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About Veit Mehler

Co-Founder of the Pure Vision Method™

Life is a ride. You fall, get up! Dust off, and try again...

“There are 3 forces in life that determine the quality of your life; 1. Who were you?, 2. Who are you?, and 3. Who will you be? Any moment in your life you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself by making different choices.” – Veit Mehler

Veit Mehler reinvented himself many times throughout his life. Starting with a clear picture of who he wanted to become, life threw obstacles in his way. But no matter what, Veit pulled himself back on his path.

The first challenge came with just 2 years old. Just like his brother, Veit was diagnosed with a genetic eye condition. A curvature in the axis of the eye that distorted his sight.

But by age age 11 a "miracle" happened. The "genetic" condition disappeared and Veit didn't need glasses anymore.

Then life took at turn. In his teenage years Veit had to move with his family from a small town in the German countryside to Berlin. Here he ended up in the worst classroom of the entire school. The new, negative environment started one of the most defining periods of Veit's young life.

His new environment drew him into substance abuse. To get away from it all, Veit went to New Zealand and Australia. And from here his journey to health and well-being began.

The ways to overcome the damage from substance abuse and from glasses are strikingly similar. So Veit's experience became an invaluable addition to the Pure Vision Method™ philosophy.

The journey from struggling teenager to a thriving, healthy father of 3 brought incredible lessons. On the way from a burn-out to a dedicated husband and teacher Veit learned how to take charge of your mind. How to control your mind-set and thought patterns. And how to restore your organ health and energy for a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

Veit Mehler offers our Pure Vision Method™ clients a unique perspective and vast knowledge about what's necessary to fix your eyesight, health, and life. He gained all his wisdom from experience not theory and knows what works.

It's the necessary blend of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science that you need today. Your eye problems have the same root causes like your exhaustion, fatigue, overwhelm, and stress. Veit can show you the way out!


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