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I was in the park the other day talking to a guy who works in the local organic grocery store. Normally I’m not...

...talking much about what we do because for us to help you, you have to come on your own terms.

Plus, I don’t like to step on other people’s toes, telling them what is going wrong with their health.

But he kept telling me his health was bad and getting worse and the doctor wanted to do a whole series of really expensive tests: blood pressure, prostate, the whole shebang.about-us-01-park-bench_313x313

All I said was maybe he should consider changing his breakfast, which would fix a lot of his issues with lightening speed. He said he has no time. He has only seven minutes in the morning to boil three eggs and make coffee.

I told him it takes me less than three minutes to make the most delicious and healthy breakfast, which we teach our students about.

He was interested.

So he came to our house. I showed him what I do, why I do it, and how to make the process 10 times faster. He went to his shop to get the ingredients.

The naturopaths working in his shop didn’t believe he got that recipe from a local. They thought nobody in our area was capable of designing something like that. Nobody would have all that knowledge and could put it together here, they thought.

Now he is hooked. He has that breakfast every day and his health just keeps improving, plus he lost a fair bit of weight. Most importantly, he is calmer; more relaxed, and looks 10 years younger.

That’s when I understood that what we do goes way beyond helping you to improve your eyesight.

So, who are “we” behind the Pure Vision Method™?

It’s a very isolated and hidden world out here in the interwebs. Many people you don’t know much about are sending you emails and bombarding you with messages and things that you supposedly really need, without ever introducing themselves.

So let’s break the pattern and get to know each other.

Hi, my name is Veit Mehler. I’m the co-founder and co-creator of the Pure Vision Method™. My partner on this beautiful journey of life is Evgania, my amazing wife.


We have been happily married for seven years now, with two amazingly beautiful teachers, our daughters Zahava (four years old), and Aurella (soon to be one year old).

We live on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, by choice. There isn’t a more suitable place for us to enjoy our lives.

But it wasn’t always like that.

about-us-13-meYou see, we both come from very different parts of the world. We both have walked very different paths to come to this place. That has given us the opportunity to put together a life-changing program like no other in this field.

I got glasses when I was just two years of age. I had some “genetic” eye condition. I hated glasses, never wore them, and got rid of them by age 11.

The eye doctor said it was a miracle. I didn’t care if it was, I was just glad they were gone. But my “luck” didn’t last. I’ll tell you why in a second.

Evgania started her journey very differently. She was born in the USSR (the Soviet Union, including Russia).

about-us-05-chernobylShe lived on an island where the Russians did a lot of nuclear testing, just across the sea from Japan’s now-leaking reactors. She also lived only 400km (250 miles) away from Chernobyl in Ukraine when one of that nuclear power plant’s reactors exploded in April 1986.

As a result, Evgania lost her mom less than a year later at age 8. Her mom is one of the unaccounted for victims of that nuclear disaster.

Losing your mom at age 8 is not easy. So she got a bag of candies from school every year to deal with her pain. That’s not a joke.

about-us-04-momWhen her mom died Evgania was in summer holiday camp. When she got back she asked her dad about her mom. He said “Ah, by the way, your mom died about four weeks ago”.

Not the greatest start into teenage life.

A few years later the USSR collapsed. So Evgania moved with her family to Israel, where she expected a nice, warm country of people belonging together. That was until she came to school the very first day, not knowing the language, and just hearing “your mother is a prostitute”.

No, her mom wasn’t a prostitute. Her mom was dad, and it was just a stupid little joke from a boy without a brain developed yet, but it drove pain deeper and deeper into her soul.

She learned to deal with the environment, but never with the pain. By age 16 that pain got the better of her. She was depressed. She got glasses, and felt miserable each and every day.

about-us-14-evganiaThen she went through compulsory military service, which included shouting, insults and verbal abuse, until Evgania couldn’t take anymore. She got released from the “service”.

Not knowing what to do with her life, Evgania started studying at acting school. She started to become happier, only to be kicked out because there was one girl too many and that would upset the balance of males and females.

As it turned out, that was a blessing in disguise. Right after she was kicked out of school, Evgania came across an ancient healing system that could heal anything in the body, and especially eyesight.

It was taught in Russia. So she booked a ticket, went to Moscow and studied the system. She went through all the courses, got rid of her glasses, got rid of her depression, and became a teacher.

She travelled with the master teachers throughout Israel. She translated the system, put on seminars for Israelis in Hebrew and built up her own seminars.

And then she fell hopelessly in love…

No, not with me, with an Israeli who lived in Sydney, Australia. So she made her way there.

In the meantime, I had no clue how I got rid of my glasses, and what improved my vision. I didn’t care, I was glad the glasses were gone.

I finished high school and had to find a way to avoid the military. Back then it was compulsory in Germany. I had no desire to join. I grew up as a pacifist.

about-us-07-veitAt that time I lived in Berlin and lived a very colourful life. I was thrown into a big city at age 16, from a small, protected country-town where all I did was play basketball.

All I wanted to do was play basketball. I had my team, and my friends, but my father was unemployed and we had to move. So, boom! They threw me into the worst of all classes in that school in Berlin.

It was a class full of drug dealers and I was an angry teenager by then. I had lost basketball due to a back problem, and lost all my friends because my parents made me move to the big city.

It was not a good place to be at 16 years of age, when all you can do is be “cool” by smoking more pot than anyone else. And so I did.

That was my claim to fame. So by the end of high-school I knew I had to leave. I knew the wrong people in the wrong city, but I still had a clean slate. Plus the military wanted me to do nothing for one year, just get my back into shape for their service.

So I deserted. I went off to New Zealand to study music production. By then music was all I did, all day long.

No more drugs, stopped drinking alcohol, and stopped smoking cigarettes. Changing my life.

It wasn’t so easy. My visa ran out, so I had to go to Australia. I wasn’t allowed to go back to Germany. The military was looking for me, and lawyers had to make sure I stayed legal, and wasn’t chased down.

So I went to Sydney, Australia. My hotel, a recommendation of a friend, was in the red light district. I didn’t know.

All I knew was I was starving. So I went out to find food and the first thing somebody says to me “smoko bro?”.

In plain English, that meant, “You want to have some marijuana to smoke”?

My brain shorted. All my clean time was over, and I was right back to smoking pot and cigarettes. I just didn’t get back to drinking again.

about-us-08-studioI went off to university, where I continued studying music production, my dream, and started working in recording studios. They were the big ones, the ones that look like airplanes.

They were the best ones in town, and I really got into the industry. I was working 14-16 hours per day; seven days a week, for weeks or months in one go. I never saw daylight, lived on take away foods, smoked like hell, and kept myself going with coffee.

That was until I collapsed, at 26, on the toilet in a friend’s house.

I heard a loud, shrill noise in my ear, and just fainted. I came to on the floor under the sink.

It was at that moment I understood that life won’t go on for very long. I was burned out. I had had no private life or contact with the opposite sex for about four years. I knew three people in the whole music industry who were not divorced.

But I always wanted a family. I always wanted kids, and I always wanted to spend time with them. I knew I was on the wrong track.

I needed a way out.

about-us-09-lawThe best idea I could find was law school. I thought I could become a lawyer for struggling musicians.

I know it’s a ridiculous thought, but it made sense to my hazed mind back then.

What I really needed to do was buy time to find my way. And I did.

Don’t get me wrong, I hated law school. I didn’t make friends there (no offense to any lawyer, I have great respect for all of you), but I bought myself time to recover, and to deal with my life.

I still didn’t know how to stop smoking pot, so I went to see a shrink.

That was a good trigger, but I felt miserable. I couldn’t understand why I felt worse and worse, even though I was supposed to feel better. After all, I stopped the drugs.

about-us-10-whiteboardAnd then one day I’m sitting in a class, looking at the whiteboard, and I realized it was blurry. The overhead projector in this class was always blurry, I got used to that, but how could the whiteboard be blurry?

So I asked a classmate if the overhead projector always was blurry. She just burst out in laughter, and told me it was my eyes.

I couldn’t believe it. My eyes went again.

I took an eye test and, sure enough, I needed glasses again. And I thought it could never happen again.

And then a few fortunate things happened in a row.

1. The guy Evgania fell in love with and came to Sydney for kicked her out, and she needed a place to stay. My roommate knew her through a few people and asked me if she could stay with us for a few days.
2. I found a guy who knew how to get better following drug abuse by using Chinese herbs.
3. Evgania knew how to improve vision.

So my roommate and I got invited to a birthday party of one of my law school companions, and he brought Evgania with him.

The first thing I said to her was “I’m sorry, I’m German.” The whole night there was a massive thunderstorm with storm and heavy rainfall.

I had no idea what the heck was going on. I had my eye on the birthday girl, but Evgania thought, this is a sign.

To cut a long story short, we got along well, she taught me how to improve my vision, the other guy taught me how to feel good without drugs, and Evgania moved in.

about-us-11-marriedThen four months later we got married. We both had written out how we wanted our partner to be like long before we met, and both descriptions fit almost 100 percent. I just wanted someone with blue eyes, and she has brown, but we are working on it (seriously!).

Since then a lot of time has passed. Because we came to that point by such different paths, we learned that eyesight, state of mind, health, and life overall are all important for your vision.

We kept studying health, personal development and performance technologies. We have learned a lot about food and how it affects your vision and your health, and about Chinese medicine, the ancient herbal systems of the world, and how all of these can be used to fast-track your vision improvement process.

We fused it all together into the Pure Vision Method™ and, since we are guides, we are students first.

We continue evolving and learning. We constantly update the content, and we see what works in the long term.

about-us-12-kidsTwo pregnancies have taught us a lot and our little ones keep teaching us every day.

So this is us. I truly hope that from now on, you don’t feel these emails come from strangers, but from two human friends who have travelled a long way to help you with your vision and your health challenges.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and connect.

Lots of love,

Veit & Evgania Mehler

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