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Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Myopia Treatment?

Myopia (nearsightedness) patients make 8 common mistakes in their myopia treatment & correction. Do you?

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What Truly Causes Myopia?

Last Reviewed: January 20, 2020

There are different ways to look at what causes myopia. The "experts view" and the higher levels of investigation.

The difference lays in the amount of questions asked to establish the logic levels we are dealing with. Logic levels is a term used to describe how many times a question is asked to determine the most sophisticated level to look at a situation.

When looking at myopia causes that would be a question like "what causes that?" or "why is this happening?".

Unfortunately that process is cut short most of the time because we live a world of patching up symptoms, not treating the root causes of any physical issues. It pays better to sell recurring patches than to get rid of what's causing it.

With that said...

What Causes Myopia?

Let's start with the "experts view".

By that I mean how your eye specialist would explain the problem, if they do at all. Often you just get a prescription or a pair of glasses, but let’s see how they explain myopia causes.

The cause for the myopic picture that you see is that light falls incorrectly onto the retina. The retina is the back part of your eye that contains the light and color receptors to perceive what you see. It sends the information to your mind, which assembles the picture you see.

Myopia Causes Explained In Picture

As you can see in the image above, the letters fall short within the eyeball. They don't stimulate the light receptors of the retina correctly. As you can see, when we extend the light rays fall onto the retina and recreate the letters, there are two points of focus, not a single one that you see for normal vision.

Eye specialists explain myopia causes that your lens is too round, so the light entering your lens is redirected incorrectly.

So the theory is to change the shape of the lens by either offsetting the shape with another lens, ie use glasses or contact lenses to achieve the result. Or they would suggest to alter the shape of the lens by taking off what they consider access in myopia surgery.

How Is Myopia Caused At A Higher Level?

Something this image shows nicely is that the eyeball is elongated. In reality this is what moves the focal plane. So the question remaining, and never asked nor answered by eye specialist, is what causes the prolonged eyeball in the first place?

Eye Muscles Explained in Relationship To Myopia Causes

[/thrive_2step] To understand the higher logical levels of myopia, it's important to understand the eye muscles. It's all explained in the article.

As you can see on this image, there are 6 muscles attached to the eyeball. When they contract, your eyeball stretches out like a zoom on a camera, which then pushes out the lens. That causes the rounder shape, which the eye specialist pay all the attention to.

That’s a healthy function of the eye. This is how we zoom in on things that we need to make out in the distance. This is how we can see objects far away clearly.

But in case of myopia this happens chronically. There is chronic tension in the eye muscles that causes this process to occur all day every day. As a light zoom, and then stronger the longer you wear glasses.

The Multi Billion Dollar Question

The question the ophthalmic industry, your optometrist, optician, eye specialist, or however you call them avoid at all cost is, “What causes the chronic tension in the eye muscles that’s underlying the myopia causes?”

Why multi billion dollar question? Because if they dealt with these underlying root causes and healed your eyesight, the industry would lose the $50+ billion dollars that it turns over each and every year – in the US alone. And optometrists would not earn the recurring income that makes up part of their above average career predictions.

So let’s examine;

What causes chronic tension in other muscles in our body?

Simple answer: stress.

All types of stress; physical stress, mental stress, financial stress, emotional stress, you name it. All of these create chronic muscle tension in some areas of your body. Some have it in the neck, some in the back, some in the arms, fingers, shoulder, and some in the eye.

So what causes the stress in the eye muscles, rather than other parts of the body? Especially for high myopia. Great question!

What Are The Causes For Myopia In The Eyes Muscles?

First of, we have to get into the meta-physical world. That word has gotten a bad rep lately with the film The Secret and the Law of Attraction. But leave these out of the picture.

Meta-physical simply means “beyond the physical”. So what causes myopia beyond your physical body.

That leaves only one place: our mind.

Your mind is the determining factor of where the stress accumulates. With vision it’s very easy. What you don’t want to see, you won’t.

The Black Out Phenomenon

Myopia manifests in the eyes when you have issues seeing yourself in the future. It used to be common that kids got myopia at the end of high school, or the end of university. Why? Because that’s when they had problems for to see themselves in the future.

At these points in your life you have to make a few rather important decisions:

  1. what you want to do for the rest of your life. You have to decide which job to apply for. If you don’t want to look at that, the tension of the stress manifests in your eyes, and viola, there you got it. You literally can’t see into the distance.
  2. who to chose as your partner to spend the rest of your life with. Which mate would be best for your happiness, to exchange genes with (yes, we still unconsciously make that decision), and who would be best to take care of your when you are in old age. Again, if you can't see that person, you black out your vision into the distance.
  3. how to make ends meet. This one is getting more important every day because the rates of children above 30 still living with their parents is at record highs right now.

All of these are important considerations and are now pushed onto teenagers and kids earlier than ever. It's an unprecedented time in history where youth have the most choice of professions to choose from, but very little jobs available.

“Selective Seeing”

If we want to black out something, we literally can do that. Since we see in the mind, not the eyes, we can black out. We only perceive the light in the eye, but our mind assembles the picture we see.

Your mind is powerful, so powerful that it can decide where it sends your tension to achieve the result it needs. If you don’t want to look into the future because it’s scary, you won’t. The decision is made meta-physically, beyond the physical, but manifests on the physical plane. Myopia causes you to black out what you don’t want to look at.

The Underlying Root Causes For Myopia

Can glasses, contacts, or eye surgery get rid of what's causing myopia in your mind. Nope! That’s why you get stronger glasses after a while, and that’s why conditions return after eye surgery.

If you don’t remove what’s causing the problem, it’s gonna come back. You wanted to black it out, so your mind continues to do that. Who asks shall receive.

This is one example of an underlying root cause. There are others like tight shoulders, toxic liver, toxic kidneys, inflexible neck and back. All of these cause disruptions to proper functioning eyes. All of these cause myopia.

That's what we call "The Triangle of Sight".

What Is The Triangle Of Sight?

The basic premise of the of the Triangle of Sight is that you eye problems have underlying root causes in three areas of your life:

  1. Your Mental/Emotional Life
  2. Your Chemical Life (Nourishment & Toxicity)
  3. Your Physical Life (Your Body & Your Eyes)

So, if you don't know what the cause are in each of these areas you are basically shooting in the dark. Because glasses, contact lenses, and eye surgery are not dealing with any of these areas you are getting stronger and stronger prescriptions over time.

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