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Some Stories Are Worth To Tell...

An Introduction To
Evgania Mehler

The making of one of the leading vision improvement specialist, and pioneer into holistic vision improvement...

There are two primary factors that are affecting your eyesight, Evgania Mehler once remarked: Are you comfortably living in the present? And are you looking forward to your future with clarity and joy in your heart?

At the core, these two statements represent the foundation of healthy eyesight, a holistically healthy body, and a fulfilled life. All of which directly impact how well your eyes can see.

Early Life

When on April 25th, 1986 the nuclear disaster happened in Chernobyl, Evgania and her family lived just 400km away. One year later her mom passed away from cancer as an indirect victim to the catastrophe.

So early on in life Evgania learned that strong emotional pain influences health because as a result of her mom’s passing she began to suffer from kidney and bladder problems. These were set to plague her for many years to come.

The emotional support she received for losing her mom was none. Her school would give her one bag of sweets per year, and her father would avoid the topic. The scars of the tragic passing of her mom would follow her for many years.

One aspect of the emotional aftermaths was studying. Before her mom’s death Evgania was an A student with the help of her mother. But the emotional shock introduced learning disabilities though, which nobody recognized or treated as such. Instead her father would grow increasingly impatient when trying to help her with schoolwork and began to throw books at her for making mistakes.

This added emotional trauma to learning and studying would stay with Evgania for many years, inhibiting her development.


Being of Jewish decent living in the USSR, Evgania’s family relocated from the Ukraine to Israel to live in safer conditions when Evgania was 13.

Contrary to her dreams when they arrived in Israel, she got confronted with extremely harsh conditions. There was no nice and warm welcome for new immigrants, just harsh jokes in school.

Most Russian kids were greeted with “your mother is a whore” humor, which was more painful for Evgania than the usual kid. Because her mother was dead, so the scars had no chance to heal.

On top of that it was very difficult for Evgania to learn Hebrew because of her learning disabilities. Thus Evgania fell behind in schooling and her marks became very bad.

When her emotional suffering became too overwhelming, Evgania needed her first pair of glasses with age 16. She needed a barrier to hide behind.

By now she was a depressed teenager playing with suicidal thoughts in her mind.

As high school progressed and Evgania had to face the question of what she wanted to do with her life, her eyesight decline fast. She got stronger and stronger glasses.

Without good marks to study in university her options were limited and the prospect of compulsory military service added more insult to injury. The long shifts of guarding at night worsened her kidney and bladder problems, so that she got released from her compulsory service early.

Professional Development

After early exist from the military service, Evgania attended acting school at one of the best colleges available. It was here that her love for teaching and presenting from stage was born.

It was also here that her drive to find a solution to her eye problems came to light. Because of her glasses Evgania felt blind on stage without them. That limited her to a very narrow range of roles she could play.

Contact lenses didn’t work either due to the long hours, and the make-up and powders that proved to be very hurtful to her eyesight.

Her optometrist’s advice was reduced to a statement that there is nothing she can do. The only suggestion he had was eye surgery.

Evgania was not interested in eye surgery because her neighbor was a patient for whom eye surgery went wrong. She was not going to risk her eyesight with the procedure.

Plus the cost were too high for her student income and budget.

Journey to EyesightMatters™

At the end of her time in acting school Evgania encountered what she considers a miracle and her gift from the universe.

As she came into the living room one morning she found a book that promised the reader to improve his or her eyesight naturally with an ancient, Russian healing system that was kept secret in the USSR from the Communist leadership.

The book was sent to Evgania by her aunt from Canada who got rid of her glasses successfully using that system. So Evgania got hooked.
Of course the book was a teaser to lure readers to come to a seminar, and it worked. Evgania got so fascinated by the possibilities that she organized a travel to Moscow in Russia immediately.

Ultimately she attended three seminars in Russia and studied to become a master teacher. On that journey she spend years as a disciple traveling with master teachers up and down the country putting on live seminars.

This gave her the unique experience to work with thousands of people from all walks of life, with all eye conditions, and at all ages.

That experience and seeing all the downfalls where people didn’t succeed later ignited Evgania’s drive to learn more about holistic health and healing.

She ended up translating the system to Hebrew to teach seminars herself. And when she moved to Australia to live with her husband Veit Mehler she then created her own system based on everything she learned.

Plus adding everything that she learned was missing.

The problem with the Russian system is that it is narcissistically kept the way the author wrote it, without expanding by adding findings based on the latest research and developments of modern science.

Creating first the Pure Vision Method™ together with her husband Veit, gave Evgania the unique opportunity to leave behind all any egocentric attachments to materials, and to open up to all tools that are necessary and available today.

Through three successful and natural pregnancies and births Evgania learned even more about the needs and requirements of the human body, so that she reviewed her own advice.

So with EyesightMatters™ she co-founded and co-created all resources and tools that she knows will help you to live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life. With more confidence, more energy, more self-esteem, and of course better relationships and clear vision for life!

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