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Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Astigmatism Treatment?

Astigmatism patients make 8 common mistakes in their astigmatism treatment & correction. Do you?

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A Comprehensive Guide About The True Causes Of Glaucoma

Last Reviewed: January 16, 2020

This article is for astigmatism patients who want to find out the true root causes for their eye condition.

  • If you want to get a free, personal, custom plan or blueprint with a detailed analysis of your root causes in your circumstances and get the exact steps  for you to correct astigmatism naturally in your life, click here
  • If you first want to get a more general information about astigmatism causes, read this article.

Sad but true - no astigmatism test will reveal the true root causes of your astigmatism. All astigmatism tests are designed to do is to prescribe glasses or contact lenses.

Revealing your true causes of astigmatism would help you to get rid of them and fix your eye condition. But that's not the purpose.

The astigmatism cause is a distortion of your lens. The question is, what's causing the distortion. There are two parts to it.

First, a mineral deficiency causes a weakness of the lens. Plus other factors cause uneven pressure on the lens. To discover your own root causes, Click here.


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Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Correct Astigmatism Naturally

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What Are The Main Causes Of Astigmatism?

The two causes of astigmatism are:

  1. a distortion of the lens
  2. a distortion of the cornea

So for astigmatism to develop a refractive error needs to occur. Meaning for a person to have astigmatism the light needs to fall into the eye incorrectly.

Changes in the eye cause the light to focus or merge before or behind the retina. And in the case of astigmatism that change is either a lens distortion (lenticular astigmatism) or a cornea distortion (corneal astigmatism).

That's why astigmatism causes objects to appear blurry. Because the focal point is not on the retina, as it should be. The light rays focus and merge too early or too late. So that two visual stimuli are happening on the retina, where only one merged stimulus should appear.

That blurry vision is a definition of astigmatism. Yet the real question goes one logical level above; what causes the lens or corneal distortion in the first place?

For corneal distortion, the problem can be an accident. Or an after effect of eye surgery. As well as other eye diseases such as keratoconus or cataract. Astigmatism in the cornea is often related to that.

Of course, the question arises, what causes the other eye disease before astigmatism. That's the questions the ophthalmic industry is not asking, but should...

There are 3 levels of root causes that cause astigmatism:

  1. Your Mental & Emotional Life
  2. Your Chemical Life (your levels of toxicity and how you nourish your body)
  3. Your Physical Life (the health and balance of your body and eyes)

Most of the time, astigmatism start in your mental and emotional life. Because your mind and your emotional brain play a very important role in your eyesight.

So, why does astigmatism develop?

The optic nerve enters right into the emotional brain. It's the part of the brain that is concerned with survival only. It acts on visual stimuli within 2 milliseconds.

The emotional brain is trying to avoid pain at all cost. Anything that looks like an emotional complication will get filtered out.

And that's where astigmatism comes in.

Why The Emotional Brain Causes Astigmatism?

It's a fear of not really wanting to see yourself. An unwillingness to see your own beauty and amazingness. Lacking or having trouble to see the magnificence in the self.

When Does Astigmatism Develop?

That's why astigmatism appears so often in teenage years. It's the time when we start to have issues with ourselves. With the self.

It's the time when self-criticism kicks in. When we don't feel enough.

And that's the reason why astigmatism is growing in numbers. With the advent of social media, that problem got worse. Teenagers now have to face the fake realities of others.

Then they compare their own realities they don't really like, with the fake presentation of perfect lives of their friends. Add to that cyber bullying, and you have the perfect breeding ground for the condition to thrive.

Don't believe that's a real cause for astigmatism?

Investigate your own life... did anything like that occur in the two years prior to you getting your first astigmatism prescription?

Did you have issues with yourself? A lot of criticism around you? Did you get teased and bullied?

Of course, you won't find that answer on Yahoo, Quora, Yahoo Answers, or YouTube. Because all of these sites are trolled by optometrists. When listening to optometrists and eye specialist, always keep one question in mind...

Did they help you to improve what causes the astigmatism in your eye?

Meaning, did the corneal distortion or the lenticular distortion get any better because of their work? If not, think about what they really know.

Because we have helped thousands of people from around the world to improve their eyesight. It IS possible. They just don't know it because they are in the business of selling glasses.

Keep that in mind.

What Part Of The Eye Causes Astigmatism?

Optometry differentiates between two types of astigmatism:

  1. corneal astigmatism
  2. lenticular astigmatism

With corneal astigmatism, the distortion is in the cornea. Lenticular astigmatism is a distortion of the lens.

What Causes Corneal Astigmatism?

The most common causes for corneal astigmatism are:

  • an accident
  • another eye disease like keratoconus or cataract
  • it appears after eye surgery.

It's the less common type of astigmatism. The root causes are more physical that mental/emotional. Yet this type of eye astigmatism can still be treated and improved naturally.

A large contributor to corneal distortion can be malnutrition and lack of essential nutrients in the

diet. A weakness of the cornea comes down to a lack of minerals.

What Causes Lenticular Astigmatism?

Lenticular astigmatism, so a distortion of the lens. It is the most common form of astigmatism of the eye.

Here the root causes are most of the time mental and emotional first. Then physical root causes appear as a result of the mental and emotional factors.

What Causes Myopic Astigmatism?

Myopic astigmatism is a condition where your astigmatism bends the light into your eyes in a way that the rays of light merge in front of the retina.

In a normal, healthy eye, all the light falling into the eye merges into one focal point exactly on the retina. Leaving you with a clear image that is aligned between both eyes, and all the light rays entering your eyes are focused together.

In the case of myopic astigmatism, the rays of light merge too early in the eye. So they extend crossed over, meaning there are two focal points on your retina. That's why astigmatism causes double vision. You eyes literally perceive two light stimuli instead of one.

What Causes Hyperopic or Hypermetropic Astigmatism?

Hyperopic astigmatism is the opposite of myopic astigmatism. Instead of the light focusing and merging too early, they come together behind the retina. So by the time the hit the retina as visual stimuli, the rays of light are not yet together.

So again, instead of having one clear, crisp, focused stimulus from merging light, you have two stimuli of the same thing apart. Leading to double vision because you see the same thing twice.

What Causes Regular Astigmatism?

Regular astigmatism is the normal type of astigmatism. Simply one distortion. It's either in a lenticular distortion, or a corneal distortion.

Yet most regular astigmatism is lenticular. It is a single bend that causes the light to fall incorrectly into the eye. It is usually caused by the root causes discussed above.

What Causes Irregular Astigmatism?

With irregular astigmatism, there are multiple distortions on the same cornea. Usually, it's a defect after an accident, as a result of keratoconus, or a mistake during eye surgery.

It means that the cornea has more than one uneven area that distorts the incoming light. Therefore it has more than one angle at which the light gets distorted.

Therefore you don't just see with double vision, but triple, quadruple, or a seriously distorted vision.

What Causes Sudden Astigmatism?

That depends on the type of astigmatism. If it's irregular, it can be due to an accident or an after effect after LASIK or after cataract surgery.

If it's combined with keratoconus, it may be an extreme weakening of the cornea that causes a sudden corneal misshaping.

If it's regular, lenticular astigmatism it may be that you experienced extreme emotional pain. Somebody put you down and really got to you.

Or worse, you lost your job and hate yourself. You see yourself as a loser.

A break-up or a divorce. Any really painful emotional even can trigger sudden astigmatism.

If it's a regular, corneal astigmatism that hits you out of nowhere, get your mineral levels and absorption checked urgently. It may be that your body can't take in certain minerals, which leads to a weak cornea.

What Causes High Astigmatism?

High astigmatism is a strong prescription for astigmatism. The root causes are the same. Just when the root causes are not dealt with, they get stronger.

So, if the root causes are mineral deficiencies and the patient doesn't ensure minerals get into the body are absorbed, astigmatism will get worse.

If the root causes come down to mental and emotional issues and you just put astigmatism lenses or glasses to correct the refractive error, the root causes will get worse.

If your emotional brain is trying to avoid pain and you magnify it for the emotional brain to see, your mind will cause your vision to blur out. Your mind has the ability to filter out 80 - 90% of the light information it perceives to make sense of the picture you see.

If it tries to avoid pain by blurring out the things that cause you pain, it can use the same technique to blur it out more, if you put glasses or lenses there.


Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Correct Astigmatism Naturally

Just click the green button here to get started now.

What Causes Severe Astigmatism?

Severe astigmatism is just a notch up from high astigmatism. The same thing applies. If you don't get rid of the root causes and just try to correct the refractive error, the root causes will play even more havoc.

That's why any effective treatment for astigmatism has to remove the underlying root causes. It's not about offsetting the refractive error. It's about holistically healing what's causing astigmatism underneath it all.

If a simple astigmatism correction with astigmatism glasses was going to improve the condition you would get weaker and weaker astigmatism lenses over time. But do you? Exactly!

What Causes Changes In Astigmatism?

The causes for astigmatism changes are nothing but the same like for the original occurrence of the condition. Whether astigmatism appears in one eye or in both eyes, the causes are the same.

So, obviously meaning people ask if changes in astigmatism are due to computers. It's the new version of asking if astigmatism is caused by reading. Reading and bad light were the culprits of astigmatism and other eye conditions before computers can around.

But a study in Japan in 1991 had a look into that. They couldn't find a connection. They only discovered that stress and posture caused eye problems.

So, if you get changes in astigmatism, it's not because of the computer. If it's because of how you hold your body while you use the computer.

And that's where phones and tablets are a lot worse than computers. Because using them for long periods of time causes the head to fall forward. That slouching posture with the shoulders rolled forward and the head hanging down is putting a lot of tension into your neck and shoulders.

If you get changes in astigmatism because of an injury or after cataract surgery that is, of course, different.

If you get changes in astigmatism due to injury you need to get an examination as soon as possible to find out what's going on. Plus, you want to minimize any long-term damage.

If your astigmatism changes appear after cataract surgery, talk to your surgeon. Find out what went wrong during the procedure and what you can do to fix it.

So, does astigmatism get worse when you are tired?

You notice astigmatism when tired a lot more than during the day. The reason is that your mind compensates for the refractive error most of the day. Your glasses are too strong or too weak more of the day.

Because vision is dynamic. It changes and fluctuates throughout the day.

Therefore your prescription is too weak or too strong most of the time. And your mind has to spend a lot of energy to clear your vision up. That's tiring.

And the more tired you are, the tougher the constant correction becomes. That's why you notice astigmatism more when you are tired.

But being tired doesn't change your astigmatism. And being tired is not the cause for astigmatism.

The reason you get too strong astigmatism prescriptions in the first place is that during your astigmatism eye test your eye test result was not accurate. Because your vision dynamically fluctuates throughout the day.

What Can Cause Astigmatism To Get Worse?

As just discussed, leaving the underlying root causes untouched will cause astigmatism to change and to get worse.

It has nothing to do with age. Astigmatism is likely to increase if the same root causes still play havoc, even after correction. That's also why astigmatism is likely to worse after LASEK surgery again.

Because also astigmatism surgery does not remove the root causes. It just makes a permanent correction. But as likely as astigmatism glasses get stronger, with the same likelihood astigmatism will return and get worse even after LRI surgery.

So what can you do when astigmatism gets worse?

The same like all the time. Find out if you can improve astigmatism and fix astigmatism naturally in your situation. Then uncover your true root causes for astigmatism. Get rid of the root causes naturally and holistically one by one.

Eye specialists don't deal with true root causes. They just cover up the symptoms of astigmatism with some artificial lens correction. But they don't cure astigmatism.

And that's why astigmatism is getting worse.

Is Astigmatism Hereditary?

My favorite question; are you born with it? No!

The closest research comes is saying that you may inherit the potential to get astigmatism... what an empty statement!

You either inherit a gene or you don't. There is no potential. The only thing you "inherit" is the lifestyle. It's not as much inheriting as it is called "modeling".

We all do that! Ages 0 - 3 we take in everything our parents do without checking the input. The foods they like, the way they eat... The way they talk. The way they hold their body, so their posture.

Thought patterns, emotional patterns... it all goes in.

We don't run a conscious filter on that if it's good or bad. We just take it in. That's where the "oh, you are just like your mom or dad" comes from.

We model it!

So, what causes astigmatism in babies? Check the stress levels of the mom. What did she eat? Did she have a mineral deficient diet?

Was she too stress to digest and ingest nutrients properly?

What causes it in toddlers? Did they fall? What do they eat? Are the caretakers stressed out of their heads all the time? Are the kids getting bullied in daycare?

Are there emotional needs unmet?

These are the questions to ask. Without the answers, we'll just sentence a young child to a life behind glasses. But all of that doesn't make it a genetic disease.

It's a refractive error. And the same like in adults, it's just a distortion of the lens or cornea. There is no "astigmatism gene" in the body.

It just doesn't exist!

But the lifestyle to develop it early or later in life is passed on. Not through genes, through observation and learned behavior.

It just sells glasses very well when you are said to be doomed by your genes. Then you can't do anything about it... nonsense! There is a lot you can do!

What Causes Astigmatism To Go Away?

A natural, holistic systematic approach to heal the root causes. That's it!

That's where the Pure Vision Method™ comes in. It's the first and only holistic Astigmatism Improvement Program that allows you to improve astigmatism. Get rid of your glasses. And with that, get back your energy, health, and confidence.

Because it will help you to get rid of all your root causes naturally, fast, and effectively.

Click here to learn your root causes.


Get A Free Personal, Custom Step-By-Step Plan To Correct Astigmatism Naturally

Just click the green button here to get started now.

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