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About Evgania Mehler

Co-Founder of the Pure Vision Method™

Do you have eye problems? More anxiety and depressed thought than you like to admit? If so, not matter your age or gender, Evgania Mehler is your perfect guide to get back your vision, health, and energy.

Known for The Pure Vision Method and Best Selling Author of “Get Rid Of Your Glasses", Evgania has spent over 12 years developing her expertise in all areas of vision improvement, natural health, and nutrition. Her skills and knowledge led her to create a world-class resource that has been used by thousands of people worldwide.

Evgania uses an easy to understand, easy to follow, holistic, and natural approach to help people to transform their vision, eyesight, health, and lives into an extraordinary experience. She has helped people from all walks of life, at all ages, and with any eye condition imaginable.

Evgania has studied with a number of teachers in Russia and has taught vision improvement in live seminars around the world. She is married with one daughter and a second one on the way, and chooses to live in the Sunshine Coast in Australia. She continuously attends seminars, workshops, and researches the latest in natural health and healing to stay at the cutting-edge with her course materials.

Joining the Pure Vision Method is like learning yoga and Tai Chi from one of the masters in the India or China. You can trust Evgania to inspire, encourage, support, and amaze you by the fast vision and health improvement results you’ll generate in a short period of time. Leaving you with more energy, vitality, and most importantly, with clear vision for the rest of your life.


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