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Is Coffee Good For Your Eyes?

That’s a great question. Because coffee is such an ingrained part of our daily lives by now… And the information around it is really confusing: some say it’s great for the metabolism other say it’s the devil himself in a liquid So, what’s true? Let’s start with, what’s bad about it? (Because we can turn…

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Why Does Your Prescription Change So Often?

Good question! If glasses improved your eyesight your prescription should get lower over time, right? Then it’d make sense. You’d just get weaker and weaker glasses until they are gone… but when did that ever happen to you..? Exactly! So, why do they get stronger over time? Because optometrists regularly overprescribe… meaning you get glasses…

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The Forgotten Art That Will Improve Your Eyesight

You do it every day. Thousands of time and you never think about it. Hardly anyone does. But you should. Because it’s the essence of life. How long can you survive without food? – About 70 days tops. How long can you survive without water? – If you are lucky 5-7 days max. How long…

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How To Improve Eyesight When I Need Glasses Daily?

That’s a great question! Let’s face it, most people think they need their glasses to get through their day. Without them, they’d be lost. So, you can improve your eyesight naturally, even when you need glasses daily. Our client Madhura just fixed here eyesight from -9 to no more glasses. While doing a PhD in…

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Why Did You Get Eye Problems In The First Place?

“Why Did I Get Eye Problems In The First Place?” Great question! Is it genetic? Is it because you read too much? Is it because you don’t use enough light at night? Or is it because of computers? Science can’t find a connection to genetics. Any research study into that direction shows the opposite. Within…

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How Are You Talking To Your Body & Eyes?

This one is quite out there. But it’s important, so stay with me. Your optometrist won’t talk about this one. That doesn’t render it unimportant… Quite opposite is true… So, the human body is made up of 70-80% of water. All our cells are full of water. A substantial body of research is investigating the…

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3 Essential Tips For Choosing Sunglasses

Last week we had a conversation about UV rays and your eye health. To recap, we discussed that it’s important to protect your eyes during the dangerous sun hours of the day. But, we also discussed how important to get direct sunlight into your eyes for some time during the day. Yet, there are also…

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Magic or Fairytale? Does This Herb Improve Eyesight?

Let’s have a look into a little, dark purple berry. Legend has it that British soldiers ate the jam during WWII. And with that jam, their night vision improved… Cute story… but knowing holistic eyesight, probably not true… because the sugar in the jam would cause a serious sugar crash… and with that the liver…

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Do carrots improve eyesight? True or false?

Partly true… your eyes need carotenoids to thrive. They help your eyes to stay healthy and well into old age… More specifically, they ensure they filter out blue light to protect your receptors that enable you to see… Carrots simply contain two important carotenoids; Vitamin A and Lutein. Vitamin A turns into beta-carotene (a carotenoid)……

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What The Heck Are Eye Floaters Anyways?

You know when you open your eyes and you see these weird grey things flying around in your vision? They look like cells under a microscope… and when you try to look at them, they just bounce off… You try to follow… but again, boom, they are gone… That’s called eye floaters! Your optometrist will…

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