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Is Coffee Good For Your Eyes?

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

That's a great question. Because coffee is such an ingrained part of our daily lives by now...

And the information around it is really confusing:

  • some say it's great for the metabolism
  • other say it's the devil himself in a liquid

So, what's true?

Let's start with, what's bad about it? (Because we can turn some of these around...)

  1. it's a highly addictive substance... but who cares, right? 🙂
  2. it depletes your kidney energies and dopamine
  3. it's acidifying your blood PH
  4. non-organic is bathed in chemicals

Let's tackle them one by one:

1. It's addictive...

Uuuhhh, yeah, it is... have you ever tried to stop? If you are hooked on coffee and try to stop cold turkey, prepare for a week of headaches and feeling miserable...

But for the pleasure it gives, most people are willing to keep their "coffee vice". And that's totally fine!
2. It Depletes Your Kidney Energies & Dopamine...

That's a bit more important to pay attention to. Especially for your eyesight.

How does this work?

You see, the energy you get from the coffee, the boost, is not in the coffee... it's in your body... it's your own energy!

The coffee just makes your own resources flow more freely through your system...

The problem is, you use your own resources faster than you usually would. Leaving you with a deficit, if you don't top up...

Imagine your region has a huge dam to store water for agriculture. It has a gate on the bottom to control the outflow of water...

You have a drought period... the land needs water... so you open the floodgates very wide for quite some time... but you still don't get rain... what happens?

You are lacking water resources now... until you top up!

The same happens with your energies!

The good news is, you can fix that. More on that in a moment...

The problem for your eyesight is that your eyes need that kidney energy to see clearly. It's an integrated part of eyesight.

Sure, your optometrist won't agree... but that's because they don't understand holistic health. Where all parts of the body work together to form a healthy, thriving whole...
3. It's Acidifying Your Blood PH:

You know PH levels, right? From your soap... it has to be balanced for your skin to feel good...

If your soap is too acidic, your skin will itch or burn...

Your blood also needs to keep the PH balance. It needs to be at 7.36, so slightly alkaline.

If your blood PH moves just a touch to too acid, your body will move the toxicity into fat cells or organ cells. It has to, otherwise, you'll fall over dead...

No joke, the margins are very slim!

So, coffee is very acidifying to the body. It makes your blood slow and sluggish. And your body has to remove all of that to keep you alive...

Sounds pretty bad, right... first depleting your organs... now harming them... and clogging up your blood...

But there is a solution for that, too... so stick with me!
4. Non-Organic Coffee Is Sprayed Like Crazy...

That's a real issue! For your eyesight, your health, and our environment!

Plus, conventional, commercial coffee often comes with human abuse, slavery, and child labor... sure, not a pretty topic to talk about...

But true holistic health also considers your environment you live in... because it feeds your energy!

So for your organs all the chemicals are really bad news... it affects your liver. Your liver has to remove the toxicity from your system...

And when you liver is overworked, your kidneys need to jump in... then you are in real trouble...

Then your eyes are missing the kidney AND the liver energy they need to see clearly... see how this all fits together holistically...?

But here the solution is real simple: buy organic, fair-trade coffee!

Have a cup less per day, if you have to. But the taste, the health benefits, and the benefits for the environment and humanity are worth a couple of dollars!
And how do we fix the rest?

The acidity is really easy to fix; simply get a food-grade, aluminum-free (this one is a must!!) baking soda, and add a quarter of a teaspoon to your cup...

Problem solved! Your coffee is now alkaline!

And the organ depletion?

To fix the dopamine depletion, you'll need to add a herb that restores your dopamine to your coffee. You don't need much. But you need a good quality one!

And for the kidney energies; you'll need to add kidney building herbs. They are excellent to fill up your tank, instead of depleting it...
That's Where Coffee Is Great

Coffee is a great delivery mechanism!

Regardless of drinking coffee or not, if you have eye problems, your liver and kidneys are missing energy. And coffee is a great delivery mechanism for that...

It allows your body to get more of the active "good" stuff into your system...

And this is something we discuss and teach extensively in the Pure Vision Method™... so next time we open the doors, you know that this really goes way beyond just "exercising" your eyes...

It's about your holistic eye health!

So, in conclusion; enjoy your organic, free-trade coffee, but add baking soda and herbs... now you got a health tonic! 🙂

So, how did you like this? Useful information?

What else would you like me to write about? What are your most pressing questions about your eyesight?

Show me you are alive... comment below! 🙂

Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford


Professionally Reviewed by
Chryseia Brennan


  1. Kiran on July 30, 2016 at 9:18 am

    which herbs?

  2. Veit Mehler on July 30, 2016 at 9:21 am


    that’s a vast topic! We discuss all of that in an entire module of the course.

    So that’s a bit too much for a comment here…

  3. Sharada on October 19, 2016 at 8:01 am

    Does drinking tea does the same effect? Does it indirectly affects our eyes ?
    I do not drink coffee much..nor tea ..but my eyes are getting weaker and weaker..eye dr. Does not tell me a good reason for it…I don’t know what to do for my eyes.. ?

  4. Veit Mehler on November 12, 2016 at 6:25 am

    No, tea doesn’t have the same effect.

    You are mistaking a stimulant effect for a delivery mechanism.

    We are not interested in the stimulant effect here. It’s about delivering the herbs into the cells as effective as possible.

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