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Correcting astigmatism is very different to getting rid of the eye condition. And you have to understand the difference. Because correcting astigmatism simply means that glasses or contact lenses bend the light correctly onto your retina. So you see more clearly.

But conventional astigmatism correction will leave you stuck with glasses or contact lenses. Also, eye surgery will not get rid of the condition.

So most people only correct astigmatism. Very few start

improving it. And hardly anyone treats the true root causes, so the condition never comes back.

That's the key - to get rid of the root causes, so astigmatism never comes back.

That's exactly why eye surgery doesn't last for over 50% of patients. So the most important step is to discover your personal root causes for astigmatism.

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How Do You Correct Astigmatism?

To understand astigmatism correction, and how it differs from astigmatism treatments, let's have a look at the definition of astigmatism.

Astigmatism is a refractive error. It's not an eye disease. It just means that the light bends into the eye incorrectly. In a normal, healthy eye the rays of light fall onto the retina to merge and focus right on it.

  • astigmatism is a refractive error, not an eye disease
  • astigmatism correction only changes the direction of the light falling into your eyes
  • astigmatism correction is not the same like getting rid of the eye condition

With a refractive error, the light merges and focuses in front of the retina, or behind it. Causing distorted vision, double vision, and blurry vision.

For astigmatism, the distortion of the light rays is either a misshaped cornea or a lenticular distortion.

Cure Glaucoma

Correct Astigmatism

To cure glaucoma you have to understand your hormones.

To cure glaucoma you have to understand your hormones and your hormone balance. The true root cause of glaucoma is a hormonal imbalance.

  1. Hormonal issues due to stress.
  2. Hormonal issues from your diet.
  3. Hormonal issues because of toxicity and circulation problems.

Unfortunately, eye drops, glaucoma medication, stem cell treatments, or glaucoma surgery do nothing to get rid of the root causes. They just manage eye pressure. But the do not treat glaucoma, the eye disease.

The hormone imbalance is what causes the drainage ducts in the eyes to get blocked. No herbal or cannabis treatment will cure glaucoma either.

Only balancing your hormones correctly will. Only removing the true glaucoma causes will. So you have to find out what exactly are your root causes. Our free glaucoma test will reveal that for you with a personal treatment plan.

What Is Astigmatism Correction?

Astigmatism correction is the process in which the rays of light get corrected. So the light rays merge and create a focal point directly on the retina.

So you can correct astigmatism in many different ways. You can correct astigmatism with glasses, with contact lenses, with laser surgery, with LASIK surgery, IOL transplants, and also during cataract surgery.

The right type of correction for astigmatism depends on the type of astigmatism you have. Not all contact lenses will work. Not all type of astigmatism surgery will be effective for the different types of astigmatism.

The physics of the correction is always the same. Alter the direction of the light rays bending into the eye so they create a single focal point right on the retina again. So you see only one sharp picture.

What Kind Of Lenses Correct Astigmatism?

Which type of lens you need to correct astigmatism depends on the type of astigmatism the lens is supposed to correct. Different lenses correct different types of astigmatism.

Corneal astigmatism requires different types of astigmatism lenses than lenticular astigmatism.

For more details, please visit our page about all the astigmatism glasses and lenses.

But not matter if you want to correct astigmatism with contact lenses. Or if your astigmatism correction is with glasses. If you are correcting astigmatism with soft contact lenses, with a crystalens, with a toric lens, or using any other type of corrective lens.

You are always just correcting astigmatism. You are just offsetting the distortion of the lens or the cornea. A lens prescribed for astigmatism does not fix the condition.

So contacts do correct astigmatism, but how to cure astigmatism, we'll discuss below.

What Is The Astigmatism Correction On Prescription Of Glasses?

Glasses with astigmatism correction have a cylindrical correction. It's stated as CYL. Plus, for

astigmatism correction with glasses or contacts, there is also an axis value. That's the angle of the distortion.

So correcting astigmatism with glasses or contacts, you need to have these two values established. Otherwise, the astigmatism correction is not going work because there won't be a proper correction in the prescription.

How To Correct Astigmatism With Laser Eye Surgery?

Let's be clear; there is no difference in correcting astigmatism with LASIK, with PRK, with LASEK, with IOL, with LRI, during cataract surgery, or with any other type of astigmatism surgery that is available today.

The type of eye surgery doesn't matter. A surgery will still be a correction only.

Because the surgery is not getting rid of the root causes of the condition. Astigmatism correction only redirects the light. But there was a reason that the corneal distortion or the lenticular distortion happened in the first place.

That underlying reason is still there. That's why over 50% of the astigmatism correction procedures don't last. That's why you get stronger and stronger prescription for your glasses or lenses over time.

Because the root causes are still there. And they make the condition worse over time. Because LASIK or any type of laser eye surgery does not fix astigmatism.

How Important Is Astigmatism Correction?

If you don't want to treat, improve, cure, or fix astigmatism naturally to get rid of the condition astigmatism correction is important.

Especially with moderate astigmatism, or high and severe astigmatism symptoms. Because the double vision that comes with it, can be dangerous in many situations.

So, if you experience distorted, double, or blurry vision due to astigmatism and don't want to fix it, astigmatism correction is very important to keep you and your environment safe.

But it's best to stick to glasses. Because contact lenses can irritate the eye and are not great for the cornea. And surgery is invasive and changes your eye permanently.

When Does Astigmatism Need To Be Corrected?

As just explained above, astigmatism should be corrected when the symptoms are too strong to live your life properly.

You should definitely correct astigmatism if you don't want to fix it, but get headaches frequently. Plus you should correct it when you drive or use heavy machinery and experience vision problems.

So, whether you correct astigmatism or not, you should definitely start improving it naturally as soon as you can.

Why Correct Astigmatism?

Because the symptoms restrict your life. When you experience headaches often you better correct astigmatism. Because it will make your life more comfortable.

But comfort aside; if you don't cure astigmatism naturally you must correct it with glasses, contacts, or eye surgery to stay safe in traffic. As stated above, glasses would be the preferred option because glasses are the least invasive and don't alter the shape of your eye.

How Much Does Astigmatism Correction Cost?

That depends on the type of astigmatism correction or procedure. Different types of surgery attract different costs.

Glasses can vary greatly in price. Also, astigmatism contact lenses differ in price depending on the type.

Your best option is to consult your local eye care professional about your option. The average cost of glasses per year is $236.50 for test, frame, and lenses.

But you can save all that money, if you start to improve astigmatism naturally right away.

What To Eat To Correct Astigmatism?

The simple answer is; real food!

Not the processed, empty crap that is passed off as food today. Real food with real ingredients that have minerals and vitamins in them.

No food will correct astigmatism. But the right foods will help you to cure astigmatism.

The long answer is; this topic alone takes up two modules in the Pure Vision Method™. So to dig deep into nutrition and your eyesight, get in touch to see how we can help.


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How To Correct Astigmatism In A Child?

Unfortunately, in recent years, optometrists and the eye industry are targeting children of younger and younger ages with glasses. Especially toddlers are prescribed glasses way too often now.

The best option is to eliminate the root causes. Make sure your child is emotionally healthy. Daycares and Kindergartens nowadays feel the need to teach children reading and writing at younger and younger ages.

Do some research, if that stress is really necessary for children. Or should they be outside and play?

Then make sure they eat real food. With real nutrients.

Processed foods today are empty calories. They fill the tummy, but there are no vitamins and minerals in the food. Plus, the digestive flora is very important to pay close attention to.

It is not normal for children and toddlers to develop astigmatism. Glasses will only cover up the real reason of what's going on.

Children need to pay and have fun. They need to be in the sun. Safe and sun-smart of course, but they need to see sunlight. Preferably in the morning hours until 10.30am or 11am, and in the later afternoon from 2.30pm onwards.

And no, kids don't need sunglasses. During those hours they also don't need sunscreen. They need the Vitamin D!

Plus, they need to eat real food to nourish their bodies, organs, and health.

Of course, they need to move! If they have eye problems, ditch the tablet, phone, iPods, computers, and everything else. Enroll them in tennis classes twice a week.

Do that, and astigmatism will correct itself.

If you need a private consultation for your toddler or child because of astigmatism, get in touch and we get you set up. An astigmatism treatment for toddlers will have to be a custom consult to examine properly what’s going on.

So to treat astigmatism in toddlers you have to find out what truly causes astigmatism. Otherwise, the treatment is too broad and vague.

How To Correct Astigmatism Naturally?

Yes, you can improve astigmatism without astigmatism glasses. You can correct astigmatism without surgery. And you can cure astigmatism so you don't need contact lenses anymore.

The rest of this page is dedicated to all the ways you can do that. Because astigmatism correction without glasses, without surgery, and without contacts is a vast topic.

So, let's get into it...

How To Cure Astigmatism?

A cure for astigmatism means to fix astigmatism without glasses. So can you fix and cure astigmatism without glasses? Of course, you can because glasses only make it worse.

Any cure for astigmatism, any alternative cure will help you to get rid of your root causes that caused your astigmatism in the first place. So the best fix is an astigmatism treatment without glasses, without surgery, and without any type of corrective lens.

So, to treat astigmatism you have to improve astigmatism. Duh!

But what happens when you wear astigmatism glasses or contact lenses? Over time your prescription increases. If you have back luck they find astigmatism and myopia the next time you come to an astigmatism test. But fact is, it's not a treatment.

Because you don't fix astigmatism. All you do is cover up that you have eye astigmatism at all.

So, astigmatism can be removed naturally, if you treat, cure, fix, and heal all the underlying root causes. The reasons why your lens or cornea distorted in the first place.

Once you do that your astigmatism is treated. You will have a proper cure for astigmatism that helps you improve your eyesight naturally, so astigmatism is gone.

So, to improve astigmatism naturally you have to treat the root causes in three areas of your life:

  1. your mental & emotional life
  2. your chemical life (the way you nourish your body & your toxicity in the body)
  3. your physical life; the balance of your body and eyes

15-Triangle-of-Sight-CirclesSo when you improve, treat, fix, cure, and heal these areas of your life, astigmatism will fix itself. It's that simple. This is the only way that astigmatism can correct itself.

If you don't address these root causes, astigmatism will get worse. If DO work with these root causes and get rid of them, your astigmatism will get better and go away.

This has nothing to do with age. Astigmatism will not improve with age if you don't address the root causes. It may transform into another eye condition, but your eyesight will not get fixed.

Can Astigmatism Improve With Glasses?

You can only fix astigmatism with glasses, with contacts, with LASIK surgery, with laser eye surgery, or with any type of surgery at all, if you would also fix the causes of astigmatism at the same time.

Because there are no astigmatism contacts that correct for astigmatism on the level of root causes. There are no contacts to fix astigmatism or astigmatism correction. Because to fix it, you have to eliminate the root causes.

Otherwise, cost to fix astigmatism will increase constantly. More surgery, stronger glasses, new astigmatism contact lenses, and getting new prescriptions over time.

Because that's what's happening to you right now...

Your prescriptions keep getting stronger. Because the root causes are still there and are still affecting your eyesight. Astigmatism is getting worse as long as the root causes are not addressed.

How Do Eyeglasses & Contacts Fix Astigmatism?

They don't. You can't use lenses to treat astigmatism. Because, as explained above, glasses don't improve astigmatism. Contact lenses don't treat astigmatism. Both make astigmatism worse.

There is no lens to cure astigmatism. All corrective lenses and eye surgery can do is correct astigmatism. Because they never work on and eliminate the root causes for astigmatism.

How To Cure Astigmatism Fast?

So to fix astigmatism naturally, without glasses, in the fastest way possible, you have to start with your mind and your emotions.

Astigmatism starts in the mind. It start's in your emotional brain. All the physical aspects come as an after effect of the mental and emotional protection. All your mind is trying to do is to protect you from emotional pain.

That is because your optic nerve enters your brain into your emotional brain. And your mind filters out 80 - 90% of the light information your eyes perceive.

To really understand how all of this works, read our article about the true causes of astigmatism. You will understand why you can only cure astigmatism without glasses and without surgery. When you heal the astigmatism root causes.

Again, there is no surgery to cure or fix astigmatism. You can't just do an operation and hope that your mental and emotional root causes will cure or fix themselves.

There is no medication to treat astigmatism. You can't be treating it with glasses or with LASIK.

If you want LASIK to fix astigmatism and improve astigmatism, so you can live without glasses for the rest of your life, there is something else you need to do to cure astigmatism.

For eye surgery to heal your astigmatism, you have to improve the root causes for your astigmatism at the same time.

And then there is no need to do LASIK or any other astigmatism surgery anymore. Because you will improve astigmatism anyways. Because the problem for astigmatism in not in your eyesight.

To improve and repair astigmatism you have to fix the root causes in your mind, your emotions. You have to increase your vitamin and mineral intake. You have to get rid of toxicity.

You have to improve your body's balance. And you have to balance out your eyes. Only then will you fix astigmatism.

The fastest leverage point is your mind and your emotions! That's where the magic happens. That's why we have two modules on that in the Pure Vision Method™.

Uncovering exactly what your root causes are. Then helping you to get rid of them in the easiest way possible.

That's where your energy, your confidence, and your self-esteem just skyrocket again.

How To Cure & Treat Astigmatism Naturally?

What can cure astigmatism naturally is treating astigmatism at the level of the root causes. A natural cure for astigmatism will need to work on the three levels we discussed above.

True natural treatments for astigmatism must improve:

  1. your mental & emotional life
  2. your chemical life (nourishment & toxicity)
  3. your physical life (your body & eyes)

The only way to cure astigmatism naturally, lasting long-term, and permanently is to get rid of all root causes for astigmatism naturally.

The way how you treat astigmatism naturally is actually easy. When you follow a clearly laid out step-by-step system. What you can fix with astigmatism will have a far-reaching impact on your vision, life, and health.

But true treatments of astigmatism are rare. And you have to find out if it will work for you as well.

So, click here now <--


Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Correct Astigmatism Naturally

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How To Cure Regular / Irregular / Myopic / Hyperopic / Mild / Mixed / Severe / High Astigmatism?

It doesn't matter. It's all the same. The label doesn't change the root causes.

You have to get rid of the root causes holistically, working with your mind, your emotions, your nourishment, your toxicity, your body, and your eyes.

Once you do that, all astigmatism will be fixed. You will treat, improve, cure, correct, and fix regular astigmatism. You will fix irregular astigmatism. You will heal myopic astigmatism.

You will repair hyperopic astigmatism. You will improve mild astigmatism, mixed astigmatism, severe astigmatism, or high astigmatism.

All of these are the same thing in different shades.

Just click here <-- to discover why you really have astigmatism.

How To Cure Astigmatism Permanently?

A permanent cure for astigmatism has to work with and fix all the root causes mentioned above. Because problems with astigmatism correction come up when the root causes are still there.

The only permanent fix for astigmatism available today that helps you to eliminate all root causes for astigmatism is the Pure Vision Method™.

Many website visitors ask me if they can cure astigmatism with eye exercises. Usually they tried eye exercises to treat astigmatism and failed.

That's because what helps astigmatism, what cures astigmatism, are only ways that treat and fix astigmatism at the level of the root causes.

Eye exercises help to correct astigmatism. The way how you can improve astigmatism with eye exercises is only if you deal with your mind and emotions first. Then you have to make sure you nourish your body right. That your toxicity moves out.

That you balance out your body. And only then eye exercises can help you to treat astigmatism.

They are only a part of the overall holistic strategy. Without the rest, even if you improve astigmatism, the problems are likely to come back.

How To Use Yoga To Cure Astigmatism?

The same thing like with eye exercises. Yoga can only be a part of the overall strategy. And there is a lighter and easier, much more effective type of exercise to cure astigmatism.

Because yoga can be very hard on many people's bodies. Many of our website visitors are not the physical shape to pull off a truly effective yoga routine on a regular basis.

On a daily basis, which you need at the beginning to cure astigmatism.

That's why in module five of the Pure Vision Method™ you learn our proprietary whole body gymnastics. It's a light and easy type of exercise that will help you to restore balance in your body.

It's like yoga, tai-chi, and qigong combined. Just without the sweapt because it's much lighter and easier to do.

So, yoga alone will not cure your astigmatism. It has to be part of your overall holistic step-by-step program. It has to be combined with healing your mind. Treating your emotions. Fixing your nutrition. Correcting your toxicity. Balancing out your physical body (that yoga could do, but there is an easier way for that). And then curing your eyesight at the same time.

That's why the Pure Vision Method™ is a systematic approach to help you with all of that.

How To Treat Cure Astigmatism With Food?

So, can you use food to cure astigmatism? If so, what do you need to eat to treat astigmatism?

Again, it's part of the overall strategy. It's not just one isolated thing.

Sure, some vitamins can help to cure astigmatism. Actually, it's more about minerals than vitamins.

But if you don't take care of your overall health all the food and supplements you take for these minerals and vitamins will just pass through. They won't even get in.

And if you don't deal with your mind and emotions, even the best food can turn toxic. Eating great healthy food in a depressed or angry state of mind is not a good idea.

So what you eat is important to cure astigmatism. But your state of mind and your physical health are just as important.

What Is A Herbal Cure For Astigmatism?

There is none. Certain herbs are great to add. Some for getting minerals into your system. Others are great for your organ energy to fix and treat astigmatism.

But there is not one herbal treatment or cure for astigmatism. It's all part of an overall strategy.

Again, that's why we discuss herbs in the Pure Vision Method™ for a whole day of the course. Because it's that important.

But it's not a herbal cure for astigmatism. It's just one aspect of everything.

Is There A Homeopathic Cure For Astigmatism?

No! Homeopathy is like a medicine. It just works with the energetics of the active ingredients rather than having these ingredients. The energetic essence is captured in tinctures.

There can't be a homeopathic cure for astigmatism. There is only a holistic treatment to fix, cure, heal, and correct astigmatism naturally.

That's the Pure Vision Method™. Because it is the first and only holistic astigmatism improvement program that allows you to fix astigmatism while improving your energy, health, and confidence.

Without the need for glasses, contact lenses, or eye surgery. And without any side-effects.

Again, this is not a herbal or homeopathic cure for astigmatism. It's a holistic system that will help you to eliminate all your root causes.

When To Treat Astigmatism?

As soon as you notice the problems. Or as soon as you found this site.


Because the sooner you start, the faster you will feel liberate and free. The sooner you start, the faster you'll enjoy better energy again. The faster you will have great confidence again. And the faster you'll be able to focus properly again.

The sooner you start, the more you save on glasses, contacts, or anything else you need for astigmatism right now.

 Who Treats Astigmatism?

Surprisingly, only us with the Pure Vision Method™.

Everyone else does a part of the healing process. Some offer herbs, some do supplements. Others yoga or some physical exercises, and then you get eye exercises.

But nobody understands the mind and emotions as they relate to eyesight.

So all of these are part of the system. But the only place to get it all in one place. Laid out step-by-step. As a holistic astigmatism healing system is here.

The question is, would it work for you?

Click here <-- to find out

Pure Vision Method™ for Astigmatism
Pure Vision Method™ for Astigmatism
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