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Myopia correction exists for a lot longer than eye surgery. It was used by almost every native culture in the world. They had to have techniques, otherwise their existence would have been under threat. What Is Myopia Correction? Today most people only know about glasses, contact lenses, and eye surgery as ways to correct myopia,…

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Introduction Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 There are different ways to look at what causes myopia. The “experts view” and the higher levels of investigation. The difference lays in the amount of questions asked to establish the logic levels we are dealing with. Logic levels is a term used to describe how many…

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Myopia in most cases starts off mild. But depending on the underlying root causes, it increases in severity. Which can end up very strong. That’s called high myopia.

But it’s not the end of the road. Just an annoying stepping stone.

So read more for details.

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The most common technique to treat myopia is laser eye surgery. Of course, glasses and contact lenses are used to correct myopia, but when it comes to treatment, LASIK by far outnumbers every other solution. But is it the best option available? In this article, we are going to discuss 5 steps to treat myopia…

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How To Treat Myopia At Home

To really treat myopia, you have to do it… naturally without glasses (reading glasses or minus lenses) without surgical procedure I don’t care what procedure. LASIK, LASEK, laser, bladeless, or whatever. They all don’t treat. They just correct your lens. The same goes for glasses, contact lenses, reading glasses, or any eye drops you may…

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How To Cure Myopia Permanently

Definitely not with glasses, contacts, or eye surgery. Why? Because they don’t “cure”. They only correct. That’s a big difference. So, let me explain: Myopia is not an eye problem. I know you have been told all that time that your eyeball is too long. The shape of your lens is too steep. It’s the…

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