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Do carrots improve eyesight? True or false?

Last Reviewed: October 10, 2019
Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford


Professionally Reviewed by
Chryseia Brennan

Partly true... your eyes need carotenoids to thrive. They help your eyes to stay healthy and well into old age...

More specifically, they ensure they filter out blue light to protect your receptors that enable you to see...

Carrots simply contain two important carotenoids; Vitamin A and Lutein. Vitamin A turns into beta-carotene (a carotenoid)... and Lutein is something occurs directly your eyes.

Are Carrots The Only Food To Provide These Nutrients?

Not at all... in fact, green leafy vegetables are much better sources.

The tricky part with all health foods is this - can your body digest it, and take in the important nutrients?

If you haven't taken care of your digestive system your body will probably have a hard time to get all the goodness out of the food... even if you eat super healthy...

So while you increase your greens, you have to make sure you body can extract the healthy stuff...
Can I Just Use A Supplement?

That'd be the easy, quick fix solution... but you have to be really careful!

Most eye supplements are full of synthetic ingredients. And your body has no idea what to do with them...

With food, if you can't digest it, at least it'll move out... with synthetic supplements, if your body can't use them, they'll get stuck in your liver...

Your body will have to work very hard to get the stuff out... so you actually harm your eyesight, instead of helping it!
How Do You Know You Have A Good One?

With supplements "quality has a price" is very true. Supplement manufacturers don't save much on large production runs. They save on ingredient quality cost! (they have hardly any volume discounts...)

So, if a product is cheap, the ingredients must be cheap... that means, more likely than not, they are synthetic and your body can't use them...

If it's expensive, make sure it's labeled natural and non-GMO... that's not a guarantee for a quality product... but at least you are looking in the right direction...

Also, pay close attention to the non-active ingredients... read the label and research what's it means... you'll be surprised what major companies put in these things...
So, Should You Eat More Carrots?

Yes, why not? Add to that green leafy vegetables, and build your digestive system... plus have some good fats at the same time... vitamin A likes oil to get into the body!

Of course, we discuss all of that in depth in the Pure Vision Method™... so stay tuned for your next opening!

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Eye Surgeon

Professionally Reviewed by
Dr. Gary L. Bodiford


Professionally Reviewed by
Chryseia Brennan

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