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3 Essential Tips For Choosing Sunglasses

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2020

Last week we had a conversation about UV rays and your eye health. To recap, we discussed that it's important to protect your eyes during the dangerous sun hours of the day.

But, we also discussed how important to get direct sunlight into your eyes for some time during the day.

Yet, there are also those hours when sunglasses just make life easier. Sure, you need them for protection. Yet in other cases, it's just about comfort. Like driving in the sun. Or sitting on the lake having a cup of tea overlooking the ducks.

Either way, you should choose sunglasses that offer the best protection for all the hours you need to protect your eye health. So here are 3 tips you should really look out for.

1. UV Protection:

Great sunglasses should be verified to filter out 99% of UVA and UVB rays. If you can find a rating for UVC as well, get it as high as possible. I suspect UVC's will gain in popularity over the next few years.

Because UVC rays are on the rise with everything that's going on in the environment.

But let's not get political. Just make sure your sunglasses will filter out all of them out as much as possible. And make sure that this has been tested.

$10 sunglasses on the streets may have the sticker. They may look the part. But chances are they have never been tested for their UV filter effectivity.

2. Get Polarized Glasses:

Yes, they are in fact better. Because they reduce glare. So this is especially important for that cup of tea next to the lake. Overlooking the ducks with the sun reflecting on the lake.

Polarized glasses are even more important when you spend a lot of time near the water. Or if you are fond of skiing and the snow. In both cases, they will help a lot with the glare and the effect the glare has on your eyesight.

Plus, in traffic, polarized sunglasses just make your life easier. Because they reduce the glare. Not just on all the windows. But also after the rain when the sun comes out you have an easier time staying safe.

3. The Darkness:

Medium darkness is best. Too dark makes it too hard to see. You will have to strain too much too often. Plus, it just messes with your mood.

And if you know anything about what we do, your mood and your emotions heavily affect your eyesight. So sunglasses that are too dark mess with your state.

Too bright, on the other hand, is also not great. It means you still get way too much light into your eyes. That will make your life unnecessarily hard. Especially in traffic, near the water, or in the snow.

So make sure you get a good shade of darkness. One that's not dimming your light too much. But that is dark enough to keep you safe and relaxed, even in bright sun after a strong rain.

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Professionally Reviewed by
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