises are a scam, and you decided for yourself, let see how we got to this discussion in the first place. Where did they come from, and why are the specialists not using Bates eye exercises? Bates Eye Exercises – It All Started With Helmholtz In 1855, Hermann von Helmholtz…

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Relieve Eyestrain Truly Naturally – Eye Exercises For Computer Users

With the hours spent in front of computers for work, eye strain becomes ever increasing. It gives you headaches, makes concentrating difficult, and therefore leaves you terribly inefficient throughout the day. So are there solutions to that problem specific for computer users? When your fate of life is to work in front of the screen…

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Eye Exercises To Improve Vision – Truth or Shenanigans

So, let’s get to the bottom of this; are eye exercises to improve vision shenanigans? Are people like me trying to scam you out of your hard earned money, or are optometrists scared to lose customers? Eye Exercises To Improve Vision – Am I A Thief? Most optometrists, opticians, or eye surgeons will tell you…

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Are Eye Exercises & Pure Vision Method™ A Scam? – No!

It’s amazing how many people ask me “does it really” work, when I explain what we do. There are still lots of people out there that think eye exercises and the Pure Vision Method™ are a scam. The funny thing is, it’s either people who haven’t tried it, or eye “specialist” that only know how…

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Exercise Your Eyes – MOVE Your Eyes For A Change

When I say “exercise your eyes”, I don’t mean eye exercises, just to make that clear right from the start. I’m talking about doing something else than staring. Computers, TV, smartphones, and now tablets are taking over by storm. Our world is becoming narrowly focused. So what does “exercise your eyes” mean? Exercise Your Eyes…

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